Paragon of Sin

Chapter 443: Status of Alchemists

‘s cultivation society maintained itself. 

It was brutal, but even Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but feel that this was the standard direction cultivators who prey on the weak, seek strength, and had no qualms using such methods would resort to. He felt fortunate that all the elite experts at the Mystic Ascendant Realm, who forged their hegemonic forces, were born from the King of Everlore ’s labor.

A form of unbreakable respect was forged and led to their current society of alchemists.

”It ’s incredible how a few people can change an entire civilization ’s outlook, opinions, and traditions. ” Wei Wuyin remarked.

Suddenly, he felt a shiver down his spine as his Celestial Eyes glowed faintly. He turned, seeing the old man from earlier sitting beside him on the bench, calmly popping some dried dates-looking fruits into his mouth from a brown paper bag.

”I agree, ” the old man smilingly said, popping another fruit into his mouth. His aura was completely calm and concealed, and if Wei Wuyin wasn ’t certain, he would think this old man was just an ordinary person.

Wei Wuyin was silent for a moment, and unceremoniously reached his hand into the old man ’s bag, grabbing a handful of fruits, casually popping one into his mouth. He was shocked at how sweet it was, finding it quite delicious. It was definitely a high-tiered fruit not originating from this desolate land or this continent.

The old man was startled for a moment, then laughed, finding Wei Wuyin interesting. He offered some more, and Wei Wuyin didn ’t reject his kind intentions. The bag seemed to have an opening leading to a small, independent space, so the fruit was seemingly endless.

After a while, the old man said: ”Alchemists are quite pitiable here. ” Clearly, he had heard Wei Wuyin ’s questions towards the young woman.

Wei Wuyin nodded, ”Is it like that elsewhere? ” The elsewhere meant wherever the old man was from or other locations he was aware of.

The old man sighed and shook his head, ”In some places, sure. In most, not really. The Alchemic Dao breeds powerful individuals, even if they seem powerless on the surface. Especially when they reach the Mortal Sovereign-level, gaining the recognition of the Alchemic Dao. They are fearsome, terrifying even. ” 

Wei Wuyin understood his point, but was also surprised. The old man was referring to the Alchemic Stars of Mortal Spirituality, a gift granted to those who ’ve successfully concocted Ninth-Grade Alchemical Products. He hadn ’t explored its abilities thoroughly yet, having no legacy to gain an inkling of a path from, but he knew it was like a sort of Intent of the Alchemic Dao. 

Others might think the old man meant pellets, but pellets had limitations. They were like talismans, and the inherent dangers in concocting them were not small. And if an alchemist was too weak, they ’d die before they could even use one.

”So this world is a little unappreciative of alchemists because it lacks a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, ” Wei Wuyin extrapolated this from the old man ’s words. It seems the difference between here and his own starfield was the King of Everlore, the only Mortal Sovereign Alchemist. In truth, he was always under the impression that the King of Everlore was fragile and weak, needing others to protect him, but perhaps that wasn ’t the case.

He just knew far too little. Like a frog clawing at the bricks of the wall, he was trying his hardest to expand that horizon.

The old man glanced at Wei Wuyin, realizing his body was like a sea of endlessness, unable to obtain any information even from such close distance. This made him feel that Wei Wuyin ’s foundation and background was far greater than he originally assumed. As for Wei Wuyin ’s ignorance, this was clearly due to his youth.

”Well, I just came over to say good luck. ” The old man finally revealed his reason for approaching.

”For what? ” Wei Wuyin asked, confused.

”Haha, in the competition. That little girl? Hmph, she ’s quite fierce. She ’s also very competitive, and while she might not be enough to be a Chosen of the True Element Sect, she isn ’t all that inferior. ” After that, the old man grinned, popping another fruit in his mouth, and stood up. He waved as he left, leaving behind these words: ”Don ’t underestimate her. It ’ll be best if you can tame her. ”

Those last words left Wei Wuyin stunned for a moment. He softly laughed, realizing the old man was trying to play matchmaker. As for the young woman? He didn ’t fear any concern or anxiety over that. Eating the rest of the fruits, he faintly swept his gaze towards the sky. ’True Element Sect? Does the Divine King have a sect outside the starfield? ’

While Wei Wuyin discovered a piece of interesting information, the old man frowned slightly. ”To eat these Mystic All-Source Dates without even flinching…what a fierce body. ” The old man felt even more certain that Wei Wuyin was beyond ordinary, far, far from ordinary!

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