Paragon of Sin

Chapter 327: Absolutely Impossible

to reconstruct his body. One: he intended for a cultivator who cultivated the same method as him to reach the Mystic Ascendant Realm and reconstruct his body. This was Long Chen ’s purpose, and his main objective in choosing a talented cultivator from a lowly and weak location like the Myriad Yore Continent. Even then he would have to recultivate all the way back.

Two: the Ever-Rebirth Pill.

The same reasons why Hong Ru wouldn ’t be a remotely decent rebirth were the same reasons why Wu Yu needed someone who matched his cultivation and practiced his cultivation method. 

”Is that true?! ” Xiao Bing couldn ’t help but cry out in disbelief to Tuo Bihan, the strongest authority present. Her normally wintry expression had been tainted by anxiety. She had come because Long Chen had said there was a way to reconstruct Hong Ru ’s body.

Even Long Chen was taken aback by Wei Wuyin ’s words. It was clear he was completely ignorant of this condition and consequences for an incompatible body. In a way, it made sense, and that caused his expression to darken considerably. 

Tuo Bihan didn ’t know how to immediately respond to Xiao Bing, but considering it was said by Wei Wuyin, he nodded towards Xiao Bing. This caused Xiao Bing to tear up, her expression was soon painted with helplessness and despair.

Even Qin Rui, Ji Changkong, and Zen couldn ’t say anything. A depressing gloom instantly filled the air.

Wu Yu hadn ’t filled Long Chen in with all the details because it would be too heartless to do so. In the Founding Monarch ’s opinion, after he reached the Realmlord level, he could seek out other alternatives. What mattered was reaching that level of power to have that option.

”Regarding your second request: The sect simply does not have the capabilities to restore someone crippled in all three essentials, mind, body, and spirit. In fact, it barely has the means to restore the body. ” Wei Wuyin coolly pointed out, causing Zen ’s expression to become unsightly. Then, she recalled Lin Ziyan ’s condition and how vicious she was crippled, how thorough it was.

She remained absolutely silent, but her expression revealed her thoughts on the matter. Even if they could restore her body, her spirit and mind would be unable to be fully healed. That was the consequence of having your Natal Soul shattered. She would merely be a half-crippled at best. As for earthly treasures and heavenly waters? 

Many of these so-called earthly treasures and heavenly waters were extremely volatile. It was why alchemists were essential, to quell such volatility within them, mixing them with other forms of energies to produce miraculous and gentle products. While they had some healing waters, there was nothing for the mind.

Wei Wuyin continued, ”As for her Primal Yin? The only earthly treasure that could restore a woman ’s Primal Yin to completeness would be the Primal Yin Dark Pearl. And while that seems like hope, it is an Evil Treasure refined from numerous virgin women, nearly a hundred thousand. Furthermore, it ’s extremely volatile and unable to be refined directly without some serious complications, including possible death. But, it could be used as a material for a pill, the Absolute Yin-Creation Pill.

”Not only would this pill restore Lin Ziyan ’s damaged body, returning her to the status of a woman, but Na Xinyi ’s Primal Yin can be completely renewed. Moreover, her Three-Point Yin Physique can be improved upon, reaching four, five, or even a Nine-Point Yin Physique. ” 

With those words, he shut down all three requests.

Na Xinyi bit her lips nearly to the point blood was drawn. She couldn ’t help but ask a question that she knew would crush her hopes further, ”Can this pill be created? ” 

Everyone looked towards Wei Wuyin with bated breath, except Long Chen who was skeptical about Wei Wuyin ’s words. There were always other ways. And he would be correct. While Wei Wuyin didn ’t lie, there were indeed other ways. But all of these so-called ’other ways ’ required cultivators beyond the Astral Core Realm, Evil Cultivation Methods, or other Alchemical Products of a higher-grade or in far, far quantities than just one. 

The Absolute Yin-Creation Pill was the only way within the limits of mortals that could be achieved with the best result, and it was the only way that didn ’t go against the natural order in an overt fashion. 

Wei Wuyin faintly smiled after hearing Na Xinyi ’s question. ”Of course, all pills can be created. In fact, the Myriad Monarch Sect has two Primal Yin Dark Pearls in our vault at this very moment, acquired after Sky Nobles and Heavenly Kings crushed Evil Organizations. ”

The eyes of the young women present brightened. Two? There were two women here, so wasn ’t this perfect? As for the questionable nature of their origins, it mattered not. The treasure had already been created, shouldn ’t it be used for at least something good? Of course ’good ’ meant their own benefit.

”…All you need to do is find a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist that can concoct the ninth-grade Absolute Yin-Creation Pill and succeed. Furthermore, succeed before these two women ’s lifespan runs out in a few years or decades. Then, you ’re all set. ”

Everyone, ”… ”

”So, was I wrong when I said it was absolutely impossible? Because to me, it feels impossible to do those three requests any justice. At least, for the sect. ” Wei Wuyin leaned forward a little, an imposing aura emanated from his body, releasing a faint suffocating air. His eyes squinted, staring directly into Long Chen ’s dark eyes.

”But you knew that already, right? ”

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