Paragon of Sin

Chapter 348: All-Alchemic Clash Utmost Purity Mist

With the explanation from these casters, the crowd was further enthralled with excitement, not realizing that the All-Alchemic Clash had begun on a deeper level before it had even started. They were curious how this newfound development that shocked even the judges were going to direct this clash.

While they wondered this, Qingye Ying was biting her soft, delicate lips in agitation. Her eyes were staringly unblinkingly at Wei Wuyin, her heart speeding up a few paces. While confident in her abilities, why did it feel as if she was being cornered and outsmarted? She hadn ’t even considered the possibility that Wei Wuyin would plan a surefire draw, stripping her of the ability to do so. 

In most, if not all, All-Alchemic Clashes, the most vital category was typically Pellet, with Paste being second. Due to the nature of All-Alchemic Alchemist being a challenge amongst equally-ranked alchemists, they would usually ensure that their specialty product, the one they had the most confidence in, were chosen by them. This would lead to the third and fourth picks having the highest chance of deciding the victors.

She bit her lips a tad bit harder, even her cheeks reddening a little. It was far too unfortunate that her veil perfectly covered her cute appearance from the crowd. It was quite a sight. Fortunately, Wei Wuyin could see all of it, including the unknowing tension that was swelling within her eyes. 

’When an event that is unexpected occurs, many descend into panic. It can whittle away confidence, rattle the mind, allowing an opening to strike. ’ As he recalled this fact, a principle of battle learned from his older brother, he couldn ’t help but gently smile with a trace of warmth. Regardless, this was mere child ’s play.

’Even if this is the case, absolute strength destroys all plans, both made by yourself and others. ’ As he recalled another lesson, his expression became stern, more focused. Yuan Longshi was a perfect example of absolute strength destroying plans of both sides, with the humanoid demonic dragon being crushed by him with utter ease. All his contingencies, his plans, were rendered useless.

Furthermore, strength wasn ’t just raw power.

Qingye Ying couldn ’t help but trudge onwards, the feeling of facing a tough opponent now residing within her heart. She swore to herself that she wouldn ’t underestimate Wei Wuyin. In her mind, she had the absolute advantage with an Alchemic Astral Soul. There was no challenge that she, the most advanced alchemist in terms of cultivation base, couldn ’t overcome—even Wei Wuyin.

”Pill, ” she could only announce her last pick, and the only pick she could choose. With this, the initial beginning of the selection phase of the All-Alchemic Clash was completed, and now there was the last portion: Selecting Recipes.

This was the most vital aspect of the competition, and many were very curious on what the two would choose. But the first selector was the challenger, so Qingye had the advantage. Her first selection was crucial, and it would set the tone of the entire competition.

Yi Yun enthusiastically commented with a lift in his voice, ”This is a critical moment, and a moment that everyone with any experience in All-Alchemic Clashes is the most intrigued in! Furthermore, the initiative is with the Princess of Everlore! ”

Lin Ruyan, with her gorgeous elven appearance, asked: ”What ’s so critical? ” While she was the leader of a hegemonic force, thoroughly knowledgeable in All-Alchemic Clash, she wasn ’t an alchemist herself and sought clarification on anything that might differentiate from her understandings. Considering Wei Wuyin had already derailed the standard of a clash, she didn ’t hesitate to inquire.

A few amongst the crowd felt that she was doing so for the crowd ’s sake, so many fans of her beautifully exquisite figure and contenance were enamoured due to her actions. They shouted out loudly to proclaim their intentions without holding back, some even asking to be her slave.

Of course, Li Che ignored it all. He liked to chime in whenever Yi Yun was asked questions, stripping away a bit of spotlight. He smilingly replied to Lin Ruyan, ”Pavilion Master Lin, you see: No one is certain the ’level of standard ’ amongst these two competitors. Typically, an All-Alchemic Clash is performed between two ’officially ’ ranked and tested alchemists, giving us an understanding of their specialties and skill.

”But Ascendant Emperor Wei and Princess Ying are extremely different. While the former had never been tested, his skills and specialties an absolute mystery amongst the world, the Princess of Everlore had similarly not taken any tests since taking the mantle of the King of Everlore ’s successor. Will they face each other using Seventh-Grade Products or Eighth-Grade Products?! ” When he said this explanation, the vast majority of the crowd was enlightened, numerous gasps of realization echoing about.

That was right! 

Wei Wuyin, their Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, had never taken an official test of skill or aptitude. Even still, it didn ’t stop his sixth and seventh-grade products from spreading like wildfire. There were even a few elite experts that had supposedly ’purchased ’ or ’received ’ products personally concocted by him. Since their quality was beyond reproach, no one really questioned this.

It was also these products finding their way into the mouths of these outsiders that Wei Wuyin ’s reputation exploded in such fierce intensity. The landscape of the Myriad Monarch Astral Territory had changed as numerous individuals had made considerable progress with these products, only increasing their desire to stick near the Myriad Monarch Sect.

Lin Ruyan released a soft ’ah ’. It drove many men crazy as they foamed at the mouth. Every sound, no matter how soft, was being shuttled to every member of the crowd. Even that soft ’ah ’ was sent, causing the manly bones of many to go soft. If Lin Ruyan was merely a beauty, this reaction was far too unimaginable, but she was a beauty at the peak of this world, accentuating her value and beauty in the eyes of every cultivator.

If they could dual cultivate with her, even with her Primal Yin already plundered, just her Yin Source energies alone would allow them to become experts.

