Paragon of Sin

Chapter 482: Despair

The Holy Son was entirely unbothered by their reactions, the side of his lip lifted in utmost disgust as he sneered. ”I ’ll have you today, tomorrow, and the next until I ’m thoroughly satisfied with your lowly body. Then, I ’ll let you service at least ten thousand of the weakest, pathetic men until you ’re satisfied, if a whore like you can be. ” 

Those words revealed the Holy Son ’s truest colors, completely revealed without his smiling mask and genial words. 

Lian Yu was taken aback, like the rest, not expecting such vulgarities to be spat out by the Holy Son. He had been relatable and gentle, but had become filled with a person of outstanding ugliness within his heart in but a moment. Even she could barely react properly to such a drastic shift. 

Shui Linghe was not a weak individual; she fought her way through many battles and established a tight-knit and tough crew! Her competence and strength was not low, and neither was her temper weak and submissive! Her eyes grew unfathomably cold, like glacial blizzard, after hearing those insulting and demeaning words. He had even insulted her race!

”With respect for your status, I ask you to leave! ” She nearly exploded with hellish fury, her eyes on the verge of erupting with ceaseless rage, but she held herself back after recalling the Holy Son ’s identity. If she blew up, who knew if he ’d send Realmlords or even Timelords after them. She might be strong and had a fiery temper, but she wasn ’t going to forgo all her crew members ’ lives for a satisfying verbal comeback.

The Holy Son ’s deriding sneer remained. ”Truly the lowest piece of living garbage. It is your blessing to get on your knees and serve me. Truly an ignorant sow with just some passable looks, but I guess you sharp-eared creatures aren ’t well-known for your intelligence. No matter, I ’ll be sure to pound some sense deep inside you. ” 

Long Chen ’s anger flared violently. He had never met someone so disgusting before! His rage mounted until it could no longer be suppressed. Holy Son? They were all garbage, just like Wei Wuyin! It made sense. What was so holy about them? They were just cultivators with a little bit more talent and fortune in a specific field of cultivation, no more!

”She said: SCRAM! ” Long Chen ’s eyes suffused with Slaughter and Sword Intent. He was a cultivator who merged his Imperial Sword Astral Soul and Imperial Slaughter Astral Soul into the Imperial War Astral Soul, a unique cultivation base that even Wu Yu praised endlessly! So when his Sword and Slaughter Intent was manifested, a powerfully devastating aura gushed out of him.

He had reached the Spatial Resonance Phase! Furthermore, around his raging aura were nine ripples that echoed out into fixed space, causing his immediate surroundings to tremble! A Nine-Ripple Spatial Resonance! 

But the Sword and Slaughter Intent wasn ’t his only Intent! Within the Imperial War Soul, Battle Intent undulated! As if acting as the cohesive, it tied Sword and Slaughter energies together into a perfectly synced mixture, producing a unique astral force.

”Three Ethereal Intents? A fragment seed of the Law of War? ” Invisibly in the sky, the old man accompanying the Holy Son of Transformative Water was somewhat startled by Long Chen ’s raging aura. This was an outstanding display of talent, a feat unseen by even the most outstanding geniuses of their starfield. This Long Chen piqued his curiosity, but unfortunately…

The Holy Son observed Long Chen ’s bravado and forceful appearance, chuckling in disdain. ”Scram? Absolute fool. ” He spat with a scoff. Did this little boy think that his Nine-Ripple Spatial Resonance or Intents would scare him? Especially with his paltry cultivation base. Truly a fool.

”Ready for battle! ” Shui Linghe realized that this Holy Son wasn ’t going to leave, so she gave a pre-emptive command. The crew was shaken by her command, their reaction a little delayed because of who they were supposed to act against. There was a sense of dread in their chests, a lump of uncertainty and fear.

”He ’s not going to back down! If he acts as he wills, there will be no witnesses left behind! This is our life or death, do not allow fear to overwhelm your courageous hearts! WE FIGHT! WE SURVIVE! ” She used a vast amount of spiritual force to send this message directly to every member of her crew in the swiftest manner possible. They had no time for a pondering delay!

The crew spruced up, their eyes glancing at the Holy Son ’s sneer, and they felt their captain was right. These sixty-three men and women acted with a synchronized effort, getting into position to defend or fight with their lives on the line! Those at the vanguard withdrew their astral weapons. They consisted of swords, sabers, harpoons, and tridents! 

”FIGHT! ” They roared, showing off an indomitably unified stance formed from countless battles, numerous victories, and harsh realities. Those who manned the formations poured their astral force within, readying both offensive and defensive spiritual formations!

From the sides and front of the ship, cannons protruded out and all pointed at the Holy Son unhesitantly and with unerring coordination! 

”Haha, ” the Holy Son found this extremely amusing. He slowly descended, approaching the reinforced shielding of the ship and holding no regard for it. 

Lian Yu bit her lips, her heart racing. If it wasn ’t for Long Chen ’s rising aura and enraged expression, she might have thought about an escape route. But with Long Chen here, be it a Holy Son or a Divinity before her, she felt assured and safe. She readied her astral force. As a water cultivator skilled in healing arts, she ’ll help in whatever way she could!

Furthermore, this so-called Holy Son was truly a little too disgusting!

