Paragon of Sin

Chapter 382: Soul Deity Invoker Elixir

As the world underwent a noticeable shift, preparing for the shift of the next great era, the Elemental Heaven Pavilion had two individuals that weren ’t as concerned. 

In a particular palace in the Elemental Heaven Pavilion, on planet Divine Element, these two figures were quietly situated. One of these figures, a male youth, was in the lotus position while cultivating. Nine differently colored streams of watery lights were swarming around him like butterflies. Opening his mouth, breathing in, the nine streams converged before him, merging together until they became white. Then, they entered his mouth with great precision.

After a swallowing motion, a light breath was released from the male youth. When he opened his eyes, revealing a pair of grey irises in a sea of pristine white, his pupils flashed with white light. After this, he stretched out his arms, inducing a series of popping noises from his bones. 

With a relieved moan, he smiled while observing his hands, turning them over and clenching them. With just that clench, a forceful amount of power was released causing the air to distort slightly.

The other figure was a woman, still sporting scarlet hair and a veil that concealed her every expression. She was quietly observing Lin Ming. 

After he concluded his cultivation, she said: ”You ’ve improved greatly. ”

Lin Ming stood up, grinning after the praise. ”It ’s been difficult, ” he said, remaining humble and modest, but only he knew the truth in his heart. 

Senior Sister Lin silently frowned as she said with a hint of emotion, ”Cultivation is difficult. ” Those three words were the holy mantra to every cultivator, and you ’ll only truly understand it when you embark on the path of cultivation. Your innate talent can only get you so far. Your environment can only get you so far. Your teacher ’s can only get you so far. 

When she thought of this, she faintly sighed with melancholy. 

Lin Ming noticed this, turning and realizing his Senior Sister was feeling quite complex. ”Something wrong? ” Asking, he walked closer to her. 

She didn ’t react to this, merely responding, ”I hope you succeed in obtaining the complete Inheritance of Master. If not, you might realize how difficult cultivation can become. ” While she didn ’t mean any ill-will with saying this, these words carried heavily ominous implications. 

Lin Ming was startled, ”What do you mean? ”

Senior Sister Lin merely shook her head, changing the subject. ”What harvest have you obtained from fighting Zuhei? ” 

Lin Ming frowned, realizing that his Senior Sister seemed to be a little different today. He decided to answer her questions and not pry too deeply, ”I ’ve gained numerous insights into the execution of Spiritual Strength. I ’ve never realized how it can be used to integrate and infect the spiritual aura of others. When I fought him, he used his unique Intents of Battle and Slaughter to cause my Spiritual Aura to fluctuate wildly, even causing me to struggle to maintain control. Still, it reduced my fighting strength by twenty percent.

”The Elemental Origin Intent is a part of the Material Dao, not the Ethereal Dao like Battle and Slaughter, so I ’ve gained more insights into the difference and how that applies to the aspects of spirituality, such as Spiritual Strength, Spiritual Aura, and Spiritual Sense. My own Elemental Origin Intent is more adept at suppressing energies and bringing the world ’s power to my use. I balanced out the difference there. ” As he explained a little bit of his absorbed insights, he furrowed his brows.

Zuhei was a monstrously strong cultivator, and while he was older than him by nearly two hundred years, he was incredibly powerful and talented. He possessed two Intents and an astonishing powerful physical body. That was the greatest fight he ’d experienced since entering cultivation, a true high-level battle.

Senior Sister Lin nodded in approval. The difference between Ethereal Intent and Material Intent was a holistic principle that could define battles. It was similar to the usage of Internal Power and External Power, influencing them respectively. While these Intents can affect both sides, it wasn ’t nearly as great.

”But if I can complete my Elemental Origin Intent, I ’ll be able to eclipse its spiritual influence, even negate it entirely. ” Lin Ming added, feeling like his path hadn ’t ended.

Senior Sister Lin nodded, ”Elemental Origin Intent is a high-level fusion-type Intent. You ’re still far off from completing it, bringing it to the next level, but if you can: You ’ll certainly become Master ’s Chosen. ” Her eyes behind the veil shone with an impassioned light. But thinking how difficult it was the complete Elemental Origin Intent, that light dimmed.

Lin Ming ’s confidence wasn ’t diminished by his Senior Sister ’s words, only feeling that he still had some more work to do. As for the term ’Chosen ’, he felt a wave of anticipation in his heart. He couldn ’t help but ask, ”Senior Sister Lin, why did Master choose to pick his Chosen in this starfield? Why not where he comes from? Isn ’t the environment better, serving as a benefit to nurture greater talents? ”

Senior Sister Lin was a little dismayed at this, not reproaching Lin Ming for still referring to her Master as Master despite not being officially accepted. She quietly said, ”He did, he has, no, he is using the Aeternal Sky Starfield as the main area to select talents. But he was born here, raised here, and he had established a Chosen Trial before he departed. This is why I ’m here, inspecting the Chosen Trial he left behind to ensure it remains active.

”If it wasn ’t for those despicable people ambushing me, I would ’ve only inspected it to ensure nothing was wrong and then left right after. But I suffered injuries, met you, and now you ’re on this path. Fate is quite interesting, no? I don ’t know if I should thank them for helping discover you or not. You ’ve reached levels on your own with very little instruction, but in a better environment with higher level teachings, very few have reached your level.

”But remember, this trial was his first but it might be even more difficult than the one ’s in the True Element Sect. This is because the trial was established based on the standards of this starfield ’s golden age, when Master acted under the name of the Divine King, and the insides are still developing. In fact, you might find yourself a competitor within the trial. Master liked to do this, and that person might very well be stronger than the present you. ” As she said these words, explained these things, Lin Ming ’s expression couldn ’t help but change.

While he felt a bit of pride, he also felt a bit of pressure from her words. He might have to deal with a challenger inside the trial? Also, the standards of the golden age? He felt his fighting spirit wildly blaze. He clenched his fist, looking at it as if it contained his hopes and dreams. ”I ’ll become a Chosen of the True Element Sect. Everything else can only be my stepping stone to the peak. ”

Senior Sister Lin lifted her gaze and quietly murmured in an uncertain voice that no one but her could hear, ”You might have a competitor outside too. ” When she thought about the recent changes to the starfield, the era of the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, she couldn ’t help but feel unknown emotions.

She knew in her heart that Wei Wuyin couldn ’t be compared to the mythic figure of the King of Everlore. It was impossible, and the only reason he could claim victory against the so-called Princess of Everlore was because of poor instruction and the flaws in her Alchemic Astral Soul. But he did have Elemental Origin Intent; If he entered the trial, knowing her Master ’s mysterious and cunning ways to handle things, they might very well clash.

There can only be one victor within the trial…

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