Gao Zi spoke heavily, his voice like mountains on the chest. ”So this will decide the level of their clash. ” He stated the now extremely obvious observation, but no one mockingly commented on it. No one dared.

Yi Yun nodded, ”If Princess Ying chooses an eighth-grade recipe, then this entire clash would be elevated to an Alchemic Emperor-level. ”

Li Che jumped in, ”It ’s also possible that she chooses a seventh-grade recipe with extremely stringent requirements, allowing her to claim victory in that manner. After all, to win a round, you just have to be better than your opponent. ”

Qingye Yun watched with calm, focused eyes. In his mind, he knew that Qingye Ying must achieve victory. He just wasn ’t certain what was more important, especially considering the information they ’d gathered of Wei Wuyin as of late. Was Alchemic Talent or an Alchemic Astral Soul better?

Today, the world might very well find out.

Qingye Ying didn ’t let anything hinder her thoughts any longer, calmly selecting her recipe: ”Eighth-Grade, High-Tier Refraction World-Light Elixir! ”

”… ” The crowd went silent.

”… ” The judges ’ went silent.

”… ” The numerous observers totalling over a trillion went silent.

”!!! ” Then, a wave of cataclysmic-level uproar of shock, surprise, excitement, disbelief, and a myriad of raving emotions hit like a tsunami! 

”WHAT?! ” It was Li Che who shouted out, slamming his armrests while standing up. His eyes were bulging with disbelief, staring at Qingye Ying ’s delicate figure with the utmost shock, seemingly extremely exaggerated. 

The crowd burst into a clamor, their voices too loud and too many things being said that made it almost intelligible. 

An eighth-grade recipe?! Furthermore, High-Tier? FURTHERMORE, the Refraction World-Light Elixir?! Not only was this elixir notoriously difficult to concoct, it was one of the greatest products, if not THE greatest product, for one to ensure their rise into the Fifth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Light Reflection Phase!

While the Fifth Phase wasn ’t as known, being directly below the true powerhouses of the starfield, it was extremely particular. In fact, the Gravity Emission Phase, the Sixth Stage, was far, far easier to ascend to, relatively speaking. This had to do with a specific aspect of cultivation and innate compatibility.

It had to do with light.

In this world, light was ever-present, emitted by the three suns. But it did little to increase one ’s ability to interact with the ambient light energies. That was because they were often too fast to accurately pinpoint, far too fast. Even if you tried to lock down a strand, it would vanish in the blink of an eye. Only those with the ability to interact with ambient light energies, a type of innate compatibility, were capable of drawing in light to them, interacting with it.

The Refraction World-Light Elixir could change the fundamentals of one ’s spiritual sense, allowing one to draw light in as a medium, slowly extracting light energies in the process for cultivation. These light energies originate from the extremely fast rays of light emitted by the stars, so they were the purest. 

The majority of cultivators who sought to absorb light energies would have to slowly extract them using formations and arrays to absorb ambient light energies alongside ambient essence, producing light-attributed essences of numerous varieties. This was how Su Mei cultivated her Darklight Qi.

But that wasn ’t the purest form of light, nor the strongest state of light energies. It was like how rain still falling from the sky was far more purer than when it lands on the ground.

Unlike the Sky Ruler, Soul Idol, or Spatial Resonance, one didn ’t require a lick of comprehension to tackle the Fifth Phase Astral Tribulation. They merely needed to fill their Astral Souls with light energies to a certain point. When that point was reached, they could ascend at any time. But quality mattered, and much like the Soul Idol and Spatial Resonance Phase, there was a distinctive difference in the grade of light energies.

The most common Light Reflection Expert wasn ’t much stronger than those at the Spatial Resonance Phase due to this very fact. While the strongest Light Reflection Expert could easily dispatch an ordinary Gravity Emission Phase expert, purely on the grounds of the cultivation state benefits received due to the powerful Light-Attributed Astral Force they would possess.

The Refraction World-Light Elixir when refined allowed one to act as a medium of worldly light, directly absorbing light energies from the purest source. If one broke through in this fashion, they would be extremely powerful. The shock that the judges, the alchemists of all levels, experienced was not an exaggerated response.

Yi Yun ’s breathing was audible, ”This product hadn ’t been seen in over six hundred years. ” 

Li Che couldn ’t help but glance at the Sacred Light Palace ’s Palace Master, Jiang Feilan. While she hadn ’t spoken a word, keeping the aloof appearance of a noble elf, her usually cold gaze had widened with a hint of disbelief. 

It wasn ’t just Li Che, but soon the other three judges glanced at her. Similarly to how Qin Rui used a Spatial Spirit Pill to reach her current level, Jiang Feilan, this extremely gorgeous member of the elven race and leader of a hegemonic force, had used a Refraction World-Light Elixir.

She was unbeatable in her cultivation phase at the time, making an extremely notable footprint on history. It was due to her strength at that point that she had been able to aggressively take the leadership role in the Sacred Light Palace. She was the one who had taken it six hundred years ago. Therefore, they were incredibly interested in her reaction.

”… ” She remained silent, but her normally wintry gaze and tense fingers betrayed her emotions and thoughts. 

Yi Yun couldn ’t help but sigh, ”If this product is successfully concocted, the next era is truly going to be decided by these two. ” Those words resonated with everyone present.

But while all of this took place, no one noticed Wei Wuyin ’s silver gaze. It was emanating a feeling of immeasurable disappointment, and if they knew his thoughts, an even bigger uproar would rise. After all, he had already concocted a few of these already. In fact, he had several vials in his storage ring at the moment.

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