Paragon of Sin

Chapter 379: Seeing More Step by Step

”You can go; handle the rest of your matters. ” He saw Su Mei lightly nod before leaving, watching her departing figure with a fleeting haze in his eyes. When she finally escaped his view, his eyes lifted to the ceiling.

A faint ardent glow burned within his silver irises, suffused with astonishing spiritual strength. As he progressed in his cultivation, he became more exposed to the various mysteries of this world. He had gained some answers along the way, but the questions continued to pile forth. When will there be a time when he could understand all these thoughts plaguing his thoughts?

With his newfound strength, he could see more with the Eye of Truth, perceiving the world trend a little more clearly. He now felt as if this starfield was at the precipice of ruin and slaughter. He didn ’t know how or why, but he knew that it was traveling towards that direction. 

Tens of trillions of lives slowly and unknowingly traversing towards a horrid fate. He wasn ’t certain if it had to do with his exposure to those devastated starfields or that starfield with the gargantuan Solar Star with that mysterious ring encircling it, but a foreboding sensation continued to batter his thoughts since.

While Wei Wuyin wasn ’t certain if it was due to that or an entirely different reason, he still could ’see ’ its approach. But he had no idea how to handle such an event. Could he even become strong enough to resist in time to prevent the starfield ’s ruin? A fate that might end with the destruction of their starfield?

”… ” Wei Wuyin stayed silent for an entire hour, simply standing in place in contemplation. 

”One step at a time. Plan ahead, but never forget to look down and steadily take each step. ” He recalled the words of his older brother, knowing that far-reaching plans often caused individuals to forget the process. He was facing his own calamity, unable to spare the extra time to focus on those other issues. He could only prepare for it, but remain focused on his own improvement of strength—individual and group.

Even if this starfield was destroyed, he would still etch out a way of survival for himself and those he sought to protect. 

”I have to handle a few matters, then have Tuo Bihan organize the Gateway Door Entry. There ’s still something I need from there, and it might elevate my strength, even solve a few of these mysteries plaguing me. First, I ’ll leave for the Alchemic Association, see what they want. With all their scheming, I ’m quite curious. ” He took a deep breath as he started to make plans, including how to further cultivate his strength.

He had forged Nine-Ringed Soul Idols, but that was only the ’typical ’ limit. A Soul Idol still contained an extremely high amount of unrefined Manifested Spirit Energy and Soul Pulse Ring Fragments within themselves that can be used to advance further. It was this very power that allowed Tuo Bihan to jump from the Six-Ringed Soul Idol to the Nine-Ringed Soul Idol. He always had the latent power to do so, and those alchemical products extracted such potential.

The Spiritual World Ascension Elixir was an eighth-grade elixir that can be taken three times max to refine the latent energies and fragments within a Soul Idol, bringing out greater potential by formulating three Soul Idol Rings. These rings could be weaker or as strong as normal rings, depending on the quality of the elixir. If low-quality, it would be weaker, while high-quality would be equal, and peak-quality having even greater strength than normal. 

There was a Ninth-Grade Variant called the Soul Deity Invoker Elixir. It was named after its seemingly divine properties, allowing one to exceed the natural limits of a Soul Idol, and only worked on a naturally formed Nine-Ringed Soul Idol. Furthermore, the amount of unrefined Manifested Spirit Energy and Soul Pulse Ring Fragments of a Nine-Ringed Soul Idol was far, far greater than the others. All this unrefined potential would be refined into a single ring, the Tenth Soul Ring.

His eyes couldn ’t help but glow with an excited radiance. If he could forge a Ten-Ringed Soul Idol, with all four of his Astral Souls combined, he couldn ’t fathom the level of strength he would reach. This would give him absolute certainty in traveling inside the unknown realm environment of the Gateway Door. 

He calmly recalled the materials needed to concoct this elixir, once more realizing he only had very limited attempts. There was a unique material, Soul Ash of the Divine Jade, that he only had six of, meaning he had six tries. And that was after scouring for it for years from various markets, offering obscene prices. If there was more, it simply wasn ’t in the hands of anyone knowledgeable of its value.

He decided to concoct this heaven-defying product. 

If he succeeded…

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