Paragon of Sin

Chapter 568: Left Behind

’s handwritten letters in each ring, be sure that they each are aware of them before you leave. Understood? ” Wei Wuyin said his last words of instructions.

”… ” Tuo Bihan sharply nodded, but the heavy feeling in his heart increased. ”Your Majesty… ” 

”No need for an emotional show; I ’m not dying or vanishing. ” Wei Wuyin chuckled heartily, feeling quite relaxed after leaving this task to Tuo Bihan. While he rather gave it to Su Mei, her absence on the continent left him with Tuo Bihan, a similarly reliable individual. Furthermore, Tuo Bihan was old, yet Su Mei might gain opportunities in this new starfield. He didn ’t wish to waste that karmic surge, not even a bit.

”Very soon, that colorful net in the Dark Void will send you far away. Be sure to find the Ascendants. While they can thrive alone, be sure they don ’t forget their origins. When I or others come calling, they better respond. Once an Ascendant, always an Ascendant. ” Wei Wuyin ’s voice leaked a little bit of emotion, but there was no fear or grief. It was clear that this was brought about by his own choice, and it wasn ’t one filled with regret.

”…Why aren ’t you coming with? ” Tuo Bihan couldn ’t help but ask. He still didn ’t understand the situation, but from what he could gather, the starfield and everyone was being prepped for transportation to this Aeternal Sky Starfield. And Wei Wuyin…he wasn ’t coming…

Wei Wuyin looked at the sky, his silver eyes brightened with a glint of power. When Tuo Bihan saw his eyes, it was as if he could peer into the secrets of the world and observe things far beyond his understanding. Recalling the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity, his heartbeat raced.

He never knew if Wei Wuyin successfully cultivated it or not, but finding out that he had left him emotional. 

Wei Wuyin didn ’t answer. There was no need. But in his heart, a single sentence was said: ’It ’s coming for me. ’

This was the feeling he had felt, and it coincided with the timeline he constructed. Perhaps his Eye of Truth increased in power after his ascension to the Soul Idol Phase, allowing him to view and understand more, but pairing the fact that his glimpse of the starfield ’s demise was directly after his advancement and so was Wen Mingna ’s vision happened after, then the Tiangou, this Star-Devourer, was coming here for him, honed onto him.

How could he leave? Wouldn ’t the Aeternal Sky Starfield be in danger as well? What about Bai Lin? What about his home? There were too many reasons why he couldn ’t leave.

The Heavenly Daos found it difficult to peer into his existence, being fooled by his Bloodline of Sin, and the world trend was very difficult to gather direct information from, so they couldn ’t determine the culprit, but he was almost certain of his theory.

”Wei Wuyin! ” A voice resounded from below the city walls, causing Wei Wuyin to look beyond Tuo Bihan to spot the beautifully enchanting Qing Qiumu. Her emerald eyes gleamed with joy as she ran towards him.

Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but once again realize that Qing Qiumu was a world-toppling, breathtaking beauty that could define an era with her looks alone. With a warm and large smile, he waved at her with energy. Before her, he was just Wei Wuyin, not that devastatingly reputable Ascendant Emperor.




Without warning, the World-Shifting Net brightened and shot down trillions of pillars of lights from every direction. With unfathomable speeds, they descended and engulfed every single figure of every single living human, demon, and elf in the starfield—Wei Wuyin included.

However, Wei Wuyin released his draconic aura, unleashing a faint roar, and the pillar instantly dissipated around him, as if correcting in accordance to predetermined and set parameters—no beasts allowed. Everyone was shocked by this turn of events, including Tuo Bihan who tightly clutched the box with both hands. 

”We ’ll definitely meet again. Be sure to take care of yourself, ” Wei Wuyin smilingly said. 

Unfortunately, Tuo Bihan couldn ’t hear Wei Wuyin or see him, his vision and hearing was sealed off by the aurora-like pillar of light. He stared at Wei Wuyin ’s previous location with intense, quivering emotions. 




The pillars were all sucked into the net. The net flashed with bright, blinding silver light, and then vanished from the sky as if it was never there. 

And the Neo-Dawn Starfield went quiet.

Only a single man remained.

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