Paragon of Sin

Chapter 469: Valkyrie

n ’s projection said shocked everyone.

They looked at Xiao Bing and Hong Ru. 

”I ’m willing, ” Shockingly, it was Xiao Bing who said this! Her icy gaze looked at Hong Ru with a trace of warmth. She grabbed her hand tightly. ”As long as you ’re willing, I ’m willing. ”

Hong Ru was startled, her heart feeling complex emotions. ”B-but… ” She stammered a little, uncertain what to say. After a while, she hesitatingly said: ”He said we could stay. We don ’t have to agree, especially if you don ’t want to. ”

Xiao Bing brightly smiled. Her smile felt as if it could sweep away the snowy coverings of the world, revealing all its glorious beauty and warmth beneath. ”I want to, ” her hand tightened more. The love in her eyes was unmistakable.

Clearly, she was doing this for Hong Ru, but a trace of it was herself. While she wasn ’t sexually interested in men, she wanted to have children, so she needed to find one someday. This contradictory feeling had haunted her for so long, but it was fine if she chose Wei Wuyin, because he was exactly the type of man she ’d want to father her child in this brutal, bleak, and devastatingly crushing cultivation world. 

The upside was that Hong Ru and she could be together, no matter what or where. 

Hong Ru didn ’t know how to respond, but she felt Xiao Bing ’s innermost desires. And she knew her own feelings. The best of both worlds, why would she reject this? 

”We ’re willing. ”

Holding hands, they stood beside the rest. The only one left was Long Tingyu.

Su Mei glanced at the duo, feeling that Wei Wuyin always intended for this to happen. Or else why the delayed message? To add, he even made it known that he understood their feelings and had no issue with it. There would be no sensation of feeling cheating on the other party, or forced to choose between one or the other. 

Long Tingyu felt isolated, but her feelings were complex and tangled. She wondered if Wei Wuyin left a message concerning her, but after a full minute, there was nothing else. She wasn ’t a part of the Ascendants nor his woman. Furthermore, she felt that she was too young to make this decision. After all, she wanted to get married, not just be a lover. 

In the end, she bit her lips and turned around. As that lone figure walked out of the door, it closed behind her. 

After that, the full three minutes passed.

Wei Wuyin ’s projection spoke again, this time with a wistful tone, ”She ’s too young and rightfully not ready. It ’s good she didn ’t decide to stay or else I ’d feel a little concerned. ” It heaved a sigh of relief, causing the others to be incredibly shocked. They felt that Wei Wuyin was actually here! Or else how could he have known Long Tingyu left?!

”He ’s a projection, ” Su Mei reminded them. 

”Alright, so! That should leave ten, if you count Su Mei. This is a good number to start with. ” Wei Wuyin cheerfully said, but this time, even Su Mei was taken aback. She had kept Wen Mingna and Wu Baozhai back by her own decision, how did Wei Wuyin know there were ten?! 

Xue Yifei touched Wei Wuyin ’s chest, but a swirl of white mist formed. The fact he wasn ’t real was true. He should be in that unknown realm, so there was no way he could glimpse into this projection, right?

”To start, I ’ll be honest with you all: I am not who you think I am. ” Wei Wuyin began, causing the women to fixate their gazes on him. What did that mean?

”I am not an Emperor Alchemist. I am a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, and I have been for over two years now, nearly three! ” Those words were like an explosive bomb to everyone present except Su Mei. They reeled in shock, not believing this one bit.

A Mortal Sovereign Alchemist?!

”There ’s no extreme measures to speak of, really. The only difference will be in what I ’ll be investing in you all from now on. Which means I won ’t be holding back. I intend to make all ten of you into a special unit, better suited to protect yourself and our interests. 

”I ’ve learned from other ’s mistakes. If you ’re not present, or too weak, it ’s possible your lovers or allies will suffer. To solve this, I intend to make every last one of you outstanding experts of this generation with my everything, to protect yourself against the world with your own power. ” When Wei Wuyin reached this point, Na Xinyi, Lin Ziyan, and Hong Ru were glanced at by everyone. They all suffered because of their weakness or their lover ’s absence. 

Wei Wuyin turned his body, facing Na Xinyi in the most inexplicable manner, ”I promised I ’ll take you as my wife as long as you ’re willing; I won ’t go back on my word. However, this means you ’ll have to work several times harder than the others, to prove yourself and to protect everything I have. Because it won ’t just be mine. I hope you understand this. ”

Na Xinyi was still half-crippled and weak. She didn ’t know how he knew where she would position herself, but it gave her chills. Those words brought a rare joy to her heart, because she understood the meaning.

Xue Yifei looked at Na Xinyi, and her hazel eyes flickered with an ambiguous light. Her expression betrayed none of her current emotions. 

”To do this, ” Wei Wuyin turned away, ”I intend to establish a secret faction. A secret unit made up entirely of female members of Ascendants and my own lovers. A group of talented, intelligent, and immensely powerful women that could tackle the world in my absence, even after my death. ” 

He paused, sweeping his gaze across each and everyone of them. For so long, the Calamities of Hell had been hanging over his head, and he was most concerned about what would happen to those he loved and his legacy if he failed in the end. To solve this, to feel the most comfortable, he decided to make this decision. 

”From henceforth, you ’ll be my Valkyries! ”

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