Paragon of Sin

Chapter 423: Ai Julings Honesty

she wrapped her arm around his neck. 

This shocked Wei Wuyin for a moment, but before he could react, Ai Juling leaned in and placed her soft, delicate lips against his own. Her mouth was brazen as she pressed herself against him, moving animatedly, clearly taking the lead. 

Wei Wuyin wasn ’t one to reject such an invitation, he replied in kind. They spent the next minute enthralled by the others ’ touch, kissing without restraint. When Ai Juling finally separated, a lingering trace of wetness was still connected to the two ’s lips. She licked it off, making her extremely enchanting as her eyes were misty.

Wei Wuyin felt his inner fire ignite, immediately placing her on the bed large enough to fit five men, and pressed his lips against hers again. He tasted her flavor, smelled her fragrant scent, and without waiting a moment longer, his hands roamed around her body in a rough caress. When he touched a certain area, he heard a heart-quaking moan escape her lips. 

”W-wait…! ” She breathily called out, her entire body already extremely hot.

Wei Wuyin was already invested, but he wasn ’t selfish nor completely bullish after engaging in some minor foreplay. Lifting his head, he looked at this beauty beneath him.

Ai Juling ’s reddened blush on her bronze-colored skin was extremely gorgeous. She puckered her lips, matching his gaze with her own. She asked with a quiver in her voice, ”Did you kill my parents? ” 

”… ” 


That almost killed the mood, but Wei Wuyin merely laughed and shook his head. ”Of course not. ” He had made it his mission not to harm anyone tainted with her aura, and even left the city to prevent a clash that might cause her parents to be casualties.

When Ai Juling heard this, she breathed out a sigh of relief.

Wei Wuyin was quite curious, ”You took the initiative, but you suspected I killed your parents? Why? ” He lifted himself up and sat beside her on the bed.

Ai Juling felt somewhat awkward when Wei Wuyin asked this, causing her eyes to roam and see that frightening tent protruding from his pants. She gasped for a moment, reddened even more, but couldn ’t turn her eyes away.

Seeing this, Wei Wuyin chuckled with amusement.

Ai Juling snapped out of her idle thoughts, but the faint quivering of her legs betrayed her excited and indecent thoughts. She pouted with a tinge of anger, ”You kidnapped me! You clearly did it because you wanted me, and if you were an ordinary Ganshu at your cultivation level, I ’d rather die than be with you.

”I can ’t resist you, that ’s clear. But I can also see that you ’re not an indecent, sex-craven man who merely intended to take my body and kill me after you ’re finished with it. If you were, it would ’ve been easy to get away from those three stooges and awaken me, indulging yourself until satisfied and kill me off, no one would have spoken against it. You have the strength to do so, and its not uncommon amongst Elves or Ganshu. Desires are desires.

”Since you have the strength, talent, looks, and your intent isn ’t vicious, and you want me for more than just a single night, why would I reject you? And if you did kill my parents, then I could only accept it, but I ’d hate you with my entire being. ” At the end of her rant, she seemed to have conceded to a certain reality while rationalizing the situation.

Wei Wuyin felt intrigued by her thought process. Was that why she pretended to be asleep? To see if he could control his urges? Was she observing him? Testing him? 

She continued, ”I just hope you don ’t restrict my cultivation or keep me by your side like a pet. I can become yours, but I want my own life! I also have no intention of marrying a Ganshu! But, I won ’t be with anyone lesser than you; I can promise you that. ”

Ai Juling seemed to still have her own pride, and was quite a realist. She used words like ’hope ’ and ’want ’, clearly knowing that Wei Wuyin was the true deciding factor of those decisions. 

Wei Wuyin gently smiled, ”I knew I ’d like you. ” 

Ai Juling rolled her eyes, but in her heart, she was incredibly startled by Wei Wuyin. While she was knocked unconscious by him, taken away, she felt it extremely strange after witnessing his feats after. 

Why would such an outstanding Ganshu want a simple talent like her? She wasn ’t the most beautiful elf in the city nor the most talented. Why would Wei Wuyin, someone with ungodly looks, talent that went against the heavens, strength that defied common sense, and means that shook the world, want her?

He could have any female in this city, likely in this entire world. Who would reject a young Soul Idol cultivator that could slay a Gravity Emission expert? Who could take over an entire city? Trap a Realmlord? He was a catch and a half multiplied by ten thousand! 

But he wanted her? 


She felt like this was a dream, an epic story about an ordinary girl taken away by an evil king with a soft heart. She had read stories of this nature before, even fantasized about it, but to think something extremely similar could happen in real life?!

Just as she was lost in her thoughts, she felt a pair of hands lifting her body, bringing her into a certain someone ’s lap with her legs spread around his torso. She felt the heaven piercing-like protrusion hidden in his pants pressing against her bottom, her expression became even hotter after.

When he leaned forward to kiss her, she didn ’t resist. 

She knew today was the day she was made into a woman.

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