Paragon of Sin

Chapter 581: Thinking Ahead

When Su Mei moved her eyes to the voice in question, she couldn ’t help but be surprised. Standing at a height of five-feet and five-inches, with a petite figure, and perfectly imperfect freckles that highlighted her facial presence with a gentle, girl-next-door feeling. 

While she lacked a world-defying countenance, only having above-average looks for a human female, there was an air about her that set her apart from the rest. However, in a sea of apex beauties, most of which had alluring curves, unique features, and voluptuously mouth-watering figures that could make men lose their minds in their wistful dreams, she had gone almost entirely unnoticed. 

Her previously short-cut, sleek brown hair was now orange-red and wildly curly, giving her a faintly fierce and fiesty appearance. At first glance, one would want to know more. No, one had to. 

Su Mei ’s eyes were instantly attracted to the screen before this young girl, finding that there were two names: Mei Yang and Wei Wuyin. She had an odd expression on her face, breaking her normally stoic and calm expression. 

The others were quite curious at Su Mei ’s reaction. What could shatter her barrier of serenity? They glanced at the pretty girl that wadded her way through the crowd of beauty, looking at Su Mei. 

Behind her was a gorgeous woman dressed in a floral patterned cheongsam with shirt sleeves, tightly wrapping her delicate figure. She carried an always present smile that contained a hint of mischievousness. Those eyes of her seemed to allude that it contained the secrets of heavenly delight, but in truth, a glimmer of hell flickered within.

These two were Mei Mei and Mei Yang. 

Besides Su Mei, no one present was aware of who these two were. However, Qing Qiumu, Wu Baozhai, Na Xinyi, and Lin Ziyan delved into their memories after finding Mei Yang familiar. 

”Aren ’t you?! ” It was Wu Baozhai who remembered first. ”You ’re that girl from the Myriad Yore Continent. The one Wei Wuyin was about to kil-fight…Long Chen for. ” Wu Baozhai had stuttered briefly after remembering Long Chen ’s death, his decapitated head that left his body, flashing with eyes of lifelessness. 

Those words, however, triggered Qing Qiumu, Na Xinyi, and Lin Ziyan ’s memories. They remembered that incident. Long Chen wanted to kill Wu Chen, the Scarlet Solaris Sect ’s Young Master, but Wei Wuyin interfered. It was the first and only time they had seen Wei Wuyin angry.

The rest glanced at Mei Mei, drawing her an outstanding amount of attention. When Da Shan saw that dainty figure that lacked any heft from behind or above, she pouted. Thinking how Wei Wuyin acted in bed, she was skeptical if this girl could even be his type. 

She wasn ’t the only one doubtful. They all glanced at each other, and not a single one of them lacked a heavenly endowed front and back, enough for entire handfuls. Besides Su Mei, who they were all aware wasn ’t Wei Wuyin ’s lover, they couldn ’t help but have doubts. 

Su Mei quickly calmed herself, restoring her serene expression. After Wei Wuyin ’s disappearance that lasted for a decade, Su Mei had gotten closer to Mei Mei. She was one of the last living links to Wei Wuyin at the time, so she held onto it. They had even become friends. 

However, it wasn ’t the time to catch up or ask questions. After a brief nod acknowledging Mei Mei, she calmly reminded: ”We have three options. I ’ll lay out the logistics that these choices will entail. The first choice, to enter on a new planet. It ’ll be perfect for those who wish to maintain the status quo and stay with the sect. ”

Wu Baozhai chimed in at the end, ”I ’ll be choosing this method, alongside all the Myriad Yore Continent members. ”

This shocked a few of them, but Tuo Bihan gave her a solid nod. There was a hint of respect.

Su Mei glanced at Wu Baozhai for a moment and continued, ”Doing so will mean entering an environment with little to no cultivation resources. However, this doesn ’t mean you ’ll be unable to procure resources from other sources or develop your own. This choice is beneficial to those who want to remain with the sect, their clans, or families in a united manner. After all, we have no idea how violent the civilization of this starfield is or how competitive its environments are. 

”And I ’ll be frank, not one of you are ordinary individuals, be it cultivators or women. Most of you are talented beauties that will undoubtedly draw attention, desire, and calamities. Unlike in the Myriad Monarch Sect or our starfield, the reputation of the sect or Wei Wuyin will not be able to protect you. We are not the rulers of this starfield and he isn ’t here. Perhaps when he arrives, this will change, no, this will certainly change, but until then: we ’re by ourselves.

”If you feel fear of being raped or taken advantage of or even enslaved and killed, then the first option is best for you. ” Su Mei explained, her tone calm yet her words caused their hearts to tremble violently.

