Paragon of Sin

Chapter 332: Intertwined Connection

The soft and warm sensation was incredibly familiar to Wei Wuyin, but the distinct pressure, the fragrant smell, and the taste was different than anything he ’d experienced before. Wei Wuyin was momentarily shocked, his silver eyes glancing at the closed eyes of Lin Ziyan as she kissed him. Her fluttering eyelids made her feel delicate, and even with them closed, he could feel the conflict within her.

He didn ’t think she would be this bold. Was knowing that he cultivated the Haven Heart Qi Method so important that she was willing to turn away from Long Chen? Regardless, he wasn ’t one to not fully indulge in such a stimulating situation. 

He touched her slender and supple waist, feeling a faint tremble of her body, and pulled her closer. The kiss soon transformed into a long form of contact, and he had even used his own tongue to wade through her inner mouth. Shockingly, she didn ’t reject and even engaged, causing them to simply stand there, tasting each other, feeling each other ’s warmth, and pressing against each other ’s body.


After several seconds, a soft sound like a tune played on a musical instrument resounded. Despite its soft nature, it was extremely loud within Wei Wuyin ’s mind. His eyes opened, and those silver pupils of his widened slightly. Before he could react, he felt as if the world had shifted, that he had transformed.

His surroundings and state of existence seemingly changed. The first thought in his mind was the familiarity of this sensation, and with it, he quickly adjusted himself. He briefly observed the surroundings, noticing that Lin Ziyan was no longer in front of him.

But what he did observe was the familiar appearance of four distinct worlds. 

One of these worlds were domineering, tyrannical, endlessly sharp, and created rules, laws, and existences that conformed with its existence. Everything in this created world matched its qualities. There weren ’t even the faintest signs of irregularities or abnormalities within. It was seemingly perfect.

”…King? ”

Another of these worlds were filled with nine elements, overseen by a white sun that radiated Elemental Origin light rays. This sun had infinite and limitless variations, overseeing the elements of the world below like a god of creation. 

”Ori! ”

He could feel two other distinct worlds, clearly they were Kratos and Eden!

When he had completed his Sky Ruler Astral Tribulation, developing the Zenith Origin State, he had experienced a disembodied moment where his existence was split into four ways, arriving at the essence of his four Astral Souls. These worlds of theirs represented their Dao, the fundamental truth of their existence. 

He couldn ’t fathom how he had forcefully been brought here. Furthermore, the closest of the four, Ori and King, were seemingly unaware of his arrival. Before, King had revealed its endless god-like powers within its own world to show-off while Ori was unwilling to allow him to enter its territory.


It didn ’t take long before he heard that sound once more. He turned to its direction and saw a faintly glowing light that seemed like a miniature full moon emanating second-hand light. In his spiritual state, he furrowed his brow. With a thought, he sent a message to King and Ori.

”…Father?! ” Ori exclaimed extremely loudly, causing white light from her sun to explode and nearly blind Wei Wuyin. Fortunately, he was merely some kind of mental entity at the moment. But its reaction and address made it seem that it had truly been taken by surprise at his arrival.

When he thought for a moment, he realized that it was possible this was a projection of his secondary mind that had remained dormant for quite a while. Since they shared the same memories, he recalled everything, but his primary mind was still present in the other world. 

”What ’s happening? ” Wei Wuyin transmitted. 

”…I don ’t know. You ’re usually asleep! Asleep! Asleep! ” Ori spoke, the uncertainty within its voice clear.

”… ” His second mind had to have been triggered somehow. He gazed intently at the shining light in the distance, that faint moon-like object, and realized this was the only thing out of place from before. He was just about to fly towards it when he was immediately sent an explosive jolt. 

In an instant, he felt sleepy.

When he awoke, he was back to his original location, with Lin Ziyan in his arms. On the surface of her skin, he could see soft flowing light. This light was the same light emitted from the moon-like object in that foreign space before. He pushed Lin Ziyan away, separating their lips, and causing the light to instantly vanish.

Lin Ziyan ’s eyes opened, revealing her gorgeous blue eyes. But those blue eyes contained waves of extreme shock. A type of shock that seemed to not just shatter her entire world view, but revealed a discovery that shook her very existence.

