Paragon of Sin

Chapter 542: Steps Unhindered

d the perpetrator of the voice. When he saw the figure, his eyes betrayed his confusion.

”Spatial Resonance Phase? ” He couldn ’t help but say this in his disbelief. He carried heavy suspicions when a burst of power caused the world to twist and turn, he brought his shortsword to his front and slashed! The astral sword unleashed sword force that echoed out strange sounds.

Tui Bihan ’s attack was halted and then was swiftly dissolved by the sound waves produced by the Huang Boqing ’s sword force. Shocked, Tuo Bihan inspected that astral weapon and realized it contained a power and aura that matched Huang Boqing. At the base of its hilt, there was a protrusion that contained a pearl-like object that glimmered with light-blue light.

Huang Boqing noticed Tuo Bihan ’s curious gaze and his eyes brightened. ’Do they not have astral weapons infused with a World Core? ’ As he thought this, he recalled the scene of shock when he pushed Tuo Bihan ’s back, and how his combat style didn ’t have any changes to it. He came to realize that the cultivation civilization these individuals belonged to might be inferior in terms of forging or at least they took a different path.

And that was true. The Four Extreme Continent was pressed by the Season of Devils and its massacres so they devised any method to increase their strength and seal up the gaps in their defenses. This was why they had no entrances. Furthermore, the fallen Realmlords or dying ones were desperate in using their powers to ensure the safety of their descendants, so they allowed themselves to be forged into weapons.

There were strict restrictions, however. It can only be used by a cultivator with the same Spirit of Cultivation as the cultivator used in the forging process. Furthermore, only those who ’ve formed Worldly Domains can connect with its power. So it could only bolster Realmlords or above! Still, it was as if you were using the powers of two Realmlords!

It also had weaknesses, and the most obvious and glaring was consumption of astral force!

Huang Boqing had actually lightly paled after a single usage of the astral sword with a World Core. However, he didn ’t just stand there stupidly after. He glanced at Long Chen and was displeased that he was tricked into giving up his hostages by this little brat. With a palm, he sent out a burst of astral force towards Long Chen.

It was like a raging storm as the ground was uplifted and the wind spiraled into a vicious gale. 

Tuo Bihan was about to act to save Long Chen, but Huang Boqing expected this and sent a spiritual spell that impacted the mind. Tuo Bihan had to hurriedly defend, using his astral ward to guard himself. There was endless frustration between his brows.

It was his unfamiliarity with Realmlords battles that he was suffering despite having a better cultivation base. He couldn ’t exert his full strength like Huang Boqing, who fought against the Season of Devils dozens of times in his long lifetime. 

If it wasn ’t for Huang Boqing ’s caution, using that strange sword and all his powers from the beginning, he might actually suffer severe injuries or even die. This brought a wisp of terror in his heart! 

Long Chen kept walking despite the raging astral force tearing through the world with the intent to devastate him. The unassuming black ring nestled comfortably between Wu Baozhai ’s breasts glowed faintly. It seemed like Wu Yu might be forced to act.

However, Long Chen was fearless, not because of Wu Yu ’s presence, but towards his own strength! The astral force arrived in front of him extremely swiftly, and he casually lifted his sword that glinted with a sharp light. With a smirk, he lightly waved his sword as if parrying the fearsome attack!


Like a lit candle facing a strong gust of wind, the astral force vanished! 

Long Chen ’s steps remained unhindered.

Tuo Bihan and Huang Boqing reeled from the sight. A Spatial Resonance Phase cultivator had dissipated a Realmlord ’s attack with a wave?


But unlike them and everyone else who was filled with shock, Wu Yu and Wu Baozhai simultaneously exclaimed with complex and mixed emotions: ”Imperial Heaven ’s 1st Grand Transformation! ”

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