Wu Baozhai added, working as a unified team with Su Mei, ”But it ’s not absolutely guaranteed. Foreign forces could arrive on the continent, curious tourists to explore and meet the new arrivals, and these people might be elite cultivators that might eclipse our understanding, and our situations might not be any better. So keep that in mind. ”

Su Mei nodded in approval. There were no certainties to either option. Furthermore, Wei Wuyin ’s resources left for the Valkyrie and Ascendants had already run dry. If they decide to take this option, the chances of making rapid advancements in their cultivation will be dependent on natural talent and ambient essence and energies.

Na Xinyi felt tense. She had a unique Yin Physique that most would love to use for personal gain, ignoring her well-being, and with Wei Wuyin ’s help, she hadn ’t just regained her physique, but elevated it by a single level, reaching the Four-Point Yin Physique. With four Primal Yins of utmost richness, the benefits for cultivators, either to their foundation or their cultivation base, was unimaginable. This was even more so after she reached the Third Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Soul Idol Phase.

With every advancement, her Primal Yins were rising in quality and quantity of Yin Energies. If anyone were to be targeted amongst the group, it would likely be her. This was how it was with Long Chen. Will it remain the same now? She didn ’t believe there would be someone like Wei Wuyin that wouldn ’t use her until she was useless, and burn her corpse or keep her as a plaything.

Na Xinyi ’s right hand violently quivered at the thought as a debilitating fear gripped her heart. But a soft, warm hand wrapped around it, and she saw Qing Qiumu with a comforting smile to her side. Qing Qiumu whispered a few words into her ear, and she felt instant relief.

Qing Qiumu had merely mentioned Wei Wuyin, and how he ’d never allow her to suffer that sort of harm, even if he wasn ’t present. This was because he wasn ’t like Long Chen, and he always thought ahead, something that she admired and felt attracted to. While Da Shan was right about being independent and possessing a sense of individuality, it was still good to be aware that your chosen lover was capable of holding the sky.

”The second option is clear yet I can ’t say much about it. I don ’t know anything about the society or state of its civilization regarding this starfield. Furthermore, the face mentioned three Domains, so these ’Domains ’ might be territories of different forces like the Myriad Monarch Astral Territory. We might be able to choose, we might not. We might be separated by planets. If you choose this method, you ’re on your own. ” Su Mei ’s words resonated with everyone. The one with the most uncertainty was the second option.

”The third is the option I ’ll be choosing. While I ’m a part of the Myriad Monarch Sect, I ’m a cultivator first. I wish to explore this new environment, learn more and develop myself without pause. Joining one of these forces, even if they aren ’t the leader of the starfield, will ensure a certain degree of safety and cultivation environment. It might be extremely competitive, and I could even suffer a fate worse than I ’ve mentioned, but I ’m willing to take that risk as a cultivator. ” After saying her piece, Su Mei glanced at everyone, especially Wu Baozhai.

Tuo Bihan had no objections in regards to their words. While the Myriad Monarch Sect was now in the hands of Wu Baozhai, it could almost be said to have been dismantled entirely. Without any foundation to speak of, there was little they could do. Their previous supremacy had ended, brief yet memorable. Furthermore, the best type of resources were unable to be kept in storage rings, and due to this environment, they couldn ’t take anything out of their storage vaults.

Everything was gone.

Unlike the Four Extreme Continent, the Imperial Dawn Starfield used mostly storage rings, establishing vaults in secured locations with a spatial formation that acted as a gate between the two. It wasn ’t a spatial ring that contained its own independent space. With the sudden shift of their persons and subsequent destruction of the starfield, they had no more wealth, resources, or environments to nurture cultivators.

Wu Baozhai reminded, ”Even if we separate, even if you decide to join other sects or organizations, remember one thing: You are and will forever be a part of the Ascendants. If one day you forget this, Wei Wuyin won ’t have to kill you—I will. ” Her voice was downright cold, oozing a murderous aura from within.

”… ” Everyone once again went silent. 

However, a figure wrapped in void black that went unnoticed by the vast majority, seemingly being a shadow in a world of brightness, was quietly watching. When he heard this, he subtly nodded as if adding: ”So will I. ” 

’It seems I need to give them the rings prior to exiting this space. I just hope this is the right decision. ’ After deciding this, he waited for them to make their choices. If they separated, either staying on a planet, being dropped off in the three Domains,or entering a unique force, he might never see them again. These rings shouldn ’t just have resources, but means to protect them.

Wu Baozhai didn ’t need to stay, so she used her spiritual sense and discovered that the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s group of millions were nearby. While they were small, the others were extremely large. She left the group.

Tuo Bihan glanced at the others, and then followed Wu Baozhai. He decided to give her the ring first, and only because he saw Wu Yu ’s ring still hanging from her neck. There was a spatial ring for Wu Yu as well, and if he had to guess, this might be the most important one for the immediate future.

”Grand Princess Wu, wait! ”

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