Paragon of Sin

Chapter 584: Letters Left Behind The Others

They soon found an isolated area, pushing away a large portion of the Myriad Monarch Sect members nearby. With sufficient space, and despite being observed by everyone from a distance, Tuo Bihan faced Su Mei.

Despite her outwardly serene demeanor, Su Mei was undoubtedly the most concerned about Wei Wuyin ’s status. Her heart carried anxiety not knowing where he was or if he was facing some unspeakable challenge or avoiding some dangerous enemy. 

Tuo Bihan reminded Su Mei of the message, taking out the silver box and pulling out a spatial ring with her name etched on its surface. ”Your hand, ” he said. Su Mei complied with his request without question. When the spiritual light seal integrated into her hand, she heard his message.


”You ’re probably a little anxious right now, but you don ’t be. I chose to stay, and it was mostly for Bai Lin. When she finishes her Nirvanic Transformation, I ’ll be making my way to wherever you are. I ’m sure Bai Lin misses you, so be ready for some scorching hugs. 

”…I do have a mission for you. A mission that you have to complete, no matter what! Especially while I ’m absent. ”

There was a pause. Su Mei ’s heart instantly relaxed after hearing those words. Recalling that little crane that followed Wei Wuyin everywhere as a Core Disciple of the Scarlet Solaris Sect. She was there when Wei Wuyin picked Bai Lin up from the beast ranch, when she was no more than a little crane colt with an attitude. 

That day had changed her life, as it was the same day Wei Wuyin broke her out of her cage, giving her a new lease on life without asking for much in return, just loyalty and competency. 

She had almost forgotten about Bai Lin ’s transformation into a phoenix, realizing that Wei Wuyin would never leave the starfield without her. Even if it was destroyed and devastated, even if gods and devils besieged the entire world, he wouldn ’t leave. 

This was why her heart relaxed. Furthermore, that first word instilled the reminder that he hadn ’t forgotten her choice that day, to follow him no matter what. It was a reminder that he hadn ’t abandoned her, and that she was simply off to perform a mission just like all the other times she acted for him. 

”The mission is simple: Live for yourself. Until I return, that ’s your only mission. You ’re to act freely, do you understand me? FREELY! Even if you were to join another force or faction, you ’re to act according to your desires. You don ’t have to consider me, the Ascendants, or anyone else unless you truly want to. ” Wei Wuyin ’s words shook Su Mei ’s heart like a thunderous rumble.

A feeling of endlessly intense emotions flooded her heart for some reason, and her eyes grew misty. Those pure black eyes of her actually became clouded with a surge of varied thoughts. In truth, she was thinking that Wei Wuyin would ask her to temporarily lead the Ascendants in his absence, but instead, he wanted her to act as she wanted. 

She hadn ’t planned to act freely. She felt tethered and responsible for everyone.

Su Mei had lied to everyone earlier. She merely wanted them to join an established force to better grant them protection, and she knew someone had to take that first step to push the others to see that it was perfectly fine to do so. If she hadn ’t, it was highly unlikely the others would desire to do so either for fear of displeasing Wei Wuyin somehow.

Her intentions were to take the second option, and protect the others from behind the scene as best as possible, ensuring nothing happened to any of Wei Wuyin ’s lovers or the Myriad Monarch Sect, to protect Wei Wuyin ’s interests with her life if needed. 

But that didn ’t mean she didn ’t feel the same way as Da Shan, that she didn ’t have the heart of a cultivator, and wanted to pursue the limits of her talent, strength, and intelligence in a competitive environment. Her life ’s greatest, most hidden desire, even from Wei Wuyin, was to walk down the path of cultivation beside him and not as a burden or a tool.

And she thought Wei Wuyin didn ’t know about her own competitive nature, or her goal, but this only revealed that nothing was hidden from him. Even her thought process to sacrifice herself was considered, seen completely through, as if naked and exposed. Yet she didn ’t feel uncomfortable, but exceedingly joyous. 

”Within this ring contains resources and materials suitable for your cultivation. Your natural talent has always been impeccable, so I might have overshot your needs, but you ’ll grow into it. Oh! Lastly, don ’t break through to the Mystic Ascendant Realm until I return. Don ’t forget that. ” 

Su Mei nodded after receiving that last bit. 

Tuo Bihan saw the spiritual light enter the ring, and moved on to the next person.

Na Xinyi.


Na Xinyi had replaced Su Mei in her standing position. She wore an interested expression as she glanced at Tuo Bihan. She wondered what the message from Wei Wuyin would be about. Unlike Xue Yifei, her engagement with Wei Wuyin wasn ’t officially recognized by others. While she had said she would agree, shortly after, she fell into a coma due to the Dark Chill of the Void and Long Chen ’s malicious intentions.

