Paragon of Sin

Chapter 429: The Hunting of Qing Qiumu

The True Dragon Transmutation Method was an exquisite cultivation method, but its name was definitely deliberately embellished. After all, unless one took the third method, consuming numerous strands of unrefined lifeforce, how would one refine essence blood enough to produce a trace of a True Dragon ’s bloodline aura?

One would have to excavate deeply into the dragon ’s blood, hoping to bring forth its hidden ancestral lineage. According to the method itself, Anu and the other draconic lineages were considered beasts, but True Dragons and those of equal lineages weren ’t referred to as such. They were called Divine Myths of Heaven.

They weren ’t beasts, but existences that predated beasts. They might be gods of some higher form of existence, a greater world like the rumored realm of immortals mentioned in stories and folklore. But Wei Wuyin didn ’t feel like a god, likely because his bloodline level was far too low.

He knew that divinities existed in this vast world, and some legends told in folklore and stories of the crazed and delusional held truth within them. He had been to Hell, faced the Heavens, observed reincarnation, saw the Yellow Springs, and possessed the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity that had stated its abilities to observe unseen divinities! 

He knew better than anyone that the existence of gods was real!

As for these Divine Myths of Heaven, this might simply be one of their names referred to them by their beastly descendants like Anu as a display of utmost respect. Others might even call them Divine Beasts, who knew? 

Regardless, the True Dragon Transmutation Method was divided into three different conceivable methods of cultivation. The first method was the insertion and refinement of essence blood into one ’s heart, transforming the blood cells it oxygenates, making it produce dragon blood. But because of this, the body would undergo changes to adapt to the new blood, making the individual partially a dragon, losing their humanity as a result. The cultivator would be left with uncontrollable mutations, destructive urges, bestial instincts, but gain a stronger physical form and innate physical energies.

The second method focused on transforming one ’s innate yang energies, allowing the birth of Dragonborn children. This would result in those like Lian Yu and Yuan Longshi, and they would receive intangible benefits for their cultivation.

For example, Lian Yu was a powerful water-attributed cultivator who made a name for herself in the Myriad Yore Continent, blessed with extraordinary looks and talent. The draconic lineage had invisibly helped her become powerful, and if it wasn ’t for the King of Everlore ’s departure, the decline of Alchemy, she might ’ve reached extraordinary heights.

Wei Wuyin had decided to not cultivate this method due to the ticking clock that hung at his neck, the Calamities of Hell. He didn ’t wish to have children and be unable to protect them, watch them grow into fine women and men. He knew how it felt to lose a parent and he wouldn ’t knowingly do that to his own children.

He had decided to cultivate the third method: Birthing a Divine Mark of Myth! It was both similar and fundamentally different from beastmen who used their hearts as dantians! He would transform the Divine Mark of Myth into a Spirit, housing it within his heart, and having it grow!

His Divine Mark of Myth had always been Kratos ’ true form!! 

By making it his Spirit for cultivation, he cultivated a Draconic Heart of Blood Qi, containing draconic blood energies that would take the same cultivation path as other spirits, strengthening itself as a result! It also had a restriction, and that it required an individual that hadn ’t cultivated a Heart of Qi!

Wei Wuyin now knew that Anu had left this method in the hopes of a powerful expert that might ’ve missed the mark for their schemes, to be an alternative to focus their all on raising their child in the most appropriate fashion, allowing them to cultivate and hide from the Divine King ’s prejudiced gaze. Even today, not a single individual could discover his Draconic Heart! 

The schemes ran deep, like rivers through the fields. He couldn ’t help but feel a little bitter and simultaneously amused. Because of their schemes, he had given birth to the True Dragon Bloodline, fashioned a Draconic Heart of Blood without being a child, and was pushing it to great limits!

Fortunately, he took what he had and brought it to its greatest potential. Still, the high quality of his Bloodline caused his Mark of Divine Myth to be severely low-level, and with all things dragon outside of Anu vanishing from the starfield like snow on a sunny month, he had no way to improve his Bloodline.

The last time it had improved was when he reached the Zenith Mortal State, reaching the Third Stage of the Mark of Mortal Myth. He hadn ’t experienced any improvements when he transformed his Zenith Mortal State to the Zenith Origin State. Wei Wuyin could only conclude that it was likely due to his Bloodline Source having been thoroughly exhausted at the time, unable to display any tangible change. If he restored his Bloodline Source, he might experience a huge leap!

There were three grades: Mark of Mortal Myth, Mark of Mystic Myth, and Mark of Immortal Myth. They were divided by seven stages, with the first stage being the lowest and seventh stage indicating the highest quality of blood energies in its respective purity grade. The stage also determined the base strength of his Bloodline Abilities and limits of his cells potential.

Wei Wuyin always felt it was quite interesting how the grades of the Mark of Myths were the same as the ranks of the Alchemic Dao. It seemed that all things in cultivation had links to each other, even if they ’re outside of their respective Daos. 

