Paragon of Sin

Chapter 513: Ive Come To Bargain

”You want to use an Evil Method ’s Spell? A self-damaging method to amplify the cultivation of another, and temporarily at that? Just so that he ’d obtain the Chosen title? ” These words were clearly spoken in derisive amusement, clearly deriding Bai Yuxi for her words and actions.

Tang Xingyun didn ’t know what the Engorging Foundation Method was. But she realized the full name was likely the Engorging Foundation Evil Method, a cultivation method that detailed a series of spells and arts that were used by Evil Cultivators. Those termed Evil Cultivators were considered as plunderers of others, taking their lifeforce, innate energies, and cultivation foundation for their own uses, such as cultivation or unique arts and spells.

Bai Yuxi ’s voice lacked any hesitation, ”Yes! ” While it was a hypocritical act to transfer her cultivation base to Lin Ming, considering her own words of scorn and disagreements with how she believed Wei Wuyin obtained his nearing achievement of the Chosen title, she didn ’t care.

Lin Ming hadn ’t chosen to use this method, she did. As for Wei Wuyin, he chose to use those external means, so he was at fault and didn ’t deserve the Chosen title. In her mind, this made sense.

Venerable Spiritwalker no longer allowed the contempt and disdain to leak from her voice, even carrying a trace of graveness. ”Even if you wanted to help him form a Worldly Domain, you can ’t. For a male Spatial Resonance Phase Cultivator to do so, you need three cultivators: one at the Light Reflection Phase, one at the Gravity Emission Phase, and one at the Worldly Domain Phase. And they all need to be untouched, pure virgins. ”

”… ” Bai Yuxi went quiet, lifting her head temporarily as she glanced at Tang Xingyun. 

”What? ” Seeing Bai Yuxi ’s look, she was confused. ”I don ’t even know what this method is, and how will this help Lin Ming? Will it let him reach the Realmlord level in one go? In three hours? ” She was skeptical, but also hesitant. She realized Bai Yuxi wanted something crucial from her, her hard-earned cultivation base. How could she not have reservations?

”No, it won ’t. But the rule states one needs to form a Worldly Domain, not reach the Realm World Phase, am I right? ” Venerable Spiritwalker ’s voice resounded again, filled with a keen understanding of Bai Yuxi ’s intentions. The loophole she mentioned wasn ’t the way to bypass the trial, claiming victory at reaching the Realmlord level, but that only a Worldly Domain was mentioned.

It was a glaring loophole!

Bai Yuxi nodded, ”Yes. The phrasing of it is filled with ignorance of the new age means and methods, like the Engorging Foundation Method. We can temporarily form a False Worldly Domain for Lin Ming using it, allowing me to give him the right to become Chosen. ”

”… ” Tang Xingyun thought for a long moment before asking, ”What about the cultivators used for this evil method? What will happen to them? ” She didn ’t want to give up her life, talent, or cultivation base for an Evil Method. She had her own dreams, goals, and a life as well. If she lost her talent, or her primal yin, forget the former, the latter would certainly lead to her death. As for the former? She would lose her position in the clan, access to rich resources and training grounds like this World Realm.

She might never reach the Mystic Ascendant Realm.

That was something she could never accept.

Bai Yuxi took a deep breath, ”We ’ll all drop one cultivation phase, forced to recuperate with a variety of resources. As long as we do so willingly, not hold back, we can retain our bodily talents, primal yins, and our cultivation can be restored. ”

”So simple? ” Tang Xingyun couldn ’t believe that.

”Of course it ’s not that simple. An Ascended is required to perform the spell. You also need three female cultivators with their Primal Yin intact and their cultivation base varied. Furthermore, they have to be willing to do so, ” Bai Yuxi explained.

”Don ’t forget, their souls will be damaged. ” Venerable Voidwalker mockingly added. Clearly Bai Yuxi wanted to leave out some details, only saying ’bodily talents ’ and avoiding ’future potential ’. While their meridians won ’t suffer, their souls will.

”Soul?! ” Tang Xingyun jumped. The soul was extremely crucial for the Mystic Ascendant Realm. She bit her lower lip, an unwilling light emerged in her eyes. 

