Paragon of Sin

Chapter 346: All-Alchemic Clash Calculated Foresight

While the previous show had provoked the crowd ’s excitement, their emotions, both ill and foul, unleashed on the poor soul that was Long Chen, they soon moved on. They had already bore witness to Wei Wuyin accepting the challenge, but they didn ’t have any expectations for Long Chen. Just the way the others reacted to their presences, the vast difference, was enough for everyone to relegate Long Chen as a mere clout chaser.

If he wished to use their Ascendant Emperor as a stepping-stone, they surely wouldn ’t have any good opinions of him. 

”They ’re here! ” Someone with a powerful cultivation base announced, spreading his voice through the ears of millions. The voice caused numerous heads to twist and turn until they lifted and saw a group of individuals were descending from the sky. 

The Alchemist Association ’s Prince of Everlore ’s entourage was filled with numerous prestigious and relevant members of the Alchemist Society. They arrived in like-minded, same-colored outfits sporting the Alchemist Association ’s emblem. There were nine of them, including Qingye Yun and Qingye Ying. The rest were Alchemic Emperors that were easily recognizable.

This showing had fully displayed the Alchemist Association ’s forefront charge in the Alchemic Dao. To possess seven Alchemic Emperors in a mere entourage was far too luxuriant. They were speaking to the world, confessing their boundless strengths in the Alchemic Dao. Furthermore, they were all surrounding Qingye Ying, following a step or so behind her to insinuate their status and position.

Despite these figures being capable of creating rain and storm, they were willingly following the Princess of Everlore in this manner. This only served to hype the crowd! An emotion of deep expectation surged into the hearts of everyone present. While Wei Wuyin had far more presence, far more terrifying aura exuding from him, he didn ’t have that mindset of superiority. When he looked at the crowd, he didn ’t see them as ants.

But these figures did, and it added an above-all feeling to them. It was seemingly pretentious, arrogant, and condescending. If this type of aura were to appear on normal individuals, they would immediately be beaten on the streets and left without any dignity, but when placed on these notorious figures of the Alchemist Society, the impact they felt hit differently.

The group of nine had always been present, fully aware of what had happened. But they hadn ’t made their appearance, staying above the translucent platform while watching the crowd ’s actions. 

When they fully descended onto the platform, Qingye Ying took the lead with an elegant step. She truly exuded an innate grace and calming disposition, and her veil added a distinct feeling of mystery. It left the crowd in wonder. What was under that veil of hers? Was she a heartstopping beauty that could cause nations to fight for her or ordinary, with merely her potential as the future successor of the King of Everlore as her greatest feature. It enthralled the curiosity of men and women alike.

”Qingye Ying, the Princess of Everlore, HAS ARRIVED! ” A voice that penetrated further and louder announced to the crowd, causing a low clamor of discussion. In comparison to Wei Wuyin, there was not much known about the Princess of Everlore. Be it her looks, her talent, her skills, or her feats. She was an almost complete mystery. The only key detail they knew was that in the several millennia of the starfield, she was the only individual to have succeeded in cultivating an Alchemic Astral Soul since the King of Everlore.

Besides knowing her name and background, there wasn ’t much else to say. In contrast, Wei Wuyin was a household name discussed in the idle time of cultivators, alchemists, and even mortals. In a mere few years, he marked himself deeply in the minds of everyone present. He had become an idol, a representation of what everyone wished to become. An embodiment of talent, of looks, of influence, of strength, and of intelligence. 

He was a rising star that couldn ’t be unseen. 

Therefore, there wasn ’t an explosive uproar that one might expect. Instead, it was more like low whispers of gossip. There was barely any concrete information about the Princess of Everlore, Qingye Ying. 

Qingye Ying and her entourage were standing on the platform, the center focus, but the expressions of these Emperor Alchemists were a little odd. They expected their reception to be greater or at least more indicative of their status. This crowd was looking at them without their reverence one should have! It caused anger to swell in their hearts.

An Alchemic Emperor, old yet noble, softly said to Qingye Ying: ”You must show everyone the power of the Alchemist Association. It seems they ’ve forgotten! ” A soft snort later, and he felt unwilling to stay with such a subdued reaction. Witnessing their original showoff intentions deflate before they even received any gas had caused them to have no reason to remain.

