Paragon of Sin

Chapter 360: One Shot One Opportunity

It wasn ’t simply Qin Rui ’s facial expression that had tensed at Wei Wuyin ’s glance. Her heart started to thump erratically, in turmoil and uncertainty. Earlier, Tuo Bihan had informed her that Wei Wuyin was a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist. Not only that, he was far younger than the King of Everlore.

If it was simply this, she might ’ve been better off. But she had bore witness to his All-Alchemic Clash like everyone else, and she now knew that he wasn ’t simply at the level of the mythological King of Everlore, but likely far, far, far superior. Standing before Wei Wuyin hit her differently than it did three months ago.

At the moment, his aura was ethereal and endlessly majestic. He felt as if he walked out from a novel of legends, a figure of unlimited potential and grand feats. He felt unreal. Yet, as she observed his nigh-perfect face and imposing height, his toned body highlighted by his robes, and gorgeous pair of silver eyes that seemed to be able to regard the entire world ’s truth, she felt her heart race.

Within those eyes were limitless possibilities. Within those eyes was a future she could see herself in. 

Tuo Bihan ’s suggestion of her taking advantage of Wei Wuyin ’s liking towards her was echoing in her thoughts without end. If she did, if she decided to break the oath she ’d made all those years ago, would she become the next Sacred Elven Queen, or someone even greater?

”I… ” At the thought of this, her mouth unintentionally released a sound. She wanted to speak, to jump at this opportunity, but she still wavered in the end. Unable to speak further, her eyes became downcast. 

She couldn ’t do it.

”Congratulations on your victory, Heavenly King Wei. ” She said this instead, exuding a formal and proper manner. 

Tuo Bihan couldn ’t help but sigh in his old heart. Was it true that the two had no fate? Was she going to pass up this opportunity? But he couldn ’t interfere; this was her choice. If he could still speak to her mother, he wondered for a moment what she would think.

Wei Wuyin faintly smiled, ”Thank you, Grand Sage Qin. ” He understood her thoughts, and he knew of her history. The tragic and good parts. Furthermore, he didn ’t feel much of a loss. While Qin Rui was a beautiful woman, she and him simply didn ’t have much interaction. He would respect her choice and not pursue further.

Qin Rui nodded, walking away. Her hands were tightly clenched into two fists, uncertain if what she did was correct. But the future would tell all.

The only one ’s left in the room now were Tuo Bihan, Jiang Feilan, and himself. Tuo Bihan couldn ’t help but observe this Sacred Light Palace ’s Palace Master who was a pureblooded elf. He couldn ’t understand why she was still here. 

Jiang Feilan had retained an expression of a frosty veil, her emotions and thoughts hard to see through the snowy blizzard of ice-cold emotions. She glanced at Tuo Bihan briefly. 

Wei Wuyin sighed in his heart, ”Tuo Bihan, you can leave us. ” 

Tuo Bihan was taken aback at the order. Jiang Feilan was the Palace Master of the Sacred Light Palace and a cultivator at the Gravity Emission Phase. She was extremely powerful, so leaving her alone with Wei Wuyin was ill-advised. If she sought to take action against him, it would be extremely difficult to stop it, even for him.

But he didn ’t say anything about it. If it was anyone else, then he would dismiss their order, but Wei Wuyin was a figure that exceeded normality and common sense. So he left with a faint nod. His figure vanished in silver light.

Jiang Feilan watched Tuo Bihan seemingly vanish, her heart throbbing for a moment. Was this Spatial Force? While there were some unique cultivators who could utilize it before the Realmlord Level, none of them could reach the level of power that cultivation stage could provide. She couldn ’t even sense his movement. It was as if he had vanished into thin air.

This made her understand that the legendary chasm described between the Sixth and Seventh Stages were true. 