Bai Yuxi didn ’t panic, she even smiled. ”If Lin Ming obtains the Elementus Cache, the final reserve left behind, we can easily heal all damages to our souls. In fact, we can obtain benefits from it. ”

”What? How? ” Tang Xingyun skepticism remained healthy.

”The Elementus Cache has ninth-grade alchemical products left behind by the King of Everlore himself. It includes five Enlightening Soul Pulse Elixirs. I ’ve seen them. With those, we ’ll gain more than we lose. Trust me. If you don ’t, ask Venerable Spiritwalker. ” Bai Yuxi smiled, as if fully confident that Venerable Spiritwalker would agree.

And she did before Tang Xingyun could ask. ”If there are five, you ’re right. Still, that boy will have to give it to you. However, if you want my help, the price isn ’t small. ”

They continued to discuss, their exchange leading to an eventual decision. In exchange for eighty percent of the Elementus Cache and a unique mystic-grade material from the Tang Clan ’s Vault, Venerable Spiritwalker agreed to perform the spell.

Bai Yuxi ’s cultivation base was revealed, being at the Seventh Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Realm World Phase, taking the responsibility as one of the virgin girls used for the spell. Tang Xingyun eventually agreed, wanting to take ten percent of the Elementus Cache, including three Enlightening Soul Pulse Elixirs. One for her, and one for her newly ascended attendant at the Gravity Emission Phase.

Bai Yuxi didn ’t have any requests. She just wanted to perform the deed, believing that Lin Ming deserved this title. Not only did Senior Sister Lin have high hopes for him, but she ’d taken a liking to Lin Ming ’s strong personality and fierce will. After she learned that Lin Ming had surrendered due to an illusion, an illusion in which he surrendered to her, she already felt her heart warm to an unimaginable level.

Lin Ming was willing to surrender his chance at being Chosen for her. While it was a despicable illusion, it revealed his truest feelings. And she never imagined a man would ever do anything like that for her, ever. 

The most greatest and dangerous thing in this world was a woman in love, willing to do anything for those she loved.


Due to the unique suppression, Wei Wuyin had to travel by air to the Zephyr Plains. While he could shatter the shackles, unfettered by the worldly restrictions, he didn ’t want to risk spatial shifting in this world. He kept having a bad feeling towards it. 

Perhaps it was towards spatial shifting, or perhaps it was towards arriving too fast, but his instincts told him to take it in a steady pace. So he flew. It wasn ’t the Heavenly Daos. He would ’ve felt that. And there was nothing in regards to the movement of Worldly Trend, so it wasn ’t that.

It was that gnawing feeling he ’d had many times before. As if rushing would ruin his plans. He thought about a few things, considered his intentions and goals, and felt reassured once more. 

He brought out the Octa-Elementus Token, looking at it in his palm. ”Becoming a Chosen might have sent me to a greater world, but it ’s enough to sacrifice it for my goals. There are always avenues to explore, as long as I have life in my body and thoughts in my head. ”

”Chosen? For such a pathetic sect? Who cares! Who needs them! ” Kratos angrily spat, enraged for its own reasons. Wei Wuyin recalled the Auric Sea, those roars of pain and suffering, and didn ’t reply. Kratos ’ emotional response was fully warranted.

”I don ’t like this sect. I don ’t like it at all, at all, at all, ” Ori said. Despite the True Element Sect representing her power base, it still felt it to be unlikable, especially knowing what she knew.

”Even if you wanted to join, we wouldn ’t accept it. ” Eden added with a calm, matter-of-fact tone.

”Tch! ” King clearly agreed. It was as if it said, ”They all deserve my edge and then some. ” 

Wei Wuyin wryly smiled. The prospect of venturing into another sect, beyond this world into a greater boundary, was one of the few available ways for him to overcome his most dangerous obstacle—The Calamities of Hell. To reach his greatest goal—the Realm of Sages.

But they were right. They were absolutely right. He knew in his heart that he could never genuinely join a sect willing to make something like the Auric Sea, to treat any species with such viciousness. 

After thinking about it, there was no longer any hesitation or regret in his heart. This was something he had to do.

It took an hour before his full flight speed made its way back to the Zephyr Plains borders. When he arrived, he felt the raging and vast energy erupting in the distance. It originated from the Sky Zephyr Temple!

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