Looking at the twenty thousand formerly desolate pearls, now draconic pearls, on the ground, he felt an urge to consume it all and replenish the essential draconic energies his Bloodline Source lacked! There was a matter that gave him pause, however. He was concerned about the various bloodline variations within, wondering if he should use the Mark of Eden ’s copious lifeforce reserves to refine the energies into their purest state.

Fortunately, before he could make such any unnecessary waste, Kratos externalized! It was a Mark of Myth that was refined from the essence blood containing a True Dragon ’s aura and power, why would it fear lesser blood contaminating it?!

It exited out of his heart as a grey, indistinct blob that barely had a clear shape, but the ripples it emitted were like continuous roars of an ancient dragon! It shook the mountains, causing avalanches of rocks to tumble down, nearly crumbling it entirely!

Wei Wuyin excitedly smiled with glee! He put away his useless thoughts, allowing Kratos to perform what he believed was the best. Moreover, if Eden had any considerations, it could similarly tap into the Mark of Eden freely extracting the lifeforce and wood energies contained within. He didn ’t need to do anything!

Kratos had lacked for too long and it was fully unleashed! It held nothing back as it charged towards the pile of draconic pearls, its globbish form gulping them into it with rapid speeds. Wei Wuyin ’s eyes widened as several seconds was all it took for Kratos to devour half the twenty thousand pearls!

He couldn ’t help but be shocked at the speed of digestion, and each millisecond caused the glob of grey to condense more and more, obtaining a shape that was more and more distinct. When Wei Wuyin saw its form slowly take shape, he felt his mind enliven, a feeling of anticipation growing uncontrollable.

For so long has he been wondering the true form of a Void Dragon! What did it look like? Was it like the dragons of legend? These folklore dragons were known as having leathery, large bat-like wings, with hardened and energetic scales that seemed to breathe with every motion! They had large claws that could crush mountains, thick bodies, and spikes protruding from various areas such as their spines!

He believed Anu had this appearance, feeling intrigued if it would be similar! 

With widened eyes and a focused expression, he watched it devour pearl after pearl, growing clearer and clearer! Its long form was faintly revealed, twisting about exquisitely within the remnant grey light! 

When it finished the last draconic pearl, refining the last portion of draconic blood energies, restoring its Bloodline Source completely, Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes nearly popped out of his skull! 

Before he could even conceive another thought, a world-shaking roar resounded that caused his consciousness to nearly black out, only holding on due to Eden ’s timely interference. When he regained himself, he found that Kratos had returned to his heart, enshrouded by concealing mist!

Even though he couldn ’t see through it with his spiritual sense, he had already seen its true form! And…


His eyes brightened to match the brightness of the solar stars in the sky, betraying his extreme disbelief and excitement! 

”…Absolutely incredible! Is that how divine dragons look…? They ’re…perfect! ” The more he recalled Kratos ’ appearance, the more he felt awed by it all. He was lost in himself for a long moment, and then an explosive thought emerged in his excited mind: ”I have the ability of Draconification!!! ” 

The thought of mimicking a portion of this exquisitely perfect form caused him to feel indescribable excitement. 

He felt the surging blood energies flowing out of his heart, feeling its innate quality, and immediately used the method to measure its grade. ”It ’s at the Fifth Stage of the Mark of Mortal Myth! ” He had leapt two full stages, approaching the peak of the Mortal-Grade! 

Immersed in this feeling, he could view his cells change, expanding wildly and capable of carrying several times more physical energies than normal. The restrictions of his physical body were being lifted as his blood flowed! 

But he had six million desolate pearls left! His heart throbbed intensely, and an explosive thought surfaced in his mind! 

”Let ’s do it! ” Kratos urged from behind its concealing mist. Wei Wuyin laughed wildly, feeling like trying to see if he could breach the Mortal-Grade as well! He would refine all six million desolate pearls!! 

But he stopped for a moment, looking at Kratos concealed by mist. He couldn ’t understand why he was unable to view his form anymore, curious about this development he asked, but the answer was quite shocking.

Kratos snorted arrogantly, stating with immense pride: ”Mortals can ’t see the form of divinities! ” 

”… ” When those words were said, Wei Wuyin felt as if he realized a worldly truth. The only reason he could see its externalized form was due to his Celestial Eyes! Those eyes of his had the ability to observe Unseen Divinities! But he was still skeptical, raising a brow with uncertainty. ”You ’re a divine existence now? ”

King gave a laughing ’tch ’, clearly revealing the truth, but it didn ’t elaborate…as always.

”… ” Kratos went completely silent, its prideful voice no longer emerging.

Wei Wuyin quickly discovered why and shook his head with a quiet smile. While Kratos might have the form of a divine existence, it was far, far off from becoming one. Although, this made it extremely clear why he ’d never seen a true dragon ’s form before! No wonder there were absolutely no depictions of it anywhere! It was like a whole new creature!

With an excited breath, tossed that thought to the side, thinking of the six million desolate pearls needing to be refined. ”Let ’s begin! ”

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