Paragon of Sin

Chapter 287: G.S.T Leaving Again

Through the void, Wei Wuyin transmitted a ceaseless flow of elemental force into the Titanic Mudworm Snake. Its body started to expand, infused with highly refined power that caused all its injuries to heal and its body to shimmer with white light. From its body, wisps of elemental force were inadvertently integrating into the world.

The scene sent Wu Yu, Long Chen, and even the spectators into a state of confusion. They all simultaneously believed that Huangfu Jinwei had awoken and was attempting to escape, but this thought was temporary for Wu Yu. He felt that the astral force was simply appearing without rhyme or reason.

But the innate spiritual aura within the wisps was rather distinct. His eyes narrowed as he noticed Wei Wuyin ’s aura from these wisps, and they were being actively controlled. How was this possible? His eyes shot towards the horizon. From his senses, he knew that Wei Wuyin was an incomparably vast distance away. He was nearly on the other side of the planet.

This was truly incomprehensible.

Then, the Titanic Mudworm Snake acted. It unwrapped its body, revealing the source of the wisps of elemental power was from a white spherical construct. The surface of this sphere was fantastical. At times it would seem as solid as metal, as fluid as water, as shifting as fire, as chaotic as lightning, as vibrant as wood, as ethereal as wind, as malleable as earth, as viscous as magma, and as frosty as ice. These states even merged at odd periods, bringing even more mystical sights. Its variable form made one experience a sense of surrealism.

Wu Yu trembled! ’Elemental Origin Force?! ’His mind shook, nostalgic and ancient memories flashed within his thoughts. He recalled a young man with a forceful temperament that held the power of the nine elements at his fingertips. With a thought, all the elemental forces revered him as its king.

Its Divine King.

He hadn ’t expected to observe this power that was insidiously difficult to comprehend and produce. While normal Elemental Force was common, Elemental Origin Force required Elemental Origin Intent. This was insanely difficult, requiring the base merging and unified synchronization of the nine elements. It was not an easy energy source to produce nor an easy Intent to develop.

It was dozens of times more difficult to comprehend than Sword Intent, Saber Intent, Slaughter Intent, or Battle Intent. He simply was stunned by the sight, unable to believe it appeared. A trace of vigilance entered his eyes for the very first time. Elemental Origin Force could not be underestimated, he learned that long ago…

His pause was met with a slip-up. The sphere contained Huangfu Jinwei ’s unconscious body. With a spinning twist of its lengthy body, the Titanic Mudworm Snake threw with its tail into the distance. In the blink of an eye, it shot into the far-off horizon. The sphere of condensed Elemental Origin Force completely protected the body within.


A jet-black crow with three eyes had arrived at this time, and with its sharp talons, it grabbed the sphere perfectly before shooting off. It was wreathed by abundant wind force that amplified its flight speed to higher limits. The entire scene was abrupt, unexpected, and was met with widened eyes. Even Wu Yu hadn ’t expected this.

For several seconds, silence descended.

Long Chen was visibly confused. ”Was…was that Huangfu Jinwei in that sphere? ”

His words caused Wu Yu ’s expression to darken. He was just about to pursue when the Titanic Mudworm Snake flashed into his path with an open maw. It sought to consume his body whole.

Wu Yu had to halt his pursuit and dodge hastily. A flash of rage flickered within its eyes. He couldn ’t dally, so he used the innate abilities of the Shadow Moon Wolf and merged with the shadows. He couldn ’t be stopped using this, so Wei Wuyin would be helpless to stop him. But in a split second, his senses tingled as he flashed through the shadows and arrived by Long Chen ’s side.

In an instant, the world was invaded by wolf-like shadows that surged forward. They targeted the crushing tail of the serpent that was attempting to turn Long Chen into meat paste. The immense strength it carried dispersed the wolf shadows by a large amount, causing the unique shadow world to vanish abruptly.

The Titanic Mudworm Snake was staring at Long Chen with killing intent. This caused Wu Yu to grind his sharp teeth, a light snarl left his mouth. From its eyes, fatigue and exhaustion were clearly revealed. It seemed possessing a body wasn ’t an easy feat nor was using that ability to summon a great number of wolf shadows for Wu Yu or the Shadow Moon Wolf ’s body.

