Paragon of Sin

Chapter 398: Selected Candidate

Lian Yu felt the pressure exerted onto her hand, looking at Long Chen who was smiling consoling at her. ”I ’m fine, ” she asserted. She wasn ’t one prone to weakness and uncertainty, but had overcome her fair share of dangers. Despite her lacking cultivation base, merely being at the World Sea Phase, she had her own means to protect herself. 

Long Chen nodded. Both of them soon flew out side-by-side. They entered the Gateway Door roughly at the same time, even holding hands while doing so. But their hands dissolved, and no one knew whether they would be together or separate. They were still unsure where this spatial entrance would lead them.

With numerous individuals entering the Gateway Door like a flock of soaring birds, everyone finally entered leaving only the elders and leaders. They were all lingering nearby, not having any intention of moving one single bit. They didn ’t know when their disciples would emerge, so they had to wait patiently.

The environment of the Auric Sea wasn ’t conducive for cultivation, having thin ambient essence, no solid ground, and a strange gravitational force that could bring any of these experts disastrous harm. Therefore, they lowered their astral force consumption and floated in meditative positions while absorbing what little essence they could to replenish what was lost.

Qingye Yun ’s eyes stared at the Gateway Door intently for a moment longer than others, his eyes betrayed a wisp of worry. But when he recalled the predictions and words of that Heavenly Seer, he glanced at the nearby San Emperor and felt reassured. According to the Heavenly Seer, the San Emperor would arrive after discovering the location of the Gateway Door. 

This was why they had left early, and since the Alchemist Association originally had a partnership with the Elemental Heaven Pavilion, they had come along. But what he couldn ’t figure out was why the Heavenly Seer didn ’t wish for them to inform the Myriad Monarch Sect directly, allowing them to learn from their own network of information. 

He frowned for a moment, but soon relaxed his brows. The thoughts of a Heavenly Seer wasn ’t something he could begin to comprehend. 


When Wei Wuyin entered the Gateway Door, his surroundings started to shift instantly as he was encapsulated by multi-colored spatial light reminiscent of the entry curtain of a Void Gate. He felt as if he was traversing within a slim and narrow tube, but the speed was relatively slow. 

With his Celestial Eyes, Wei Wuyin inspected the multi-colored spatial light and realized that he had entered one of the three thousand tunnels, currently being transported at an extremely fast speed somewhere. It felt completely contradictory to his normal visual experience. It was as if he was on a high-speed moving beast while protected and shielded by the trembling motions or surging winds that would occur.

This was a very peculiar feeling. He couldn ’t help but think about that shuttle in the picture, wondering if this is how it feels if he was onboard one of those things. A faint gleam of interest flashed within his eyes as he saw a curtain of darkly-colored light blocking his way.

He was sent directly through it, causing his surroundings to turn dark. He had originally thought this was the exit, but he found himself in disbelief as he felt a prick of discomfort surge into his meridians. His bloodline aura was completely contained, but this discomfort originated from the innate energies circulating throughout his body. To be specific, the innate elemental energies that he used to refine his body with.

As he felt this, his silver eyes started to become a mist of white, with an ever-shifting form in various states. At times it was as if his eyes contained endless rain, became as hard as steel itself, or danced with the beauty of flames within. These were only the beginning as other extraordinary sights emerged.

Ori yelped in excitement. He felt his Elemental Origin Intent erupt from his glabella, effusing from his eyes and coating the dark surroundings in white light. This white light started to twist and shiver until it became nine different colors, separating into nine forms of Intent.

Fire Intent, Water Intent, Wind Intent, Desolate Earth Intent, Steel Metal Intent, Life Meadow Wood Intent, Violet Lightning Intent, Inferno Blazing Magma Intent, & Absolute Zero Ice Intent.

These nine intents became wisps that circulated around Wei Wuyin ’s body with a trail of light, making them seem like fireflies in the dark. Wei Wuyin was startled as he felt an unknown power sweep itself upon his Intents and his body. 

A monotone voice soon echoed out: ”Candidate Discovered, Selected for Trial of Chosen. ”

This voice felt familiar to Wei Wuyin, startling him as he recalled a distinct figure, but he was given enough time to even ask a question as the multi-colored spatial light of the tube collapsed on him, causing him an incredible degree of pain before he vanished. The tunnel he inhabited had disappeared.

This incident happened to one more within the tunnel, similarly shocking them as they recognized the voice but was also sent away.

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