Paragon of Sin

Chapter 547: Truth of the Past

ead him and bring his head to her. After that, their relationship evolved and she tagged along with him on their adventures on the continent.

Then, Wei Wuyin vanished.

According to rumor, he had a cultivation treasure that was desired by numerous experts, both inside and outside of his sect, so most assumed he succumbed to a sinister scheme, that his body was ash or buried in some unmarked land. This was also their assumption.

Na Xinyi even left to investigate, to ensure he was dead. She discovered that Wei Wuyin left roughly around the same time as a strange phenomenon took place. A giant wall of air seemingly devastated hundreds of miles of land and lives, killing quite a few individuals in the process. It was speculated by the experts that Wei Wuyin had met his end there, as his direction was in that area.

With his death almost entirely confirmed, she had gotten drunk and laughed at the strangeness of this, even considering it divine retribution for the deaths of her sect members. 

Long Chen felt assured that Na Xinyi would only ever trust him, no other man, so he already considered her his wife. While the Myriad Yore Continent had marital rules that heralded a virgin ’s status, no one knew of Na Xinyi ’s past and she had a unique physique. Even if he brought her to his old grandfather, he wouldn ’t be disappointed and give him their blessing.

Yet a few words from a cultivator that should ’ve been long dead had disrupted his entire relationship. The hilarious fact was that they laughed at Wei Wuyin together for even suggesting such a thing. And then the truth about Alchemists was revealed, the status of a Sky Noble, and grandness of the starfield, and those laughs vanished, replaced by absent looks. 

When he caught her staring out the window, looking at Extreme Creation Mountain ’s Sky Layer, obviously thinking about Wei Wuyin in his Sky Palace, he should ’ve known. He should ’ve reacted.

It didn ’t stop there either. 

The comparison of him and Wei Wuyin kept growing within their group. Qing Qiumu ’s relationship with him grew stronger, especially after he intervened to save her life. Wu Baozhai and Lin Ziyan would often question how Wei Wuyin achieved his status. While Long Tingyu, that innocent little girl, kept speaking about how he would surpass Wei Wuyin, becoming a Heavenly King.

Wei Wuyin kept being discussed. He was in everyone ’s mouth!

Wei Wuyin killed an Earthly Elite while in the Qi Condensation Realm!

Wei Wuyin became a Heavenly King!

Wei Wuyin formed a faction!

Wei Wuyin…

Wei Wuyin…!


It just never stopped. All the while his accolades would often be compared to Wei Wuyin. They were at the same cultivation level, arrived at the same time to the sect, yet their statuses and influence were vastly apart! 

But even through all that, Long Chen still had confidence in himself. He had his women that were outrageous beauties that held deep feelings for him, and the Grand Monarch Lineage, or so he thought. All of them left.

”All of them left… ” Long Chen ’s outstretched arm and finger lowered alongside his head as his thoughts reached this point. Na Xinyi chose Wei Wuyin. Lin Ziyan left him. Wu Baozhai left him. Long Tingyu was disgusted by him. Lian Yu…

Even Lian Yu.

Long Chen ’s bloodshot eyes receded. His aura calmed and his head lifted to meet Wei Wuyin ’s. He took a deep breath, and exhaled out all of the turbid air from his lungs. His entire demeanor and disposition changed, completely unlike the maddened man from earlier. 

”Do you know what her last words were? ” Long Chen directed his words at Wei Wuyin. He was vague, so he didn ’t expect anyone to answer. 

But Wei Wuyin was aware, he indifferently responded: ”That she loved me. ” 

”…! ” Long Chen ’s eyes widened in disbelief, completely shaking his mental focus at this moment. He stuttered and muttered out a few incoherent words, as if thinking of something, he stared at Wei Wuyin with a strange, dangerous pair of eyes. ”Yo-you were there?! ” 

Thinking about Lian Yu ’s death, his entire body trembled slightly. Was Wei Wuyin there?!

Wei Wuyin shook his head, ”I wasn ’t. If I was, if she was as important to me as she was to you, I never would ’ve let her die before I did. ” 

”… ” Long Chen ’s trembling body froze. 

Wu Baozhai and Qing Qiumu were confused, as well as the other members of the sect. They glanced at each other, clearly unsure about what was happening.

Wei Wuyin unhurriedly continued, ”But that ’s irrelevant now. What ’s important is the truth: Her last words might ’ve been that she loved me in your eyes, but that ’s not what happened. I left a trace of my aura in her to save her from the Auric Sea. When she was dying, it triggered and she felt my aura at the last moment. You should understand what she meant to say as her last words. ” 

”…?! ” Long Chen was taken aback. He recalled Lian Yu ’s struggle to escape that strange pulling force of the Auric Sea. It was indeed Wei Wuyin who saved her after they touched. If so, was it because Lian Yu was surprised about Wei Wuyin ’s aura?! 

A dense surge of happiness rippled through his eyes. If this was true, then her last words were what he wanted most! She loved him! SHE LOVED HIM! Not Wei Wuyin! This…this was amazing! In the end, she didn ’t leave him.

A wisp of light birthed in his heart, settling his thoughts a little. It had even concealed the fact that Lian Yu was dead. 

But if he knew the truth of Lian Yu ’s last thoughts, that she had called out Wei Wuyin ’s name because she believed that he could save her from death, that his name had given her hope, that it had prioritized her desire to give him those last words, perhaps he might descend into more madness. Because Lian Yu, at death ’s door, had considered him inferior. So inferior that she grasped hope in another man while he laid pathetically at her side, watching her heart be ripped from her chest.

”There ’s something else I wish to explain. The truth, ” Wei Wuyin said.

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