Even if Wu Yu contained infinite strength in his spirit form, the same can ’t be said for the Shadow Moon Wolves reserves of bloodline energies. From the quivering of its legs, one could see the physical weakness gradually settling in. If he continued to press forward, this body might collapse.

Wu Yu didn ’t find it despicable that Wei Wuyin had sent his beast to attack Long Chen, forcing him to remain here. It seemed from the onset, he had already lost this brief exchange. His pride took a slight hit. If it wasn ’t for his current state, how could he end up like this? While unwilling, he decided to finally transmit a message to Wei Wuyin:

”Considering the circumstances, I ’ll allow this. You may leave. ” While he was admitting defeat, he certainly didn ’t speak like it. In truth, he thought that since the situation had developed to this point, it was best if Long Chen got revenge with his own hands. This could serve as a source of motivation for him to cultivate.

However, while he was the Grand Monarch Wu Yu of legend, wasn ’t his thoughts too simplistic and naive? Wei Wuyin didn ’t leave. He coldly replied: ”Considering the circumstances, I ’ll allow your actions against me with merely a light punishment: Cripple yourself, then leave. ” His tone was domineering and arrogant to the extreme, and it was directed towards Long Chen.

Wu Yu felt as if Wei Wuyin ’s words were a slap to the face, a nearly identical set of words with a more imposing and ferocious demand at the end. While the world didn ’t hear his spiritual transmission, all the spectators could clearly hear Wei Wuyin ’s.

Long Chan stood there stunned. His eyes were wide, suffused with shock and disbelief. He hadn ’t expected Wei Wuyin to demand him to cripple himself and then leave, which could be presumed to be leaving the Grand Spirit Trials. But it could also mean leaving the Myriad Monarch Sect. After all, if he was crippled, what use would he be in a sect that defined authority and importance with strength?

If he was crippled, what would happen to those he cherished? What would happen to his future? His eyes reddened instantly while his teeth were being grounded audibly. Those normally pure black eyes were emitting endless killing intent, unable to exist beneath the same sky as Wei Wuyin.

”Senior, kill him! ” He transmitted to Wu Yu. If the world were to hear him, they would see a similar madness that Huangfu Jinwei had when he sent Shadow Moon Wolves to claim his and the girls ’ lives.

Wu Yu ignored Long Chen and stared at the spiritual light within the serpent ’s eyes. He couldn ’t understand what Wei Wuyin was thinking. Others might not know, but Wei Wuyin knew that Long Chen was the future leader of the Myriad Monarch Sect. He was the only one present with the rightful lineage and legacy. Furthermore, he was being guided by him personally, the first Grand Monarch and Founder of the sect.

Wasn ’t he being too wishful thinking this would go his way? Or was he seeking another goal?

Wu Yu didn ’t dwell on this. Since this was said, then Wei Wuyin definitely wouldn ’t allow them to leave just like that. This would be an affront to his status and dignity, and Long Chen didn ’t have the status to resist against it. As a Heavenly King and an Alchemic King, at least seen by the sect, he had boundless more importance than an Earthly Elite Disciple.

”If you do this, I ’ll be left with no choice. ” Wu Yu transmitted with a faint sigh, it was as if he didn ’t wish for it to come to this. Wei Wuyin had seemingly given birth to Elemental Origin Intent, had fantastical strength, and was a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist at such a young age. He much rather avoid conflict with him, especially to the point where there was no alternative. He couldn ’t imagine that that was what Wei Wuyin wanted either.

But Wei Wuyin merely smiled back at his Sky Palace, a light of interest and calculation within.

Wu Yu realized that the spiritual light within the serpent ’s eyes was steady, unaffected by his words. He couldn ’t help but recall that brilliant youth with silver eyes that had determined his existence, identity, and revealed a high level of intelligence. Considering his words and personality, this must be well within his plans.

Did he want to force Long Chen and himself into a point of no retreat? Or…did he want to…


When his thoughts reached a certain point, his canine mouth released an odd chuckle highly unusual for a wolf.

’Is that what you want? If so, well played. ’ When he turned to see Long Chen, he could only feel a hint of sadness, pity, disappointment, and a wisp of excitement within. He didn ’t hold back any longer and directly sent Long Chen a transmitted message.

”…What?! ” Long Chen ’s expression drastically changed!

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