Long Chen glanced back at her, seeing her determined gaze as she responded with a nod. He felt a warmth suffuse his heart. He turned around and faced the Holy Son. ’From his youthful aura, he ’s not even a century yet, so he should be in the Fourth Stage of the Astral Core Realm at most! I ’ve never feared cultivators at the same level! ’  He renewed his confidence, judging him by an elevated standard as a supremely talented individual of this World Realm, in comparison to the standard of geniuses he ’d seen before.

Unfortunately, he was judging an outsider from beyond on the rubric of an isolated world.

”FIRE! ” Shui Linghe ordered with a fierce expression, her shout was outrageously explosive. Almost immediately, sounds of gathered energy resounded as the cannons lit with runic markings! They took merely a breath before they spat out spherical energy balls! 

These balls were extremely fast!


They crashed into the Holy Son ’s figure, engulfing him in explosive energies and powerful forces that devastated the nearby area. The water depressed from the above force, forming a hundred meter depth! And the sky trembled, those clouds sundered into nothing! 

”Hit! ” A crew member shouted excitedly! Their cannons were renowned for their swift charge speed and swiftness, taking many ships and cultivators by surprise. They had even obliterated a Light Reflection Phase expert once! And that was despite their Primary Light Energies to amplify their usage speed of various astral forces.

The gushing energies left a colorful mist that slowly dissipated with time. 

”…No! ” A crew member exclaimed in horror! 

The Holy Son was standing at his previous location, not having moved a single inch while carrying a ridiculing smile on his face, his eyes condescending to the extreme. ”Isolated trash sealed in a tiny cage. You know not your purpose nor the vastness of the world, yet you sought to harm me? ” He shook his head, revealing a bit of information he shouldn ’t.

A spiritual message warned him, causing him to scoff in an unpleasant manner. He spat, ”Outrageous. ” With that, he decided to not play with his food as he originally intended. Earlier, he hadn ’t even needed to move as the various gravitational forces twisted around him, keeping the explosive force and energies at bay.

He allowed his astral force to circulate vigorously within him, revealing his cultivation base and terrifying aura. The world changed colors, distorted by the various powers he wielded. 

Shui Linghe ’s heart nearly beat out of her chest, despair filled her eyes! ”Gravity Emission Phase! ” She exclaimed with utter disbelief and pure, unadulterated fear! To think that the Holy Son of Transformative Water whose age hadn ’t surpassed a century had reached the Gravity Emission Phase!!

Even Long Chen ’s expression was suffused with indescribable levels of shock, right down to his lips and the light in the depths of his eyes. How was this possible?! How talented must one be to reach this level of cultivation in such a short time?! Even though he felt that he, aged forty, would be able to reach that level of cultivation before a century, he had only done so after receiving the legacy of a Mystic Ascendant, a being that exceeded the Mortal Limits!

But what about this Holy Son? There were no Mystic Ascendants in this sealed world!! HOW DID HIS CULTIVATION REACH SUCH LEVELS?! Long Chen ’s heart raced, his thoughts moved at a thousand miles a minute as he realized that the situation was far, far more grim than he realized. 

He was a cultivator at the Spatial Resonance Phase, but the advantages of the Light Reflection Phase and Gravity Emission Phase eliminated many of his advantages in combat. The swift burst and movement of astral force and suppression of gravitational forces that impacted both the body and spirit wasn ’t something he could easily dismiss, making close combat, his forte, extremely disadvantageous.

If it wasn ’t for this, he wouldn ’t have patiently waited to escape after being captured due to the presence of that Light Reflection Phase expert! 

”Do you realize how pathetic you are now? ” The Holy Son mocked. He hadn ’t even made a move yet but those crew had lost their fighting spirit. If it was an ordinary Gravity Emission Phase expert, they might have some confidence, but he was a Holy Son! They were all outstandingly talented, far stronger than their cultivation phases revealed.

Long Chen ’s expression slowly became determined as he decided something. He looked at Lian Yu ’s pale expression, ”Don ’t worry. ” His words caused her ashen face to regain some color, clearly comforted by his two words. She nodded, choosing to believe in him.

Long Chen turned back to the Holy Son, ”lower the barrier! ” He shouted, causing Shui Linghe to start. But when she saw his confident smile and calm eyes, her mind eased. 

”Lower shields! ” She shouted in command, causing the other crew members to think they were seeking a surrender. This actually comforted a few of them. They acted as she ordered; the shields went down a second later.

The Holy Son was somewhat taken aback. He hadn ’t even made a move yet, but they were surrendering? ”I guess you do have some intelligence. Perhaps keeping you as a pet would be better than leaving you for others. ” His words were arrogantly spoken, filled with a casual demeanor as if his words were law. 

But Long Chen meekly smiled, ”We surrender. You ’re too strong. ” As he said this, he floated upwards and outside the range of the shield. But the Holy Son scoffed, his aura lowering as a result. He looked towards Shui Linghe, then found Lian Yu. When he saw Lian Yu, his body shivered slightly.

”An Aquatic Dragonborn Physique? ” These words weren ’t just said by the Holy Son, but the old man who was hidden. Neither of them felt it necessary to penetrate the shielding with their senses, feeling it beneath them to do so. So when her aura was fully revealed, they were both startled.

At this moment of distraction, Long Chen withdrew a black spiritual orb that flickered with violet lightning on its surface with the size of a baseball. Without hesitation, he threw it at the Holy Son with his strongest might!

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