Paragon of Sin

Chapter 546: The Belief In Ones Heart

nd in the air, and as if triggered by some strange power, every Myriad Monarch Sect member, even the Prime Imperial Sages roared:


Wu Baozhai lifted her hand higher, ”WHO AM I?! ” 


Then she lifted that hand to the highest limits in the air, and without even needing to be prompted, everyone roared louder than ever before, backed by their astral force that shook the world, dispersing the faint clouds that were slowly reforming!


Wu Baozhai lowered her hand as she leveled a stare at Long Chen who was gobsmacked by it all. 

They all had respect in their eyes. Not because she was Wei Wuyin ’s woman, or that she was a member of the Ascendants, but because she earned it via fighting for the sect, for being a part of a lineage that she belonged to. After all, she was Wu Yu ’s legitimate descendant!

Wei Wuyin ’s nodded in his heart. He wanted to forge a Grand Monarch, a true one that wasn ’t like Long Chen, but someone who could garner the respect and true authority of the sect. It seemed his choice was correct. It was even cute when he saw Xue Yifei join in with the shouting. Despite her status, she showed the needed respect at this crucial moment.

Maybe she was dissatisfied with Long Chen ’s words, but the fact remained that she did so wholeheartedly. He wasn ’t aware of how Wu Baozhai valiantly fought for the sect, claiming continental flat earths and portions of planets against the forces of the Elemental Heaven Pavilion and Demonic Abyss Mountain. She made her name resound with her swift, decisive, and intelligent commands. 

Tuo Bihan had even joined in. 

Long Chen was just lost for a moment. His pupils trembled as he looked towards Wu Baozhai, his gaze moving towards Wu Yu. He slowly said, ”This can ’t be true. Why? WHY?! ” His tone started off soft but became explosive near the end. 

Wu Yu sighed within the ring. Long Chen ’s mental state was already grinded away by the presence of Wei Wuyin. He kept seeing him as an enemy, but when had Wei Wuyin ever acted against him? At most, Wei Wuyin had saved Long Chen from committing the crime of killing a member of his sect in the Grand Spirit Trials, before the witnesses of billions.

Furthermore, that was handled brilliantly as Huang Jinwei was openly punished in the most terrible manner, reinforcing his crime in the eyes of others. After all, he had killed a member of his sect and deserved to be punished with the approval of the sect, not just killed. Wei Wuyin had gotten the unanimous approval to do so, and the sect learned a valuable lesson.

But Long Chen almost became a criminal for his impulsive action to demand Huangfu Jinwei ’s public execution.

In the end, when he had to rely on his power, losing his pride as an expert that handled his own issues, Long Chen no longer fit the qualification of Grand Prince. The figure should be respected and feared, but no one considered him as such. Because at every opportunity, he went against Wei Wuyin, the man everyone revered.

Yet in the end, he asked for Wei Wuyin ’s help that led to him losing important people. 

Truly unworthy of the Grand Monarch Lineage.

’Did I make the wrong choice that day? Was I just too desperate? ’ These thoughts echoed in Wu Yu ’s mind everyday, but such words were never present when he thought about Wu Baozhai. A strong existence that embodied the essence of a Grand Monarch with her own flavor, being smarter than the others. She didn ’t just use her fist, but her brains!

There was a wisp of pride in his heart to have such an outstanding descendant.

Long Chen, however, saw Wu Yu ’s silence as an admission of guilt. And it was. His entire mind was trembling at this discovery. Abruptly, he snarled out: ”You ’re just my woman! What gives you the RIGHT to challenge ME?! ” Those eyes of his became even more bloodshot as killing intent raged!

Wu Baozhai, Lin Ziyan, Qing Qiumu, Hong Ru, Xiao Bing, Long Tingyu, and Na Xinyi!

”FUCK YOU ALL! EVERY LAST ONE OF YOUR DESPICABLE, TRAITOROUS BITCHES!! ” His deepest emotions spewed out as his Imperial Heaven Aura erupted, causing raging winds and turbulent energies to violently swirl! 

With booming huffs, he stared at Wu Baozhai with a venomous glare. ”Without me, you would all be trash in the gutter! Nothing more than pretty faces to be ravaged! Without me, none of you are worth a fucking thing! ” The thoughts in his heart that had been kept and brewed after continuous betrayals erupted forth without reservations! 

Wu Baozhai ’s eyes were insanely cold at the moment, ”Even with you, there wasn ’t a difference. And that ’s the issue, isn ’t it? ” 

Qing Qiumu shot out, ”LONG CHEN! ” Her words were filled with concern and a tinge of anger. Anyone could see Long Chen had reached his breaking point. This Grand Prince that briefly dazzled the world was descending into madness!

When Long Chen saw Qing Qiumu, a memory triggered in his mind: Outside an Inn, she was smiling and laughing while she walked the streets. With a brightly lit pair of intrigued eyes, she walked side by side with a tall, outrageously handsome man that would later plague his entire life, taking everything from him!

He ignored Qing Qiumu, turning to Wei Wuyin. The glint in his eyes was as dangerous as a World Realm ’s Core detonation! ”THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! ”

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