Paragon of Sin

Chapter 529: The Core Varied Reactions

”Now, we can begin. ” Wei Wuyin stood upright, standing in midair as he lifted his eyes to observe the golden light. 

”Wang Yutian, can you send the Voidship and Da Shan back to the continent? ” Wei Wuyin asked with a low voice. 

Wang Yutian was startled. Was Wei Wuyin planning to truly destroy the World Realm ’s Core? For the dragons? He hesitatingly mentioned, ”If I do, she will share the same fate as the continent ’s inhabitants. The Voidship ’s internal defenses will not protect her. ” 

Was he really going to sacrifice Da Shan? Wang Yutian ’s heart quivered at the thought, but Wei Wuyin never felt emotional and cruel, willing to suffer losses. After all, that beauty was rather energetic earlier, and their, ahem, actions were quite passionate. Losing her would be suffering a loss, right?

”Can you do it? ” Wei Wuyin repeated with an indifferent tone.

Wang Yutian went silent for a brief moment before the Voidship was enveloped in silver light. Da Shan couldn ’t even react before she was sent to the continent. Since Wei Wuyin had entered the Voidship, this meant he owned it already. As for the command spell, Wei Wuyin had long since obtained it the moment he stepped on the ship.

Lin Ming saw the last pillar vanish in an enveloping silver light. A wisp of despair and hatred suffused his eyes, reflected in his bloodshot eyes. He had sacrificed so much, worked so hard to obtain this Elementus Cache! It wasn ’t just the life of that maidservant, but since he was officially pushed into his cultivation journey, becoming a Chosen and obtaining the resources had been his greatest goal!

Now, while he achieved one half of it, the other half was taken away. To add, he had to share the Chosen title with Wei Wuyin! That despicable fellow! He gnashed his teeth, swearing to seek revenge! He was always the type of person to repay kindness ten times over, but repay enmity hundred times in intensity!

Just as he settled in his heart to ensure Wei Wuyin spat out every last thing he stole, a voice floated in his direction. 

”You should leave. I don ’t know if you ’ll be killed as a result of this, and I don ’t know if it ’ll be counted as my fault. ” Wei Wuyin said, sending his spiritual sense to transmit to Lin Ming. 

”…What are you planning to do?! ” He questioned dubiously. He thought Wei Wuyin was afraid of killing him and losing his Chosen title, and that he was planning to do something very dangerous. 

Wei Wuyin shook his head, ”I don ’t know how this works, but I ’m sure me warning you and you refusing is enough to remove fault from my hands. ” With those words, Wei Wuyin was about to begin, but he stopped himself. ”You are refusing to leave, right? ” He sent over another spiritual transmission for verification. While he wasn ’t certain if this could be considered suicide, he instinctively felt that he wouldn ’t be punished if Lin Ming sough death after a clear-cut warning.

This excited him a little. He was fearful of the Heavenly Daos pushing up his Calamities of Hell, but if he could kill without consequence, he wouldn ’t hesitate! Lin Ming was an infuriating individual, he has killed others for far less than sending killing intent his way. There were numerous reasons to rid himself of such a troublesome and blind fool.

But Lin Ming wasn ’t an idiot. He would never give his consent to be a part of a suicidal event. Moreover, he needed to find his allies to restore his spatial ring and recover as quickly as possible. With a clench of his fist, he glared at Wei Wuyin. 

”I ’m leaving, ” Lin Mijng declared. There was no reason to stay, so he grabbed the token and sent a wisp of Elemental Origin Intent into it. Unlike the need to infuse ten minutes to be sent here, to be sent back required just a minor infusion. The reason for the continuous infusion was to establish a strong and stable connection to form a spatial tunnel, but with the tunnel already established, being sent to one ’s original location was easy.

Lin Ming vanished in a gushing beam of golden light, sent back to their original location. This elicited a sigh of disappointment from Wei Wuyin. 

”What are you planning to do? ” Wang Yutian intriguingly asked.

