Paragon of Sin

Chapter 285: G.S.T Void Force

Due to Hong Ru, Xiao Bing, Huangfu Jinwei, and Long Chen ’s status and potential within the sect, numerous individuals within the Myriad Monarch Sect were watching them. This included both above the platform that encapsulated Junia and the Myriad Monarch Planet ’s factions, forces, and experts. They were invested within them, interested in how well they would do or if they ’d survive, but they didn ’t expect this outcome.

Huangfu Jinwei had hunted Long Chen for several hours after gaining control of three Silver Starred Shadow Moon Wolves. Then, Long Chen had inadvertently met Hong Ru and Xiao Bing. They thought this would be the end of it. After all, there was no way these two who ’ve protected Long Chen numerous times before would allow this hunt to continue.

Furthermore, everyone knew Huangfu Jinwei had a massive interest in these two talented beauties, so he should exercise some restraint until a better opportunity displayed itself. But alas, that didn ’t happen.

Huangfu Jinwei went mad. He ordered his Shadow Moon Wolves to kill, taking down an unintentional causality first before maiming Xiao Bing and forcing her to exit the trial prematurely. This shocked them, but the next event caused jaws to drop, hearts to sink, tears to flow in some, and rage to build in others.

Hong Ru was killed.

”How DARE he?! Ru ’er!! ” A red-headed middle-aged man with an aura of fierce flames exclaimed with heartfelt pain. A woman beside him cried loudly, her eyes red like a sea of blood. She fainted almost immediately after shouting at the top of her lungs. This happened on the Myriad Monarch Planet.

While in the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s abode above Junia, Huangfu Wenghu ’s expression was indifferent throughout. Even after the gazes of others turned his way, he hadn ’t revealed an ounce of emotion. Haungfu Wenghu was a young-looking man with a luxurious robe and a lofty light within his eyes. As a Prime Imperial Sage and an Alchemic King, he cared little about these events. In fact, it was their own fault for getting in Huangfu Jinwei ’s way of killing Long Chen; they courted death.

Yao Zhen ’s expression was conflicted. His son had a slight conflict with Long Chen due to Long Tingyu, but Long Chen was the fated successor of the Grand Monarch Lineage. While they wouldn ’t directly interfere in his development, they couldn ’t just watch him die. If it came to it, he knew Qin Rui would take action. Likely forcefully activating Long Chen ’s jade tablet remotely.

It was only the conflict with his son that had him conflicted. Furthermore, he didn ’t really like Long Chen as a person. And if he did ascend onto the throne of Grand Monarch, it was likely they ’d have to choose between Wei Wuyin or Long Chen in the near future. After all, how could they not know about Long Chen ’s grudge with Wei Wuyin?

Back in the Myriad Yore Continent, Xiang Ling had to interfere to prevent Long Chen ’s death. He could only ruefully sigh. If Wei Wuyin left the sect, their chances of reaching higher phases or nurturing their descendants would vanish. There was no way Wei Wuyin would support potential enemies. Who would?

This was one of the major reasons why they kept Long Chen ’s identity a secret. One could see how Tuo Bihan had immediately suggested that Wei Wuyin immediately leave the sect once he found out he knew about Long Chen and that Wu Yu was with him.

But if Long Chen died here, wouldn ’t all these problems vanish? In the future, Wei Wuyin would reach untold heights with his foundation and talent that defied logic and could bring them with him. He didn ’t mind being a subordinate to a Grand Monarch, so why would he care if Wei Wuyin was declared the new Grand Monarch even against tradition?

These thoughts weren ’t just limited to Yao Zhen.

While these thoughts and reactions unfolded, the scene had changed.

A wave of exclamations and unexpected gasps resounded as the Titanic Mudworm Snake had appeared!


”What?! ” Long Chen was stunned. Was that Wei Wuyin ’s voice?! The appearance of the Titanic Mudworm Snake had sent him into shock, but then the voice that emanated from it had caused his heart to race. Why would Wei Wuyin be here?!

Furthermore! His eyes saw the Gold Star on the serpent ’s forehead. When he did, he spread out his spiritual sense in an attempt to find Wei Wuyin ’s figure, but he couldn ’t locate him.

Wu Yu calmly gazed at the Titanic Mudworm Snake that towered it by several times. Its scaled body was imposing and emanated a unique seismic force that disturbed the ambient mana. He wasn ’t surprised by the Titanic Mudworm Snake ’s appearance. But he was shocked by its eyes that revealed a silver gleam and spiritual light.

