Paragon of Sin

Chapter 533: The Returned

Veins throbbed on Wei Wuyin ’s forehead as he urged the entirety of her strength, holding onto the continent as it flew through the Void. With both limbs entrenched into the Desolate Lands, he slowly flapped his enlarged wings with every strand of effort he could muster. The four thirty-two centimeter-sized Astral Cores were all brightly lit as King, Ori, and Eden funneled their astral force into Kratos.

Fortunately, his physical strength was barely sufficient to carry the continent and every last inhabitant on board, at least in his Draconic Form, and his astral force was so vast that he could cover the entire continent several hundred times with ease. His outstanding foundation found appropriate use and saved the continent from its almost inevitable demise.

It wasn ’t just moving the continent. He had to invest his energies to sustain every living existence after shattering the atmospheric conditions. He even had to emanate light energies from his wings unless everyone was sent into a world of perpetual darkness.

The inhabitants on the continent gawked at the giant scaled cover that blocked their view of the sky. They pointed and discussed as they felt the ample energies flow downwards and engulf them. Among them was Qing Qiumu who held the little curious elven girl on her hip.

”Is that your friend?! ” The girl ’s expression was priceless as her little mouth was wide-open and her eyes were radiant, emitting endless innocence. 

Qing Qiumu was a little aware about the disastrous circumstance that this continent was about to suffer. The sheer destructive power from beyond the fissures were enough to end all life and then some. She had merely been casual with her words earlier, also feeling a little hopeless with no route to escape.

She hadn ’t expected to be protected. But was it Wei Wuyin? Her question was immediately answered as she felt his aura within the energies and astral force that rained down incessantly in copious quantities. Her every breath was suffused with his essence.

With surprise, she glanced at the silvery cover and thought of something. Was that a pair of manifested wings? If so, did Wei Wuyin…

She couldn ’t help but chuckle, recalling Wei Wuyin ’s penchant for making jokes in tense moments, dispelling the doubts and fear in the hearts of others. With a slight shake of her head and a bright smile, she hefted the elven girl on her hip a little closer to her and said: ”Yes. Yes, it is. Awesome, right? ”

The little elven girl nodded, ”Very awesome. ”

Wei Wuyin was unaware of the compliments as he focused his attention to piloting this landmass that spanned nearly a million miles. 

”That was quite a risk. Cutting it a little close, no? ” Wang Yutian ’s will was still imbued within the chandelier, and he commented freely. He was never worried about Wei Wuyin, but seeing him perform such a narrow yet impressive feat such as this left him a little in awe. Wei Wuyin ’s cultivation level shouldn ’t allow him to do such a thing, yet he was achieving it!

Furthermore, he was capable of sustaining it for a lengthy period of time. The concept of destroying a continent wasn ’t hard, but moving it was very, very difficult. It was even more difficult than creating it. The latter just had to find a placement and generate the correct ratio of energies and astral force. 

Wei Wuyin hoarsely scoffed, ”All according to plan. ” 

Wang Yutian ’s laughing voice resounded with a little amusement. In truth, if it wasn ’t for Wei Wuyin ’s ignorance that Spatial Shifting would send him out of the World Realm, he would ’ve had ample time to move the continent. It was this miscalculation that forced that last minute save. 

To think this little guy intended to destroy the World Realm ’s Core and then relocate the continent. Was this his plan from day one? If so, that was a terrifying level of confidence. ”What was your plan if this one didn ’t work? ” He couldn ’t help but ask curiously. Since he observed Wei Wuyin, everything seemed to be calculated.

From robbing an entire city, to obtaining the Holy Child title, to taking out the other Holy Clans, and becoming Chosen. If it wasn ’t for the Ascended that interfered in the end, Wei Wuyin would ’ve had the perfect trial run. To terrifyingly add, he even comprehended Elemental Heart Intent. If he entered the True Element Sect, his future would be outstandingly bright.

Wei Wuyin gave off a wry smile, ”Another plan? ” 

”You didn ’t have one? ” Wang Yutian was surprised. That didn ’t seem like Wei Wuyin.

Wei Wuyin shook his head, urging his wings to change a little in direction. ”I didn ’t just have one, I had many. Its a habit of mine. But besides this one, the rest left everyone I didn ’t know dead. I much rather not even consider it. ” After saying this, Wei Wuyin sent another influx of energy to sustain the living beings on the continent.

Wang Yutian was silent, but he responded with a nod in his heart. The explosion of a World Realm ’s Core was similar to the astronomical event of a Supernova. It would be generous to already be able to save those you knew, not counting the billions of other people.

