Paragon of Sin

Chapter 488: Sky Zephyr City

The Light Reflection Phase was the last crucial step towards determining the foundation of one ’s cultivation base. This excluded the always important quantity of Astral Force, quality of innate energies within one ’s fleshy body, and Intent. While the Light Conjuring Astral Tribulation was instantaneous, the resulting consolidation of one ’s astral force was not. 

Outside the True Desolate Temple, Wei Wuyin slowly inhaled, the ambient light energies flowed into his meridians, pores, and mouth, absorbed until they funneled into his Astral Souls. After reaching the Light Reflection Phase, he finally understood the true meaning of ’Primary Light ’. 

In some ways, the Primary Light was the filter within the Astral Soul, absorbing and refining light energies to equate its qualities. These light energies would then integrate with the physical, mental, spiritual, essence, and spatial energies to produce the newly refined astral force.

This newly refined astral force flowed through the body like a blitz of lightning with the most gentlest nature. It made circulating one ’s astral force, deploying the various powers within a cultivator ’s body, extremely fast and smooth. Even he was startled by the speed of circulation of his astral force and all its variations.

If before he needed a few seconds to gather roughly a tenth of his astral force, now he could expel everything in seemingly the same timeframe. Regardless if it is manifesting or shaping astral force, it was far faster than before. Even the rate at which he manipulated ambient mana had accelerated, allowing him to command more in less time.

The Refraction World-Light Elixir ’s effects showed astonishing benefits after reaching the realm. It was two-fold, before and after the phase was reached. The body ’s modification, allowing the quicker absorption of light energies, was extremely useful now. He could refine light energies at a far faster pace, sending them into his Astral Souls to produce refined astral force.

But there was a strange peculiarity that he discovered: his Astral Souls would not absorb ambient light energies themselves. This development caused him much confusion, and he didn ’t know where the problem stemmed from. 

Even their answers were vague.

”Tch, ” King.

”Light! Light! My light! ” Ori.

”I need no external light, ” Kratos.

”… ” Eden.

Besides the last which gave no response, and the first that was essentially the same, he didn ’t know if they were unwilling or their uniquely personalized Primary Light somehow rejected external light. It could be an entirely different reason, but the fact remained: they refused to externalize to absorb light energies.

”With this step, all that ’s left is the Gravity Emission Phase. ” Unlike the first six stages of the Astral Core Realm, the next tribulations weren ’t based on comprehension. They were lethal tribulations that sought to kill all challengers, and victors claimed unimaginable benefits and extraordinary transformations of their Astral Soul. 

He urged a wisp of his newly refined astral force from King, his Divine Saber Soul, and swirled it within his palms. The saber force was radiant, emitting Annihilation Saber Light. The particles it came in contact with were eviscerated, leaving saber scars in the void. 

Frowning, he realized his saber force refined by this Annihilation Saber Light was terrifyingly vicious. He recalled the scenery of that guard at Desertfall City. The man was obliterated into less than dust, layer by layer until nothing was left. It had even sent a chill down his spine. This might be unique to King ’s specific Saber Intent, focusing on total annihilation.

The movement speed of his saber force had been increased as well. From his estimation, roughly ten times its usual speed. He felt a desire to test if the Seven Source Light of Eden affected his concoction, refinement, and thinking speed. But before he could delve into this, his spatial ring glowed with a spiritual light.

When he received the transmission, he ceased his cultivation session at the entrance of the Holy Temple. Using his Celestial Eyes, he approximated the time that had gone by while he consolidated his cultivation base. It had been four days. 

Due to the perpetual sunlight and unmoving Solar Star, there was no night, so Wei Wuyin could only use his internal clock to determine the passing of time. After such a long time, he found himself surrounded by temple members. They gave him a wide berth, being several hundred meters away from him, and they even forcefully redirect all incoming traffic.

As their assignment was to protect the Holy Son, they were extremely diligent in their task. Wei Wuyin knew these were done on the orders of Grand Priestess Si De, so he wasn ’t too bothered. With a soft breath, he stood.

