Paragon of Sin

Chapter 434: A Realmlords Determination

els? You ’re thinking of escaping through here? ” She sneered, using the parchment to locate his direction, spreading out her spiritual sense and noticing his footprints. 

With a cold laugh, she urged her astral force and shot off even faster than before. The tunnel quivered fiercely as a response, nearly collapsing!

Wei Wuyin felt the crumbling and his heart thumped harshly for a moment. Not looking back, he sprinted faster than before. He cursed that the Grey Sands Elves had no defenses in these tunnels! How useless!

As he cursed, he sped up faster and faster, even his refined bones were creaking and making faint snapping noises. He was like a black shadow as he blurred through the tunnel at speeds that made the female Realmlord gawk in awe, feeling shock and disbelief at the sheer physical speed of Wei Wuyin.

As he traveled for a few seconds, his eyes brightened as he heard the elven language. A few soldiers were riding their lizard-like mounts while chatting in glee, a few even laughing and chuckling as the topic seemed to be quite hilarious to them. 


Suddenly, they felt a burst of wind lift their clothes and cause their mounts to growl. The burst of wind was only for a moment, already long gone by the time they got their bearings. They asked each other questions, spreading their spiritual sense, and then they felt an incoming force from behind them. They were confused for a moment, but their mounts started to growl ferociously and scratched their claws into the ground.

They started to move without their riders permission! They started running away!!

”Too late. Insignificant insects. ” A cold voice resounded, sending shivers down the spines of the mounts and their riders. A mournful sound left their throats as silver force passed through their bodies. Like balloons of blood, flesh, and bones, they burst into bloody mist with bits of hardened white! 


The female Realmlord passed them instantly, not delayed by a single millisecond.

Hearing the sound of mournful death howls behind him, Wei Wuyin didn ’t look back or feel sorry for those who died. He wasn ’t a saint nor was he above using others to survive! He needed time! 

After a second or so of running, he was met with a fork in the tunnel, splitting off into two parts. He didn ’t stop for even a breath of time, randomly choosing the road with the most traveled footsteps.

The female Realmlord soon met this fork, inspecting the glowing parchment in her hand, looking at the left. She scowled for a moment, but shot off in hot pursuit!

”I can ’t lose her! ” Wei Wuyin softly murmured to himself, realizing she was definitely tracking his movements. The desolate power in the tunnel made it extremely difficult to continuously send out one ’s spiritual sense without desolate intent infused within it. Continuous usage will drain one ’s spiritual energies with remarkable speeds. He felt short bursts of her sense sweep him, but never for longer than a few moments.

He hadn ’t felt her spiritual sense sweep by but she was definitely behind him, pursuing him like a tigress after its prey, so she must know where he went without locking onto him with her spiritual sense! She must be tracking him using some unique tool or spell!

He needed obstacles. 

With another burst of forceful speed, he traveled further into the tunnel. His eyes brightened as he saw an opening far away. The entrance to a city! He didn ’t know what city this was or how strong its guardian was, but the formations within might delay the female Realmlord for longer than a moment!

With a horizontal leap, he shot into the entrance, startling the guards at the entrance and the elves traversing along the edge of the city. With a deep breath, he used his powerful lungs to scream out a single word: ”INVASION!!! ”

While he spoke in human tongue, the sound exploded like a surging tsunami throughout the city, startling the elves awake and alert! 

But he didn ’t stop then, exploding with another leap and shot into the sky diagonally. His leap carried him to the top of the dome-like structure that held the city. With a fierce punch, he urged his Desolate Earth Intent, and dug into it.

He was just in time as the city ’s formations activated, sealing off the entrance and the city with various exquisite runes. If he tried to penetrate just a second before, he would ’ve been delayed even further! 

A thin film dropped down from the entrance, blocking off all new entries, and the trained elves hurriedly took to the skies with their astral forces erupting fiercely. They charged towards the various entrances, guarding against any invasion from all angles. They seemed to be practiced and swift, needing only a dozen or so seconds to react. 

The female Realmlord was met with the thin film of light preventing her access. She realized Wei Wuyin ’s scheme and coldly snickered. ”Foolish! ” She shouted, flipping her palm and thrusting it forward with pulsating astral force.


It took less than a second for the thin film to collapse, not even earning enough time. When the female Realmlord shot into the city, she was met with a suppressive aura and force intermixed with desolate power. It halted her movements for a moment, but her expression was extremely calm as she held a cold grin.

”REALMLORD! ” The elves shrieked in horror, announcing to the world as they saw the female Realmlord use her Worldly Domain. Screams and howls of pain and terror resounded! But the bitter desire to protect their loved ones from an enemy emerged in the valiant hearts of these elven soldiers, throwing their bodies towards the female Realmlord hoping to buy time!

The city-wide formation was already circulating, taking the weak, young, and old away with flashes of light. They just needed time!

Wei Wuyin was huffing and puffing, his breathing incredibly labored as he felt extremely exhausted. The lack of active energies meant he had to rely on his innate physical energies to handle the consumption of his swift and harsh movements. 

”I just need time! ” Wei Wuyin repeated to himself, not looking back as he sped through another tunnel. He started to run fiercely once more!

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