Wei Wuyin frowned, ”Well, that ’s not entirely true. ”

”Oh? What do you mean? ”

”My plan if this one didn ’t immediately work: If I was willing to risk myself, then I could only meet the fallout with a saber in hand, ” Wei Wuyin explained.

”Try to destroy the destructive energy with a swing of your saber? ” Shocked, Wang Yutian was in faint disbelief.

Wei Wuyin sharply nodded, ”If one swing doesn ’t work, then two. If not two, then I ’ll continue until I bring an end to it. ” 

”… ” Wang Yutian felt the sheer confidence in Wei Wuyin ’s voice. To face a Supernova with a Saber, and confidently was something no mortal would ever even think was possible. Yet this young man was fearless in his words, speaking without a single hesitation. In his many, many years as a cultivator, he ’d rarely seen such willpower from a mortal.

As the few seconds between them was filled with silence, Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes emanated a dazzling brilliance of light. With an exhausted yet excited smile, he exclaimed: ”We ’re here! ”

As that left his lips, his entire body was trembling without end as his wings started to quiver. In moments, they burst into silvery light and vanished. They had returned to their normal size of eighty-one meters, but they quickly entered his back as if too tired to face the world.

Dug into the ground, he felt an overwhelming sense of weakness surge throughout his body. His bloodline source had suffered exhaustion once again, overworking itself to its limits. Fortunately, he had more than enough draconic blood energies to replenish it. But his draconic form receded, his dragon scales and black-colored claws became soft skin and trimmed nails. 

With a series of heavy breathing, he lifted his eyes to see a legitimate Sky Layer above. The continent no longer had a sustainable environment, it was just a landmass, not a flat continental earth with a burning core. This was why Wang Yutian never referred to the continent as one, merely as a landmass.

In a way, it was a nearly million mile piece of rock. This rock was sustained by the World Realm ’s environmental conditions produced by its core and a variety of formations, formations that no longer work without the World Realm ’s Core. 

Therefore, he was left placing it in the only location he was sure could sustain it! Setting it down on a planet with a vast body of water, a body of water that held no islands or living beings outside of fishes and other oceanic lifeforms. 

Planet Wuyu!

Similar to the planet Junia, it was almost entirely wildlife lived, without many cultivators. But it consisted mostly of water, roughly 80% of it. There were only centralized islands and a single large landmass. As long as he carefully placed the continent down, there shouldn ’t be much disturbance to the planet itself. Most of the water-based lifeforms will be displaced, but that was a consequence of saving billions of lives.


The continent landed softly on the body of water of Wuyu, firmly floating there after a brief period of unsettling shakes. Wei Wuyin breathed out loudly after finishing the task. His World Seas were all dry, even overly exhausted, and he kept feeling a wave of weakness. His current state wasn ’t that bad. With some peace and time to recover, he should return to his peak state incredibly quickly.

Pulling out his limbs, he trudged his way forward as he observed the sky, the three Solar Stars that burned brightly in the sky. After almost three years, he had officially returned. With a bright smile, he closed his eyes to bask in the sun. He just wanted to enjoy this moment.

”…Wei Wuyin. ” Wang Yutian called out. 

”… ” Wei Wuyin ignored him. He just wanted to enjoy this moment of success. 

”…Wei Wuyin! ”

Wei Wuyin ’s brows twitched. Can ’t this old ghost read the mood?


”WHAT?!?! ” Wei Wuyin ’s eyes shot open, revealing his bloodshot eyes and tense gaze to the world. 

”This starfield does not have long to exist, you should leave. ”

”…? I know about the freed dragons. I ’ll find some way to deal with it, and I won ’t let those foreign Realmlords, Timelords, and Starlords act freely. I have plans. ” Wei Wuyin tiredly explained. He felt that Wang Yutian was just concerned about this, so he reassured him. But he had nearly three years to think this eventuality through, did this old ghost think he wasn ’t aware of the possible conflicts in the future?

”No. No. Not that. All that is inconsequential. This place is marked for death, and there ’s nothing you can do to stop it. ” Wang Yutian calmly stated, his tone was infused with a serious quality that Wei Wuyin had never heard before.

”What are you talking about? ” Wei Wuyin asked, but an overwhelming sensation of dread infused his mind. He turned his eyes to beyond the Dark Void, the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity, his Eye of Truth observed the Worldly Trend of the starfield. His silver irises and dark pupils constricted to needlepoints!

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