”You ’re all dismissed, ” he said. The guards didn ’t dare to refuse their Holy Son ’s order, immediately expressing their pious and religious foundation with a chanting bow, vanishing as fast as they could. Each guard was a Realmlord.

He lifted his head towards the Solar Star that hung beyond this World Realm ’s sky. ”You ’ve finally made a move. ”

The message from earlier included a detailed report of Lin Ming ’s movements, the Holy Son of Grandgale. ”But what a shocking one, ” he added with a faint smile. 

He originally believed that Lin Ming would move against the two other Holy Children, forced to face them in direct combat, even in war, but he hadn ’t. A systematic elimination of the competition, so to speak. Instead, he had sent invitations to all Holy Children inviting them to a so-called Holy Summit. 

This Holy Summit was pitched as a discussion of the future of the Four Extreme Continent. The Holy Children had gained complete control over the entirety of the Four Extreme Continent, ending the Season of Devils, and prompting a change in the continent.

But Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but chuckle to himself. None of them, not a single Holy Child, had an iota of personal investment in this continent. Two were trial takers and the other two were from outside, merely seeking the divine caches left behind. 

They were essentially thieves. 

There were bound to be various developments at this Holy Summit. The only advantage that Lin Ming had was seizing the initiative. But in some ways, this move wasn ’t bad. If the four Holy Children were to fight, they would have to spend an enormous amount of time gathering forces outside of their respective Holy Temples. To add, amongst the four, he had the advantage if war between forces were launched.

After all, he had three tokens that had control of these lands, with the well cultivated Central Region. He would easily gain the greatest military in the shortest amount of time, and hold the absolute advantage in that regard. In the long run, the others had no chance of gaining an advantage.

While Lin Ming had three outside tokens, these only led to caches, not control of regions. As for the vast resources that Lin Ming could acquire from these caches, so what? That required time to convert into power, and Lin Ming didn ’t have a lot of it. The act of absorbing materials was far, far slower than using alchemical products made from said materials.

With Wei Wuyin ’s strong position, there were only a few options the others could take to defend against him. Firstly, unite. With three tokens, they could match him in authority, exceed him in forces, and use their combined wealth to offer benefits to recruit others. They had three temples of loyal forces, he had one. They had three caches, and they assumed he had none.

Secondly, submit. An option that wouldn ’t matter much to the outsiders, if their pride allowed it, but Lin Ming couldn ’t afford to happen at any cost. If he failed this trial to become the Chosen of the True Element Sect, he would be left with taking the standard avenues within the sect, not gaining a roaring leaping start in the sect. 

Lastly, challenge. While challenge might be the word, the truth was to declare war against each other. After all, these Holy Children had to get within a hundred meters of each other, a distance that was nigh impossible with each having numerous protectors by their side.

Even Wei Wuyin had to use a calculated scheme, the element of surprise, and an ego-measuring stare to bait his first target. The second was the overwhelming manipulation of the entire continent ’s powerhouses, forcing them to submit after several millennia of animosity had grown against them. 

When the Season of Regression came to an end, war was bound to happen. 

While Wei Wuyin felt that this Holy Summit had the makings of an intelligent move, he couldn ’t help but laugh in amusement. Lin Ming was a little too optimistic. There were too many variables that could occur. The only advantage he held was geographical advantage, and that was a stretch. While it was unlikely that any of the Holy Children would approach him themselves, someone who violently claimed a Badge of Divinity, and he shouldn ’t trust them, this wasn ’t an absolute certainty. 

Using common sense, he should avoid this Holy Summit. He was the only other trial taker, entering the territory of the other trial taker was extremely risky. Furthermore, he didn ’t know if Lin Ming had an agreement with an outsider, or planned to act with any sinister schemes. If everything went as one would expect, he should observe and wait.

If this was him before, the one who carefully planned every action, multiple contingencies, and avoided risk, he would ’ve done exactly that.

He sent a message to Grand Priestess Si De: ”Gather our elites. We ’re going to the Holy Summit! ”

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