Wei Wuyin calmly glanced at this glacial elven beauty. Her silky black hair, impeccable skin, and willowy physique was quite a sight to behold. While she wasn ’t voluptuous, having the slender features of a woman, both in her breasts and butt, she still was a beautiful woman nevertheless. 

For several minutes, the two merely stood there, regarding each other in silence.

While this was happening, Wu Yu was going on a seemingly endless tirade. Despite being a Grand Monarch, he was truly a little invested in matters of the Sacred Light Palace. 

”Why even entertain her? You and I both know she ’s here for you, to enter your bed! She even has a husband and daughter, and yet she ’s here. Pathetic, just like ’her ’. ” This was only a fragment of the insults thrown at Jiang Feilan, the rest weren ’t close to being as tamed. 

Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but bitterly smile in his heart. He truly knew what Jiang Feilan wanted, but he couldn ’t understand the why or how. From the on-set, she seemed locked onto him like he was prey. Furthermore, while her chilly eyes betrayed nothing, he could feel an aura of reluctance from her. 

”Are we completely alone? ” Jiang Feilan finally spoke, her voice was like a block of ice frozen over a few times. While it was feminine, it felt like it could cause one ’s soul to shiver. 

Wei Wuyin faintly smiled, ”For now, yes. But we ’re still under light observation. Any surge of energy or force within this would cause a decisive response. ” He decided to inform her of their current state. Their room was very big, with various tables and seats within. It was a grand meeting room, after all. 

Jiang Feilan nodded, looking around briefly. Then, she started to walk towards Wei Wuyin, closing the distance between them. As she did, her eyes fixated on Wei Wuyin ’s eyes, locking their gazes. Soon, what was several tens of meters had dropped to a few meters.


She pressed lightly against her robe, particularly the belt that held it together. It slipped off slowly, revealing the fine curves of her figure. She didn ’t stop either, slowly removing an article of clothing with each step, her movements lacking the slightest hesitation. By the time she was a few steps away from Wei Wuyin, her exquisitely slender and gorgeous body was laid bare for him to observe in its entirety.

There wasn ’t a hint of clothing concealing her.

Wei Wuyin ’s expression was undisturbed as he watched her strip her clothes off, leaving a trail behind.

She wasn ’t shy at all.

”What do you want? ” Wei Wuyin broke the budding atmosphere of seemingly seduction with a question. He had seen his fair share of women ’s bodies, far more stimulating forms as well, so he wasn ’t bothered. He was simply curious.

Jiang Feilan was faintly shocked by Wei Wuyin ’s composure. She expected less from a young man below the age of fifty, but she remained calm. She answered, ”I ’m one of the few female cultivators at the Sixth Stage of the Astral Core Realm in the entire starfield, and my body is extremely suitable for dual cultivation. ” 

Her words carried a trace of alluring fragrance. With that, she lightly touched Wei Wuyin ’s right shoulder, her slender fingers caressing it. 

”You didn ’t answer my question, ” Wei Wuyin indifferently responded.

”If we dual cultivate, you ’ll be able to make headway in your cultivation base, reaching the Sixth Stage in an extremely short period of time, saving you hundreds of years of bitter cultivation. You can use my body and spirit as a guide, traversing the path of cultivation swifter. ” Jiang Feilan stated. Her words were true.

If Wei Wuyin dual cultivated with her, he ’d be able to glimpse upon the secrets of cultivation realms far quicker, even ascending realms with an explosive fashion. It was a tantalizing prospect.

”Hmph! ” Wu Yu snorted. But even he couldn ’t say anything regarding its veracity.

Wei Wuyin frowned, a hint of displeasure in his eyes. ”What do you want? ” He hated asking a question a second time, and his patience was slowly dissipating. 

Jiang Feilan didn ’t say anything, but from the faint trembling of her fingers, one could extrapolate that she felt a sense of pressure…of fear. She leaned in, her face a mere inch away from Wei Wuyin ’s own. She didn ’t hesitate to place her pink lips on his, kissing him directly.