When she fully recovered, Wei Wuyin had already left for the Gateway Door that led to a World Realm. She was unable to get his verbal confirmation, so many of his women were unwilling to accept her status until he did, such as Da Shan, Xue Yifei, and Su Mei. Moreover, her relationship with Long Chen was a black blot on her record.

While they never consummated their relationship, she had tagged along with Long Chen for the better part of her Myriad Monarch Sect days in an open fashion. She didn ’t know how to respond to their words.

Yet now, just when she thought she could meet Wei Wuyin, he wasn ’t here as they were all being hauled into a new starfield. 

Tuo Bihan knew a little about Na Xinyi ’s situation and the marriage agreement with Wei Wuyin. His first thoughts when she learned of her Yin Physique and the details of the story, was that Wei Wuyin was an utter saint and Na Xinyi had heaven-defying luck. Very, very, very, no, absolutely no male cultivator would freely allow Na Xinyi to live or exist with autonomy after discovering her physique.

Cultivation is difficult, and this belief extends to every phase, every stage, and every realm. 

Wei Wuyin did not seem to have a merciful heart, causing the downfalls of families, factions, and entire forces simply as a way to further his own goals, yet he spared a woman with a Yin Physique despite being far stronger and in the right to do whatever he wanted.

But seeing how she looked, how outstandingly beautiful she was, he could faintly believe it. Of course, he was also aware that her Yin Physique couldn ’t have been fully awakened prior. If it was, there was no way Wei Wuyin would ’ve had the opportunity to enjoy any benefits from her. Her corpse or ravaged body might have already been rotting in an unnamed location somewhere. 

Seeing Tuo Bihan ’s gaze, familiar feelings rekindled in Na Xinyi ’s heart. Anyone who knew of the situation always looked at her the same way, as if her being alive was absolutely fascinating to them, a world-defying phenomenon. When she recalled her intense hatred for and desire to kill Wei Wuyin, even causing Long Chen to form enmity with him, she always felt as if she was the definition of naive. 

”Hold out your hand, ” he said. 

Na Xinyi acted as he wanted. Before long, she too received Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual letter.

”Long Chen ’s dead. ”

Were the first three words said, and Na Xinyi felt her heart shake without end. A full ten seconds of silence followed that seemed to stretch infinitely. It was only when Wei Wuyin ’s voice continued that she felt her existence regain itself.

”I killed him; I wanted you to know from me. But it wasn ’t because of you, not entirely. It was an unavoidable fate, even if you didn ’t exist, that one of us would die by the other ’s hand. Don ’t feel guilty or at fault. I ensured his death was quick. 

”Now, for my real message: I ’m aware of your decision to accept my proposal. Since you kept your end of the bargain, I ’ll keep mine. I will, with everything, take you as my wife and support you through the trials of heaven and earth, ensuring your happiness and dreams. Those were the words I said that day, and I ’ll never forget them. 

”But support does not mean fighting them for you, so you must strive to be independent, because no wife of mine will be a decoration on my belt. Do you understand? I hope you do, and with my gauge on your wants, I ’m sure you want nothing more. 

”Within this ring is the means of support. Use it the best you can, make a name for yourself. When people speak of you, you should be the main subject, not the tag along title. I ’ll be arriving wherever you are one day, and then I ’ll officiate my status as your husband. Until then… ”

Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual letter ended there.

Na Xinyi stood there, her fists clenched tightly. 

Tuo Bihan saw her emotional state, but wasn ’t certain what provoked it.

However, Na Xinyi stayed there quivering and shaking for a full three minutes before her grey-eyes released streams of tears. These weren ’t tears of anger, or grief, but relief. The relief that Wei Wuyin didn ’t want her to be a foil to his existence, a part she had played almost her entire life, it was as if she existed for other people.

Whether it was for her sect in the Myriad Monarch Sect, her yin physique, or Long Chen, she was always seen as a foil and never as an independent entity. It was as if the heavens wanted her to be a tool for others. Yet Wei Wuyin never treated her, even in the beginning, according to conventional beliefs. To add, the way he phrased that last sentence, that he ’ll officiate his status as ’her husband ’ sent waves down her spine!

As for Long Chen ’s death? A heavy rock was lifted from her heart, and she was released from any lingering emotions, which mostly consisted of hate and disgust after learning he hadn ’t acted to protect her despite their friendship.

”Thank you… ” Na Xinyi softly spoke to the ring, as if Wei Wuyin could hear it. When she wiped off her tears, a steeled resolve settled within her eyes.

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