Paragon of Sin

Chapter 43: First Calamity

finite amounts of eyes and arms, and they all looked as if they were grasping the world above and below.

Two smaller figures were standing below this shadow, they were both sporting a pair of wings on their backs. One had bright silver wings, they were full, healthy, and filled with brilliantly dazzling feathers. The other had dark crimson wings, thin, dry, and lacked any forms of feathers – like a bat. Their faces or bodies weren ’t clear except for their wings.

”He actually passed the entire Calamity of True Loss without a single failure…this is…is he the First Sinner reincarnated?! ” The figure with silver wings said in a rough and gruff voice. That voice trembled slightly as it spoke.

”… ” The figure with dark crimson wings remained silent, but his figure was visibly trembling, obviously disturbed by what he had just witnessed.

”This Calamity is to have the chosen ones experience the choices of loss, the past of loss, the future of loss, the loss of will, the loss of life, the loss of sanity, and the final loss. With each failure to retain these aspects, they should slowly have their soul deteriorate, until it dissipated within the Calamity itself. ” The silver-winged figure stated, his voice filled with utter disbelief.

”With each failure, they lose something, but for each success, they gain something. With Calamity comes fortune, one who overcomes the challenge of Hell shall be benefited by Heaven. ” The silver-winged figure gave a soft sigh as he said.

The dark crimson-winged figure abruptly spoke, ”Out of the seven stages of loss, including the final stage, there has never been any wielder of the Bloodline of Sin who has passed all seven stages of the calamity flawlessly… ”

”Until now, ” the silver-winged figure finished his sentence.

”At most three, and the holder of this record had the Bloodline of Wrath. Filled with rage, he cared not for his past, his life, and had already lost his sanity. There ’s no way they could affect him, yet he still failed in the others. However, this person has the Bloodline of Pride. They ’ve never passed more than one before. Of course, all you need to do is survive, some even fail all of them, but their souls are strong enough.

”This one hasn ’t even entered the Realm of Sages nor possesses a Soul of Sin to resist the Calamity. How did he resist all seven trials?! ” This baffling aspect left both of them reeling in almost abject fear, and they had some aversion to even interacting with Wei Wuyin, like he was the plague of biblical proportions.

To them, Wei Wuyin had traits only the First Sinner could or should have.

”He ’s finished. ” The figure with multiple eyes and arms that loomed like a giant shadow declared. The two winged figures looked downwards to see Wei Wuyin doing a carefree backstroke in the Dark Lake of Temporal Disaster. They trembled once more and gave a simultaneous sigh. Whether it was one of relief or still induced by fear, no one could tell.

”Send him back, ” the shadow said, shimmering until it vanished. The two figures nodded, held hands, and emitted a jet-black and bright-white light. The world became immersed in light and Wei Wuyin opened his eyes to witness this.

The light felt warm and peaceful, cold and chaotic, but before he could analyze further, he felt his body shift.

”Oh?! Finally! ” Wei Wuyin had felt this feeling once before, and that was when all these strange things started happening. He didn ’t know if he would return to wherever he came from, but this lake was already becoming boring.

In that light, he felt his body had landed on solid ground and the ambient sounds of nature welcomed him. He realized his physical body wasn ’t wet, but he was naked.

”Where ’s my clothes? Wait! Shit! I forgot it! ” Recalling taking off his clothes to go for a swim, he cursed. Whoever sent him here stole his clothes! After cursing until he was tired, he rose and looked around him.

”Oh? Mousey, you ’re still here? ” Wei Wuyin noticed a white rat-like creature staring at him with curiosity. It could ’ve been an actual mouse, but it was larger than a beachball. Wei Wuyin could ride it, if he tightened up a little.

This creature had been here when Wei Wuyin was ’abducted ’. He thought with how long time seemed to pass, the creature would ’ve grown old or died, yet here it was. It even had the unique birthmark on its right side that looked like a taco-shell.

In truth, Wei Wuyin had been sent elsewhere, but only seven seconds had passed since he left. Only seven seconds.

Shrugging, he didn ’t put much thought into it as he lifted himself up and picked a random direction. With a nonchalant gait, he left completely unaware that his mishap with his memories had allowed him to overcome the Calamity of Hell!

On his right arm, the various characters on it shifted rapidly until it stopped.

Karmic Luck Value: 652.5.

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Suppressed – 49 Years.

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