Paragon of Sin

Chapter 393: Auric Sea Unwillingness

owing freely as he observed the angelic expression of peace on her face. This girl was always so stubborn in everything she did.

That was the final rope of support for the duo as all the external astral force holding them and covering them had left, leaving them vulnerable. Long Chen gritted his teeth, ignoring Wei Wuyin as he used his two arms to grab Lian Yu ’s hand and used his astral force to resist their descent. Her arm was unreasonably outstretched like a rubberband. Fortunately, her water-based cultivation base made her quite flexible.

Lian Yu looked at Long Chen ’s contorted expression, knowing that she was the reason for this. She despaired. She was thinking about severing her limb, saving Long Chen from the effort, but an intense desire to live swelled within her. 

She clutched harder, holding out hope and believing in Long Chen. If anyone can overturn this situation, it was him.

Wei Wuyin and Long Chen both saw her expression and thought different things. Long Chen thought about how he couldn ’t let go, no matter what. While Wei Wuyin was quietly remembering a scene long ago, before he inherited the Bloodline of Sin.

There was a woman that had seduced him, having the same desiring expression to survive after her sect was destroyed, hunted down to the last. She had the same hopeful expression while kneeling naked before him, her gaze lively as she saw the figure of a man enter their room. While that hope was later severed by his saber, being sent to the afterlife, he was reminded of that one moment.

Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but sigh. He said, ”Let her go. ” 

”NEVER! ” Long Chen shouted through his clenched teeth, staring into Lian Yu ’s eyes. He kept pumping our astral force, preventing even Wei Wuyin from getting close.

Lian Yu ’s eyes brightened an extreme amount, nearly as brilliant as the stars in the sky. It reflected immense love and devotion. She clenched her hand around Long Chen ’s harder than ever before.

”… ” Wei Wuyin calmly observed this scene, shaking his head slightly. 

This odd scene was just being observed by everyone present. They were uncertain what was happening, but they all had their hearts in their throats. Were these two figures going to fall into their deaths?

Qing Qiumu was speechless. She didn ’t know what to do. She had almost felt a desire to throw herself at them, but she knew it was useless. She was a measly Sky Ruler. Three former Grand Imperial Sages couldn ’t accomplish much, so how could she? She bit her lips heavily, nearly drawing blood.

”… ” A few dozen seconds later.

Long Chen ’s astral force was near depletion. He could only last longer because the difficulty seemed to change depending on one ’s cultivation base. While depletion was at the same rate, he had merged Astral Souls so he had a much larger Astral Core than others, as well as density and foundation.

But he could only hold out for three seconds more. After that, he ’ll fall whether he lets go of Lian Yu or not. He grunted as he tried to pull Lian Yu into his embrace, but this only caused her already stretched arm to stretch further. It was amazing she hadn ’t lost her arm. It was nearly two times longer than before.

Wei Wuyin knew this had to do with her physique and cultivation method, and she could easily regain her arm ’s normal length

Then, it came.

Long Chen lost his last drop of astral force. He could no longer sustain flight and his eyes betrayed his panic. He cried out as he fell with Lian Yu. His weakness caused him to lose his grip, causing his hand to let go of Lian Yu, but she held on to his slack hand.

When she felt Long Chen ’s grip loosen, unable to hold on, her expression changed. But then a strong arm held onto her slender waist, and another clutched at Long Chen ’s robes like they were carrying a bag of garbage. His limp figure was far too weak, and the gravity kept him from moving. So he was truly like a puppet without strings, his four limbs and head were pointed downwards while holstered from his belt.

Her shock was immense as she followed that strong arm to find Wei Wuyin holding onto her waist, keeping them afloat.

This startled everyone. 

Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes and face were extremely close to Lian Yu ’s. If he leaned two inches forward, they would be touching lips. She could feel his warm breath in her face, which was shockingly fragrant and alluring to smell. Even her meridians and Astral Soul quivered with desire, feeling extremely awkward. 

Ji Changkong shouted out in abhorrent shock, ”Impossible! ” 

Wei Wuyin kept his eyes focused on Lian Yu ’s water-like ripples, staying silent as they floated casually without any issue.

Three Gravity Emission Phase experts acted in concerted effort to stop their descent, to bring them back, but a measly Soul Idol Phase expert halted them so casually? Ji Changkong, Yao Zhen, Bei Ming, and the other elders and disciples were thunderstruck by what they witnessed. This was even more so for the other audience several dozen miles away.

After several tens of seconds, Wei Wuyin finally moved and looked towards the Auric Sea ’s surface. He ignored Lian Yu ’s thumping heart that was racing without restraint. A slight frown emerged on his face, giving Long Chen a glance.

”You ’re truly fortunate to obtain these women. Every single one is extraordinary in their own way. ” As he murmured this under his breath, he looked at Lian Yu and smiled faintly. 

He suddenly said, ”You should be fine now. Circulate your astral force. ” After he said that, his figure ascended until it was back to ten thousand feet high, and he let her go. Lian Yu instantly panicked, wrapped her non-stretched arm around his neck and pulled him closer, not wanting to fall out of fear.

Wei Wuyin coolly threatened, ”If you don ’t let go, I ’m going to kiss you. ” His words were uttered with the straightest face, and Long Chen ’s extremely exhausted body quivered. Lian Yu was startled, inspecting Wei Wuyin ’s face. She was shocked to realize that he truly held unearthly handsome looks, possessing a demeanor that seemed beyond mortals.

Her heart started to flutter slightly. She struggled for a moment before seeking verification, ”…I-I won ’t fall? ”

”As long as you don ’t want to. Keep your astral force circulated, empower your wind energies to stay afloat. ” Wei Wuyin instructed. She hesitated, thinking that maybe Wei Wuyin wanted her to fall to her death, but she still trusted him for some reason, and didn ’t want to be kissed and cause their situation to turn awkward.

She removed her arm and circulated her forces as instructed, floating with her own power. Her expression drastically changed.


Wei Wuyin didn ’t bother answering, tossing Long Chen ’s body into her embrace like a bag of rocks. 

Ignoring his fate, Wei Wuyin looked at the Auric Sea. He called out to Tuo Bihan, ”I ’ll be back. ” After he said that, he ignored everyone ’s reaction, only giving Qing Qiumu and Da Shan a faint smile to reassure them. He then started to descend.

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