He believed the Titanic Mudworm Snake was a restricted creature that would only act when provoked. It had followed them idly, observing out of interest. After all, it had been following them for several hours without taking action. He believed it was a non-threat. Only now did he realize his mistake.

Long Chen couldn ’t find Wei Wuyin. He turned his eyes to the snake and shouted, ”Are you going to hide?! ” He didn ’t know why he shouted antagonistically, but the bright thought of Wu Yu taking action and eliminating Wei Wuyin once and for all had lit within his mind. Given Wu Yu ’s personality, when he took action, he would never allow his plans or desires to be prevented. This was the way of the Grand Monarch.

It was the mantra that Wu Yu taught him endlessly: Follow through every action thoroughly; never relent to any obstacle. He had an innate pride and majesty that could not be insulted. Interfering with his plans was an affront to a monarch, and only death was left.

While he hadn ’t adopted this mantra entirely, retaining his original heart, he had learned greatly about eliminating enemies thoroughly and following through with your object against all odds, even in the face of death. While it was obstinate, it was the true bearing of a Grand Monarch.

Wu Yu transmitted a message to Long Chen: ”He ’s not here. The snake is being remotely controlled by him. ” With his senses, he could trace the spiritual link between Wei Wuyin and the snake, realizing he was an incredible distance away. But it still shocked him. This distance was massive, and to do that required an incredible amount of spiritual strength and reserves of spiritual energies.

Even a Soul Idol expert with nine-rings would find this feat incredibly difficult to near-impossible. Yet…

Long Chen quickly realized the situation. He turned his gaze to the snake. Did he subdue a Gold Star beast? ’He had to have used methods beyond his means, just like Huangfu Jinwei! There ’s no way either of them could control beasts of this level so perfectly. This might ’ve even been prepared for him. I heard he likes bribing others…who knows who he bribed for this snake. ’

He coldly snorted. ”Your Extreme Creation Mountain?! He killed members of the Extreme Origin Mountain! Who gave him permission!? As for you? Wei Wuyin! Don ’t think just because you have a Gold Star Beast you can act however you wish! ” With Wu Yu behind him, he lacked fear. With a confrontational tone, he immediately questioned Wei Wuyin with open contempt.

In some cases, his fearlessness would be praised. But those watching knew of Wei Wuyin ’s horrific strength. They felt he was incredibly idiotic. Even if Wei Wuyin didn ’t have his strength, he was a potential Alchemic Emperor and a Heavenly King with the favor of the Grand Imperial Sages. This was plain reckless.

Wu Yu kept quiet. He was observing the Titanic Mudworm Snake. It used its tail to wrap Huangfu Jinwei ’s body protectively. It seemed it was ready to retreat.

Long Chen saw this and shouted fiercely, ”He KILLED Hong Ru!! You want to protect that scum?! I knew you were trash! Well, I won ’t allow it. ” His heart was burning with rage. Well, he couldn ’t be blamed after witnessing his potential lover being killed in front of him and Wei Wuyin protecting him openly.

The Titanic Mudworm Snake didn ’t even glance Long Chen ’s way, its eyes that radiated a silver radiance was fixated on the Shadow Moon Wolf that Wu Yu inhabited. Wu Yu was staring at Wei Wuyin too, but the loftiness and imposing demeanor of his will was fully revealed. His will could be seen in his eyes: Today, Huangfu Jinwei must die.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t need to exchange words to see that.

Wu Yu was calmer than Long Chen, as he directly transmitted to Wei Wuyin: ”Your actions today are pointless. Leave him and go. ” His words weren ’t laced with a question but a seemingly factual statement and a full-blown order. Even if Wei Wuyin was already at the King of Everlore level, he couldn ’t allow Huangfu Jinwei to leave today. This was a matter of pride and face.

Even if he had to burn all the bridges. Since he decided to take action, he would never leave loose-ends. It wasn ’t his manner of doing things. If Wei Wuyin interfered, he would take action against him too. It wasn ’t as if they needed Wei Wuyin to cultivate. The Princess of Everlore existed, and the Alchemist Association was neutral. There would be other means to support Long Chen ’s cultivation.

In the Sky Palace far away, Wei Wuyin ’s brows were slightly furrowed in contemplation. He calculated some matters, weighing the importance versus the potential consequences, and made a decision in his heart.

He replied to Wu Yu, his spiritual force was open and could be heard and interpreted by all: ”Let ’s see. ”

A challenge!

To those who were observing, these words were a direct reply to Long Chen, but to Wu Yu, he knew the true meaning was directed towards him: ”Let ’s see if you can stop me! Let ’s see if my actions are actually pointless! Come. At. Me. Grand Monarch Wu Yu! ”

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