Paragon of Sin

Chapter 300: G.S.T Da Shan

es. Even Su Mei frowned, unable to ascertain why he would do such a thing. Her pure, deep eyes traced Qing Qiumu.

Witnessing this, Qing Qiumu felt as if something was wrong and was about to ask when Wei Wuyin said with a slight stomp: ”At this rate, everyone I know is going to surpass me in cultivation. ” As Wei Wuyin lamented on this, he couldn ’t help but release another sigh. Regardless if it was Su Mei, Da Shan, or the various Blessed he had met, excluding Long Chen, they were all quicker than him in cultivation progression. Even Qing Qiumu was at his level, all while being younger than him.

This caused Qing Qiumu to start. Realizing what he meant, her unease turned into a warm and gleeful laugh that could soothe the hearts of many. But that laugh was like a needle to his heart. Others might not be able to tell, but she was gloating at her success.

”Okay, okay. Little Miss Genius, congratulations. ” His words were said with a slight defeated tone but anyone could tell he truly meant it, revealing a smile of genius happiness. This pleased Qing Qiumu as she puffed out her ample chest and said, ”If you need tips on your cultivation, don ’t hesitate to ask! ”

Wei Wuyin bitterly smiled. ”We ’re still at the same cultivation level, you know. ” 

”Ack…right… ” Qing Qiumu softly said in embarrassment. While she was younger than Wei Wuyin, technically being ahead of him in terms of speed, it wasn ’t a perfect representation of their strengths. After all, Wei Wuyin could defeat three Gold Starred Beasts into submission. This was a feat she, who was a wood cultivator, couldn ’t do even if she tried her hardest.

At this moment, another figure arrived. His eyes were somewhat murky, and his expression was indifferent and emanated a calm. But this was disturbed as he set foot in the area of the tournament, scouring the field, and noticing Wei Wuyin and Qing Qiumu joking and chatting with extreme familiarity. A ravenous fire burned fiercely within his heart and he clenched his fists.

Feeling a hostile gaze, Wei Wuyin turned to see this figure. It was Long Chen. His cultivation base had risen as well, entering the Sky Ruler Phase. Furthermore, the ambient mana around him was exceptionally orderly and calm, resonating with his every breath and movement. His eyes narrowed slightly as he noticed these features were very similar to his Zenith Origin State mana control.

’This has to be a unique trait of the Imperial Heaven Qi Method. According to the records, it gives the Astral Soul an extreme degree of control, like a true Monarch, in terms of energies and mana. ’

Wei Wuyin recalled the information he had read about it. He knew that the Imperial Heaven Qi Method was extremely special, in a way that was extremely overbearing and mysterious. After all, it could not be cultivated unless someone who cultivated it to a certain level passed it on.

This meant that the requirements for it were likely very strict and harsh, perhaps even requiring a unique treasure or item that predecessors had to refine.

Regardless of its limits of entry, it was definitely a method that was extraordinary beyond belief and worth cultivating. This was why he intended to have someone within the Ascendants cultivate this method. 

As he was lost in thought, Qing Qiumu turned and noticed Long Chen. She froze for a moment, the thoughts in her mind were unknown but her eyes flickered with brilliance. Sighing softly in her heart, she said: ”I ’m going to check on Long Chen. ” While she said this, her tone contained something odd about it.

Even Wei Wuyin and Su Mei noticed this. Wei Wuyin realized why and smiled, ”Alright. We ’ll talk later. ” 

Turning her head back to him, she smiled a smile so gorgeously brilliant that Wei Wuyin felt his heart race for a moment, and she flew off towards Long Chen. 

Su Mei waited for her to be out of earshot before saying, ”Shall I kill him? ” 

Wei Wuyin didn ’t respond immediately. He turned away from Long Chen and focused on a man in the corner garbed in white robes. A flash of light flitted through his silver eyes before he shook his head, ”That is Da Shan ’s battle. Not ours to interfere in. ”

Su Mei nodded. 

That man felt as if a shadowy gloom had been casted over his body, lifting his gaze to search about as his instincts flared and soon calmed down. An overwhelming sensation of imminent crisis flashed within the depths of heart.

Wei Wuyin ignored that man ’s reaction. Su Mei ’s words weren ’t towards Long Chen, clearly knowing Wei Wuyin ’s own opinion towards Long Chen, but directed at that man in pristine white robes. 

At this time, the final character of note in Wei Wuyin ’s book arrived. Zuhei ’s eyes opened, and she directed it at this figure for a moment before going silent. 

He carried a spear with him. A nine-colored dot was placed elegantly between his brow, and he emitted an aura of extreme confidence. It was the Blessed of the Elemental Heaven Pavilion!

The battle to determine the victor was about to begin!

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