Paragon of Sin

Chapter 388: The Other Woman

The voice contained a hint of playfulness yet delicate warmth with a seductive quality. This alongside her unrestrained stretches caused Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes to flare with indecent intentions. But unfortunately, his free-time had just run out.

The feisty little beastwoman in his bed had just woke from a long session. When he looked at her brown-colored eyes that looked at him, he saw a burning desire to receive him entirely once again, indulging in unimaginable ecstasy. Tempted, he sighed in his heart, lamenting at his inability to stop time. ”Nyla, I ’ll be leaving for the Auric Sea today. ”

Nyla Shur was one of the two women that he had claimed as his lover early on. Her short-cut brown-colored hair, feline ears, sharp incisors that revealed themselves at the sides of her mouth, furry pair of ears and petite form betrayed her status as a beastwoman of the feline lineage. Alongside Da Shan, she was the only woman he courted during his rapid rise and thorough development.

”That ’s today?! ” A faint yelp of surprise resounded from Nyla. She was an elder of the Mortal Captain-level, unlike Da Shan who was a disciple. She had forgotten the time, losing herself in Wei Wuyin ’s firm and powerful body. 

Wei Wuyin chuckled slightly, nodding. ”You should really focus on increasing your stamina, ” he commented as he slowly started to undress, another set of clean robes floated beside him. 

Nyla pouted with grievance, ”That ’s not my fault! You….you! Too many times… ” Her voice trailed off as her cheeks reddened, clearly blaming Wei Wuyin for his techniques forcing her body to an early state of exhaustion. 

After dressing, Wei Wuyin donned a set of unique black martial robes fashioned from extremely high-quality materials. It had a trim of silver, highlighting Wei Wuyin ’s muscles and bodily shape. They were outside the standard sect attire, no longer representing the Myriad Monarch Sect. In fact, it had no embroidery or insignia pinned to it.

”If you need any products for cultivation or money, seek out Su Mei while I ’m gone. ” Wei Wuyin carelessly commented, straightening out his robes. Nyla bit her lips and nodded. 

Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but give that alluring body one last look before departing with a gentle forehead kiss and a faint knowing smile, causing Nyla to blush even harder. She released a frustrated grunt, touching her belly while having a layer of glaze over her eyes. 

”How did I get so lucky? ” She murmured to herself, feeling as if it was all surreal. He had just been a handsome human that she met one day. They had even gotten into an argument over nonsense, a dispute on obtaining a specific cultivation material. Despite his status as a Heavenly King, she was unwilling to back down as an elder.

One thing led to another, and she found herself in his bed and losing her long kept virginity. What she had believed she would keep till finding a Dao Companion had been ruined in an impulse, but what a lovely impulse it became. That day, somehow, she had intertwined herself with Wei Wuyin ’s life. She became the lover to the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, the next era ’s leading figure, and he wasn ’t aloof or dismissive as one would expect from a grand figure.

He was invested, attentive, and ensured her satisfaction in the bedroom, cultivation, and life. She wanted for nothing except more time with him, and her rising cultivation base only ensured that. She revealed a gentle smile, feeling a rush of blazing emotion within her heart. 

After a moment, she pouted with discontent and displeasure. ”Da Shan lied to me; I still can ’t last long… ” 


Wei Wuyin arrived outside his Sky Palace, met by Su Mei and Xiao Bai. The pegasus ’s rapid growth was astonishing, already rivaling Bo Kay ’s mature pegasus in size with ease. Despite still being a young colt, Xiao Bai ’s development had been improved upon by a myriad of alchemical resources. With its eyes, flickers of lively lightning flowed within.

Su Mei was waiting beside Xiao Bai ’s hoof, barely exceeding it in height. Despite that, Su Mei was a figure no one could casually dismiss in any picture. She had a neutral expression, befitting a subordinate waiting for their leader.

Xiao Bai neighed in excitement. 

Su Mei ’s pure black eyes betrayed an elation that revealed itself whenever she met Wei Wuyin. While her expression remained firm, this was something she couldn ’t hide. 

”Let ’s go, ” Wei Wuyin chuckled with heart. He was excited. Since his Scarlet Solaris Sect days, this would be the first time he ’d venture out in a group expedition. It brought back painful and exhilarating memories. Ever since he inherited the Bloodline of Sin, his life had been on a course beyond the typical cultivator.

When was the last time he needed to personally search for something he needed? This feeling renewed his youthful vigor that had been dulled by outstanding wealth and influence. 

He knew the coming days that would soon be filled with the unknown would not be boring.

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