Her soft lips held a unique chilly feeling that stimulated the senses, forcing one to seek warmth. Wei Wuyin didn ’t reject, meeting her brazen actions with his own. He held her slender waist and met her lips in battle. For nearly a minute, their lips and tongues met in continuous battle.

Only after a mutual agreement was met that a truce formed, allowing them to separate. Jiang Feilan ’s normally chilly expression had glazed somewhat and the heat from her body was clearly rising. Just from this, Wei Wuyin knew what she meant by ’suitable for dual cultivation ’. 

He was extremely confused for a moment, but then he realized something. ”A Renewal Yin Physique? ” There were a myriad of Yin Physiques recorded throughout history, some only existing in theory. The Three-Point Yin Physique was an evolving physique that allowed the body to grow Yin Sources. This was what Na Xinyi possessed.

The Renewal Yin Physique allowed the Yin Source to, with time, restore their Primal Yin. The essential and most powerful aspect of Yin Source. It was this Primal Yin that was used to cultivate, containing an extremely abundant amount of extremely pure and high-quality yin energies, including dense spiritual qualities. These qualities were very useful to understand the secrets the body itself experienced.

This meant her body wasn ’t just suitable for dual cultivation, it was extremely suitable! While she had a daughter, this did little to impede the restoration of her Primal Yin. She was no different than Qin Rui. In some ways, she was far, far better. And Wei Wuyin knew she wasn ’t a hidden virgin. Having met her daughter, they had similar bloodlines you ’d find from a Mother-Daughter Pair.

Jiang Feilan was momentarily stunned. She hadn ’t expected her physique to be deduced so easily. But she soon calmed down, her hands sliding down Wei Wuyin ’s chest towards his pants. Before she could undo his belt, her hands were grabbed.

Wei Wuyin stopped her, his eyes staring into hers. ”Speak. Or we stop here. ” 

Jiang Feilan was silent for a long moment. In the end, she sighed softly. ”I can act as your cultivation cauldron. You can use me as you please, have me however you like. In exchange…I hope you can support me to higher phases, to a higher realm. In doing so, you can enjoy the benefits of my physique and cultivation base. I ’ll be yours, in whatever way you want. ”

”… ” Wei Wuyin wasn ’t too shocked by this simple reasoning. ”Why? You have a husband, a daughter. ” 

Jiang Feilan was completely undisturbed by their mention, entirely unfeeling. Just from this, there was a story behind it. 

”I know my own talent; I know my own limits. I ’m already nine hundred and sixty-three years old, and even if I cultivate diligently, I still won ’t be able to retroactively change my foundation enough to ascend into the Seventh Stage. ” She had the same issue Tuo Bihan did, and she wasn ’t a purist. Her innate foundation was definitely severely lacking, even if she took a Refraction World-Light Elixir before.

Wei Wuyin knew this was the truth. This only highlighted the cultivation world ’s mantra: Cultivation is difficult. A single wrong step, and the next become so increasingly difficult that they may very well be impossible. The heavens were unforgiving to all those who lacked its blessing. 

But the Alchemic Dao enabled a change and an opportunity. It could shatter the conventions of cultivation, remould one ’s talent, redefine one ’s foundation, and bring one to higher levels. In a starfield unable to naturally generate anything beyond the Fourth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Dao of Alchemy allowed Mystic Ascendants to be born.

If this didn ’t highlight its heaven-defying means, nothing did.

This could be considered Jiang Feilan ’s only chance before her lifespan was dried up. So he didn ’t fault her decision or desires. Considering it was likely the King of Everlore had propped up his ’favorites ’ to the Mystic Ascendant Realm, it made sense to take such drastic actions.

Jiang Feilan slowly left Wei Wuyin ’s loosened grip, her icy eyes briefly glanced downwards. She took her slender body and kneeled before him, her eyes looking up as she awaited his words, his decision. Her entire future was laid before him, and she was willing to give up anything to grasp it.


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