Wei Wuyin faintly smiled, ”Something big. Let ’s just hope my wings are big enough to carry it. ” 


Those words were accompanied by a draconic roar, echoing throughout the world! As the thundering beats of his heart resounded, his body started to undergo vast, magnificent changes! The first and most noticeable change was his eyes, his pupils became vertical slits, the silver-color of his iris momentarily turned grey, but reverted back to radiant silver! The Eye of Immortality kept his Gaze of a Celestial active!

That gorgeous pair of silver dragon eyes were accompanied by pupils that contained an endless space that manifested mysteries of the Void. It was as if all things existed within the depths of its inner darkness. There was an imposing presence within, exuding endless divine might that overlooked the entirety of the world.

From his skin, hexagonal-shaped grey scales with a faint glimmer emerged that overtook every ounce of skin on his body. His hands, feet, neck, torso, thighs, shoulders, and chin were covered in a perfectly symmetrical network of scales. Only his face had thin, nearly indiscernible lines beneath the skin, retaining his complexion and humanity. 

The scales were as flexible as skin itself, yet the durability exceeded the limits of its soft texture. The contours of his muscles grew sharper, his flesh compressed yet he didn ’t seem slimmer. In fact, he seemed to have grown half a size. His nails became black in color, sharp in sharp, and grew by an inch. They glinted with a sharpness that rivaled the sharpest blade. As his scaled fingers moved, it was as if space moved with it. 

Every breath Wei Wuyin released unleashed faint, low rumbling draconic roars. The fixed space shook with light, visible ripples. In his fully draconified state, Wei Wuyin felt the full power of his peak Mortal Myth bloodline imbue his flesh, blood, organs, and physical energies. In this state, he could shatter a small-sized planet with a single thrust of his scaled fist.

「Bloodline: Infinite Void Wings」

As he evoked one of the first bloodline abilities he ’d awakened, his back started to have protrusions seemingly seeking escape. With a flex of his shoulders, as if they weren ’t concealed beneath his skin, a pair of fleshy and scaled wings unfurled! They were reminiscent of a bat wing intermixed with an angelic wing of legend filled with life and power.

Their thickness and their sharp outlines created an interesting sight. They seemed capable of upholding the world yet swift and light! Their sizes reached far, far wider than they had ever before! 

They were each eight-one meters in size! They flapped a full rotation, sending spatial waves like water surging outwards! Their silvery form was gorgeous, especially accompanied by the faint light that emitted from them. If a painter were to observe this sight, they would find motivation for a lifetime.

Wei Wuyin relished in his draconified state, embracing the immense power it granted him. With several more storm-inducing beats of his wings, he floated towards the sky. With his hand, he formed a claw and swiped!

A wave of void force swept across the world as the panels that were embedded in the sky vanished as it did! In less than a second, the hexagonal-filled sky was taken away! With a single swipe, he plundered the entire sky!

What revealed itself was a bright spherical core of golden light that seemed to be tens of thousands of miles away, yet released endless golden light into the Elementus Cache ’s space. Surrounding this sphere was a layer of electrical waves that chaotically surged around it.

Wang Yutian pointed out, his form still not present, ”The World Realm ’s Core protection grid is far too powerful for ordinary means. If you want to destroy it, it ’s your greatest obstacle. ”

Wei Wuyin didn ’t respond. With a flap of his wings, his body seemed to merge with space and time as he vanished, instantly arriving before the spherical orb, halted by the electrical waves defending it. ”Let ’s see how tough you are. ”

With a wave of his hand, he summoned all the pellets stored in his ring! There weren ’t just ten, or a hundred, or even ten thousand, but the entire world was filled with pellets! 

Nearly a million pellets of varying grades were brought out!

Of these million, over a hundred were ninth-grade!!!

Wang Yutian was utterly speechless.


Qing Qiumu was handling the relocation of the elven inhabitants that she had taken from Sky Zephyr City. They were situated in a makeshift village. At first, these individuals were confused and terrified of her, but after realizing that Sky Zephyr City was razed to the ground due to the battle between Holy Son and Temple Members, they were thankful.

She had a bright smile on her face as she instructed some elven children on their cultivation. 




Earth shattering noises shook the world! She lifted her eyes, and what she saw was the sky, the sun, all of it…was cracking at their seams! It was as if the sky was falling! And from those broken pieces, seemingly endless, world-extinguishing power was gushing out!

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