They collectively left in a regal and important fashion, flying back to the translucent platform and disappearing. Their self-important demeanors even earned the hidden scorn of some. 

The only two that remained were Qingye Yun and Qingye Ying. Qingye Yun looked upon his great-great-great granddaughter and took a calm, deep, and relaxing breath. He didn ’t speak, merely pressed his hands softly on her shoulders.

Qingye Ying felt the weight, the expectations, and her mission. Beneath that veil of hers, on her gorgeous face, was a pair of eyes radiating determination. She nodded to Qingye Yun, responding to his emotions. There were no words spoken between the two, either spiritually or vocally, yet they exchanged a thousand words.

Qingye Yun flew upwards, arriving near the Judge ’s station. He waved his hand, forming a seat of his own out of astral force. The three hegemonic forces leaders and two Emperor Alchemists didn ’t mind his actions, merely waiting for this event to begin.

”… ”

Step. Step. Step.

The crowd suddenly descended into silence once more, Wei Wuyin walking into view. His every step, while too far away to truly be audible to everyone, felt close and forceful. It was an exquisite display, attracting the attention of everyone. When he fully entered the platform, standing no more than a few dozen feet away from Qingye Ying, he mused with smiled

”When I participated in my first All-Alchemic Clash, I wore a face-covering as well. I guess it was a mask, but it ’s all the same really. ” Wei Wuyin found it interesting. Of course, he had worn it for an entirely different reason. With his Celestial Eyes, he could see her heaven-shaking appearance. She was a blessed beauty if he ’d ever seen one. If her looks were revealed, there would certainly be endless suitors lining before her.

He recalled his first impression of her: ”Luscious, silky, warm golden-blonde hair adorned her head and reached mid-way to her back, paired perfectly with a set of bright golden eyes that seemed to contain unfathomable purity within. It was purity that one could easily lose themselves into for days, and willingly do so for life. Her slim body had curves that seemed far too perfect, seemingly unreal even. With her ample breasts that seemed to be more than a handful for any man, she possessed an astonishing sexual appeal that was impossible to ignore. 

Just these could cause many men to devolve into their most primal instincts. ”

It was truly spot-on. Even Qing Qiumu ’s looks were merely even with hers. In his mind, only Xue Yifei exceeded her.

Qingye Ying was startled by Wei Wuyin ’s casual comment, seemingly lacking any urgence within his tone. Did he not know the importance of this clash? She felt that this might be a way to lower her guard, so she remained silent.

Wei Wuyin softly smiled, realizing she was far too tense. Before he could talk any further, Yi Yun, one of the judges and Alchemic Emperors, lifted from his seat and clapped his hands. He brought everyone ’s attention to himself, and with a stern expression and announced: ”Welcome! The beginnings of the All-Alchemic Clash between these two young talents will soon begin. To start, I ’ll explain the rules in thorough detail to all those unaware! ”

He began a wordy explanation.

The All-Alchemic Clash was a form of battle between Alchemists held in the highest regard, and it challenges the four essentials: Pill, Pellet, Paste, and Elixir. It tested one ’s overall skill in the Alchemic Dao, and the only true way to claim victory was to triumph over your opponent in the most convincing manner. 

The Challenged Party will first choose a type of product, then the Challenger will choose one of the three unchosen ones. This will continue once more until all four types are selected. Then, parties decide on the recipes they will be competing with, and these recipes were carefully selected to give their selectors the absolute advantage.

It was often that the recipe chosen wasn ’t one the other alchemist was even familiar with, something obscure and odd. This was merely to ensure their victory. Then, both will begin concocting their respective products. The rating system was absolute, with quality of product being the primary decider of victory. After that, if both sides create the same quality, the number of attempts would decide the winner, and then time used for concoction.

All concoctions will occur in the open, with both parties fully displaying their skill. Typically, some of these competitions can last months, sometimes even years. Therefore, Yi Yun had reminded the crowd that this could last for a long time. Very few alchemists could achieve success on their first concoction, probably not even their tenth, so there was a need to emphasize this point. 

While these two might be talented, the difficulties of alchemy were still there.

After going over the finer details to ensure he didn ’t miss a single thing, Yi Yun finished. 

He loudly announced, ”Let the clash officially begin! ”

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