Paragon of Sin

Chapter 290: G.S.T Pillar of Light

The Trial of Beasts became a challenge that many young and talented geniuses had not expected. It tested more than simply combat ability, but one ’s means, methods, and intelligence. It relied on the basic principles by which the Myriad Monarch Sect thrived on.

The ability to adapt.

Other forces, sects, and masters were often unable to teach this principle and crucial trait, so they were met with difficulties beyond their means. The unlucky ones breathed their last. Those a little more fortunate walked away with their loves intact. As for their pride? That was another matter altogether.

But those who could adapt, who could perceive the underlying qualities of the trial thrived without end. A few formed factions with others, hunting beasts and capturing them, taming them, and earning spirit points. Some worked independently, using their astonishing combat prowess to carve their own paths. Most had to simply survive, hoping the next trial will be the period that will allow them to exhibit their full potential.

The Trial of Light. Unlike the first trial, this trial tested an individual ’s combat prowess, allowing others to contest those of the same cultivation or even higher without restraint. If before, these talented youths with exceptional strength were restrained, now they were fully unleashed.

As the end of the trial approached, various individuals readied themselves for the next round of intense competition.


Zuhei sat cross-legged upon a boulder. Beneath him were dozens of bodies with various sizes. They sported colorful sets of furs and emitted a subdued aura. But the aura of blood, the sign of predators, emitted from each of them. These were all canine beasts, four-legged, and strong. They each had stars imprinted on their glabella, ranging from white to silver.

They were quiet, not daring to even snarl. They remained obedient and waiting, waiting for the order of their leader.

Zuhei swept his scarlet eyes over these wolves, coyotes, and jackals. A faint smile suffused his lips. This smile caused his already handsome features to gain a hint of feral beauty.

°I wonder if Master has decided to participate fully or spend his time concocting…° He thought for a moment as he recalled that silver-eyed, outrageously handsome, and charismatic man that stepped into his life at its lowest moment. That hour they spoke had redefined his life, and he wanted nothing more than to truly meet that man ’s expectations.

His fangs. His claws.


A valiant and stable figure, garbed in black battle armor, and kept a saber at her hip, was quietly cultivating atop an azure-colored snake that rippled like water On its forehead was a golden star, and its lengthy body was currently coiled around her.

If Fu Linhua was still of this world, she would recognize this beast. Even if it was burned into ash and spread across the starfield, she would recognize it! As the one who took her life, consumed her body, digested her essence, how could she not?

If she knew that Su Mei had tamed it and it was being exceptionally obedient to her, perhaps she would ’ve spurted out her soul and died again.

Su Mei opened her eyes, revealing a set of glistening black eyes. After four months, her cultivation had improved once again. A faint spiritual light pulsed from within her pupils, reflecting a cascade of glowing light resembling an everlasting and repeating state of twilight.

From behind her, a faint silhouette of a black star was behind her. This black star emitted boundless darklight that seemed to devour the senses and permeate throughout the world. If Zuhei was here, he would be startled into a state of intense shock. That was a Soul Idol!


There were nine sets of rings circling it.

Su Mei lifted her bright eyes, peering into the horizon. It seemed that she was speaking an oath that could only be heard by her.


Atop the crown of a large tree, a nearly eight-feet tall, violet-skinned demon stood upright with a halberd in hand. She wore a set of tight-fitting armor that accentuated her figure, but was absent of protection at her joints, revealing what others might consider weak points. But to her, they were unnecessary.

She exuded an intense will for battle, unyielding, and competitive. Her golden-colored eyes swept the world before her. She had no subordinates or any beasts tamed. But beneath the tree, a Silver-Starred beast was tied by her vigorous demonic force.

She had thoroughly captured it.

This was also her ticket to entering the next trial. When she stared at the horizon, like many others, she couldn ’t help but think of a figure in her mind. ”You must pass this test alive, ” she mumbled slightly.


”Consider this as a way to hone yourself, she says. What honing? These beasts are useless. ” A handsome young man with grey-colored eyes, short black hair, and a nine-colored dot between his brows said in frustration. He was twirling his spear around while standing atop an elephant-like beast with three trunks. It had a gold star on its forehead and was completely unconscious.

There were battle scars tattering its entire body, and it seemed to be in a state of near-death. It was only being kept alive by a continuous strand of elemental origin force within its body.

The youth stopped his twirling, ”I wonder if there will be anyone among the five sects that could offer a hint of a challenge. Haaa…considering the age restriction, likely not. Perhaps that Wei Wuyin fellow, whose strength is said to be able to contest the Soul Idol phase at the World Sea level, will provide some entertainment. Too bad he ’s older than me, and his cultivation level is lesser. ”

The young man gave off a wry smile as if finding an opponent was too difficult a challenge for this starfield. His confidence was brimming, but this confidence had been forged with continuous challenges. Furthermore, he had witnessed a grander horizon, knowing that the state of the Tri-Vision Starfield was horrible when compared to the true elites beyond this region.

These so-called ’talented ’ youths were nothing much. And to him, whose sight exceeds this starfield, how could he give them a worthy evaluation?


The curtain to the Trial of Beasts came to a close with many in tears, filled with hatred, unable to satisfy their want for a challenge, and numerous untimely deaths.

As one act ends, another begins.

Trial of Light!

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