Paragon of Sin

Chapter 27: Mount Inferno

his mount ’s limitations. A true God-level character would have a unique mount that was both faster and had a greater degree of stamina than his white crane, such as a black crane that was several times the size of a white crane.

He hadn ’t exposed his cultivation base, and because of rank requirements, the sect hadn ’t given him an exception and bestowed a black variant crane to him. He understood and had little need for a better mount until now. In truth, he enjoyed having this crane as a mount. It had served him faithfully and their relationship was stable.

”Sorry, ” he apologized with a rub to its feathers. It cried in acceptance, the exhaustion evident by its weakened sounds.

”Let ’s find a place to rest. ” After instructing this, he once more recalled the map of the Gaia State. There were several important locations marked in that mental map, such as the Earthly Titan Sect, Mount Inferno, and Dao Canyon.

”Mount Inferno! ” Mount Inferno was the location where magma essence and magma stones were located, bought, and traded. According to legends, the heart of the mountain contained a high-level magma essence called the Blazing Inferno Magma Essence. It was reported to be so hot that it could melt mountains. From the ranking of elemental essences noted in the seventh floor records of the Scarlet Dao Temple, it was also in the top three of all known magma essences in the Myriad Yore Continent.

Wei Wuyin examined his karmic luck value and then recalled something. The route he was taking, whether by fate or coincidence, was Mount Inferno. His eyebrow twitched.

”The Heavenly Daos are quite interesting! If I didn ’t have this karmic value tattoo, I wouldn ’t have noticed various oddities. For one, this crane usually lasts eighteen hours maximum, but it exceeded double that time! I thought it was just its healthy state at first. ” As he said this he recalled his first thought waking up, finding it strange, but dismissed it soon after.

”I also just said eastward, but many things can shift the path the longer you travel and I didn ’t particularly pick a route, yet I ’m heading straight for Mount Inferno. And, there ’s a city next to it, suitable for resting while also being the closest city! Incredible! ”

He had never been exposed to this coincidental-type of karmic luck before, at least not since he became aware. Now that he thought about it, the Three-Point Yin Body female he came across was also coincidental and appropriate at the time. He just took it as luck, but…

He shivered slightly, fearful of the heavenly daos.

Regardless of his emotional shock, he still steered towards the city. He didn ’t have much choice in this matter, nor did he wish to waste his karmic luck. Communicating his plans to the crane, it cried in happiness before speeding up towards the city.

Several minutes later, he saw Mount Inferno and the city, Ash Dragon City. It had obsidian walls that towered twenty feet, had towers positioned in eight locations, and it created an octagonal city. The towers radiated a powerful qi fluctuation, indicating the inherent formations built within.

According to the legends, despite being mere fourteen miles away from the base of the volcanic mountain, and suffering three separate eruptions, the city still stands due to its unique formation that can withstand the flowing lava.

”Magma originates from beneath the earth, lava is the excess that rises above. Theoretically, with magma qi, one can withstand great pressure and the liquid heat of lava. Is that how the formation works? ” Wei Wuyin speculated as he observed the walls.

”Let ’s land, ” Wei Wuyin rubbed the crane as he sent his instructions. The crane shot down and arrived at the city gate. This gate also stood twenty feet and was created from a silver metal. Wei Wuyin realized it was froststeel. He had come across it when he met the crazed prisoner.

When he landed, he had the crane take steps towards the gate.

At the city gate, two guardians radiating auras at the First Stage of Qi Condensation stood guard. This elevated his understanding of the city. To have gate guards at the Qi Condensation Realm meant the city held strength. In his clan, those who guarded the gate were measly Meridian Awakening Phase cultivators, those at the Foundation Establishment Realm.

He saw their weapons and realized they were qi weapons which contained faint traces of fire qi. It was similar to Yan Zhu ’s scarlet qi spear. This was quite valuable. As for their armor, they emitted an aura of earth qi.

His own silver saber contained metal qi. However, it ’s quality was only on par as he ’d obtained it before reaching the Elemental Birth Phase. He knew the strength of weapons imbued with qi were far stronger than those without.

After all, weapons of that level required refined qi stones or those at the Elemental Birth Phase to set up a formation and spend months to years of infusion.

”Halt! ” One of the guards ordered with his palm out. His voice was powerful and his aura was already circulating in intimidation. Wei Wuyun laughed inwardly at this. Did they want to intimidate him?

Regardless, he halted with a smile.

”Entry is currently restricted. You can return after the entry ban has been lifted. ” The guard stated coldly.

Wei Wuyin was shocked. He thought this was an extortion tactic, but instead, it was a direct order of denial. He grew curious as he saw that the gate had indeed been closed. Also, everyone who was at the gate was lingering around with idle expressions.

He had thought it was the issue with the fee, but now he knew it was something greater.

His curiosity grew. He wanted to see inside.


He frowned. The strong feeling to stick his nose in other ’s business, while not unlikely, wasn ’t natural.

Then, he smiled as realization dawned on him.

”Fine. You want me to look inside, then so be it. ” As if speaking directly to the heavenly daos, his eyes grew bright. He fully intended to wreak havoc and forcefully enter.


His eyes widened as the closed gate dented and then straight blew off its hinges. One of the doors that rocketed outwards like a bullet crashed into one of the guards. He didn ’t even get a chance to yelp before his entirety was crushed in meat paste. His bones made a crushingly eerie sound as a splatter of his organs painted the ground.

The other guard was swatted away like a fly, blood creating a crimson line following the trajectory of his body. He even saw an arm twisted oddly, nearly ripped off at its joint.

Wei Wuyin hastily conjured a strand of silver qi, creating a square wall to defend. One of the doors that flew towards him were directly halted like a flying marshmallow meeting a stone. It deformed, but couldn ’t even cause a ripple in the wall of qi.

A swift figure shot out from the entrance, and directly passed him.

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