”You…you… ” She stuttered.

Wei Wuyin wasn ’t slow, realizing that the light before was likely her own mental projection. She had somehow resonated with him, entering into that unique space that housed his four Astral Souls. Even he wasn ’t sure what that space was, and merely considered it a manifestation of their thoughts and self, their Dao.

If she was actually in that space, witnessing the existence of his four Astral Souls, then…

A faint killing intent surged within his mind, flashing through his eyes for the briefest of moments. But it was caught by Lin Ziyan, who felt her entire body grow cold, breaking her out of her intense stupor. She lowered her head, tears faintly falling from her eyes. Her cheeks were stained with those salty streams.

Wei Wuyin ’s heart softened for a moment, calming down and erasing his killing intent.

”Tell me what just happened, ” he demanded. That entire event was too strange, and she clearly kissed him for a purpose.

”… ” For a long while, Lin Ziyan just stayed quiet. But she didn ’t back away or escape Wei Wuyin ’s embrace. In fact, she leaned closer and placed her wet cheeks on his chest, hearing his powerful heartbeat, and seemingly calmed down as a result.

”I…You have four Astral Souls. ” She confessed. 

Wei Wuyin realized his thoughts were correct. She had witnessed the truth that many couldn ’t observe, somehow forcefully entering that unique space and quietly observing his four Astral Souls beneath their notice. It had awakened his secondary mind in the same way, and they were fully unaware.

What type of power did she use? How? She wasn ’t even a complete cultivator anymore, so how did she perform such a feat? His questions were endless.

It was as if Lin Ziyan could hear his questions through his heartbeats. ”The Haven Heart Qi Method was devised from the legacy of my clan. A legacy method that was intricately connected to our unique bloodline that originated from beyond this starfield. It ’s real name is the Multi-World Exalted Qi Method. ” She softly spoke, her hands clutched at Wei Wuyin ’s sides harder, as if she wanted to melt into him.

Wei Wuyin frowned but remained patiently silent. 

Lin Ziyan finally continued after a short period of silence, ”Normally, it ’s impossible to cultivate the Multi-World Exalted Qi Method without our Bloodline power, but…The Sacred Elven Queen had found my clan ’s legacy, studied our bloodline, and extracted the foundational essence of how we ’re capable of splitting our Minds and Body into multiple layers. She devised a method to do so without our bloodline.

”Despite being sealed, our bloodline can still resonate with the Spirits created by it. That ’s what happened when we…came into contact. ” 

Wei Wuyin was truly taken aback by the sudden reveal. A bloodline beyond this starfield? The Sacred Elven Queen had extracted and studied their bloodline and legacy method, figuring out a way to cultivate it without their bloodline? That required a level of genius and comprehensive intelligence that was extraordinarily high!

But something bothered Wei Wuyin; Why did she seal them? Why didn ’t she kill them after their usefulness expired? 

Furthermore, Lin Ziyan hadn ’t explained why she was still holding him, hugging him. There were more questions, such as why she was spreading a technique that had been created with her clan as an experiment. His thoughts were moving at rapid speeds.

”… ”

”…! ” Wei Wuyin ’s eyes brightened instantly. ”You ’re trying to unseal your bloodline, aren ’t you? The Haven Heart Qi Method you possess shouldn ’t be the same method the Sacred Elven Queen had devised, but one your ancestors had created to emulate it. No wonder it was incomplete. ”

Wei Wuyin recalled that the Haven Heart Qi Method shown all those years ago had very esoteric and vague explanations. It required an extremely high comprehension to even cultivate the first few methods, and failure to do so meant Qi Deviation or worse. The methods themselves seemed to require the cultivator to fill in the how.

When he split his mind into two, he had to devise the appropriate method to do so. While he knew the fundamentals, there were no exact directions on how to do it. It was like someone showed you an extremely exquisite sand castle and said: ”Build this in one try. Don ’t let it collapse. ” 

Lin Ziyan ’s body betrayed her thoughts, trembling incessantly. In the end, she nodded. ”That ’s merely one objective. Our Bloodline can only be unsealed by a successful cultivator of the method, this was decreed by the Sacred Elven Queen. But she didn ’t leave any method for our people to cultivate it or find others, isolating us on the Myriad Yore Continent. We had to use the memories of our ancestors to recreate a semblance of the technique she devised, albeit incomplete. ”

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes roamed around briefly, ”Why did the Sacred Elven Queen tell you all this? Seal you? If she didn ’t leave a way to unseal your bloodline, why tell you all how to undo it? ”

”It doesn ’t make sense, ” Lin Ziyan and Wei Wuyin simultaneously said. This shocked Wei Wuyin, but Lin Ziyan chuckled lightly. Her laughter was quite like music.

”This is exactly what our Ancestors said, what my parents always told me. From their perspective, the entire event simply didn ’t make sense. But we had hope of one day unsealing our bloodline, of returning home. ” Lin Ziyan was still quite emotional, but her mental state had notably calmed down. 

”So you spread the Haven Heart Qi Method amongst the geniuses of the sects on the continent in hopes of finding someone capable of cultivating it? ” Wei Wuyin felt like he understood why she was traveling everywhere on the continent, to various countries. 

Lin Ziyan nodded with a light ’mhm ’. 

”So, why this? Why the kiss? Couldn ’t you do it just by touch? ” Wei Wuyin finally asked the crucial question. While he wasn ’t opposed to kissing a beauty, not even caring much about the reason, this was simply too odd. After all, she could be considered a part of Long Chen ’s bevy of beautiful followers. He subconsciously avoided thinking of it as a harem.

He realized that besides Wu Baozhai, he couldn ’t exactly confirm the relationship of Long Chen with any of the women. Wu Baozhai had his yang aura, and she hid her loss of virginity in the Wu Country. Likely, there was a story there. But Lin Ziyan, Na Xinyi, Ming Shufeng, and Qing Qiumu, their relationship with Long Chen had become more uncertain as he continued to interact with them.

This was especially for Qing Qiumu, who he knew had no interest in a romantic relationship as of now. Now, Lin Ziyan was supposedly with him yet she willingly kissed another man? He didn ’t feel an ounce of guilt in her eyes as she held him. 

This really sent him into a whirl.

After all, Long Chen had invaded a wedding to save her. While the pretense of the entire event was likely false, the intention was true.

Lin Ziyan looked up, seeing Wei Wuyin ’s silver gaze meet her own. 

”…It was once prophesied that the savior of our bloodline would appear in my lifetime and that I would meet them on my journey spreading the Haven Heart Qi Method. It was why I took up the duty. I had thought it was Long Chen, but when I think of it all, of everything that happened, you were always there. You were the first, and you arrived at the wedding. You even became a Sky Noble before arriving on the Myriad Monarch Planet. You have four, independent spirits, the closest representation of my clan ’s bloodline.

”Your comprehension of the method must ’ve been perfect! Everything fit you perfectly, and I just hadn ’t noticed. ” Her words were quite emotional.

”… ” Wei Wuyin wasn ’t too shocked. He knew that Ming Shufeng was a Seer. She could glimpse into heavenly fate. It was likely she wasn ’t the only one either. But he could only smile faintly.

In the end, he couldn ’t explain the truth. As a Sinner, Ming Shufeng was entirely incapable of glimpsing into his fate. Hell, even the heavens were fooled, let alone a measly Seer. Furthermore, this so-called prophecy happened before he even acquired the Bloodline of Sin, and in that original timeline, wasn ’t he beheaded by Long Chen?

As for why he fit all the criteria exactly, he didn ’t understand why. To be honest, he was suspicious of what was happening around him. His fate was intertwined too deeply with other Blessed. 

He had met Lin Ming long ago in Golden Milk City, and had found the Myriad War Dao Palace as a result. He had even cultivated the Divine King Han Xei ’s Method. Qing Qiumu, Na Xinyi, Wu Baozhai, and even Lin Ziyan, he had a connection with each of them prior to even meeting Long Chen. Furthermore, he wasn ’t sure, but Anu likely had a connection with Yuan Longshi somehow.

After all, he had only been exposed to two instances of dragons.

He had always been suspicious of these connections, but he couldn ’t find an explanation. It felt as if he was destined, or directed, to steal their fortunes—whatever that may be.

His pupils shrunk slightly.

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