Paragon of Sin

Chapter 585: Recruit First Test

Tuo Bihan soon went through the list, delivering the rings to their destined recipients. He no longer felt that his decision was incorrect, and from the previous reactions of Su Mei and Na Xinyi, it seemed he had made the perfect decision. Perhaps Wei Wuyin predicted that they would be gathered together in one location, not split apart.

Perhaps Wei Wuyin expected there would be overarching surveillance, so he left this strange silver box that was a storage device with a strange dimensional space within that seemed to cause no fluctuation when withdrawn. Perhaps the rings couldn ’t even be seen through without a special means, hence the spiritual seals.

The more Tuo Bihan considered these things, the more astonished he was of Wei Wuyin ’s means and foresight. Almost always, he found out that the more he learned about Wei Wuyin, the more incredible things were revealed. What other secrets did the little boss hold?

Da Shan was next in line. The demonic giantess of astonishing beauty stood before Tuo Bihan with a respectful manner. Unlike the others, she had been a member of the Myriad Monarch Sect for years, and even worshipped the Grand Imperial Sages before Wei Wuyin ’s arrival. Tuo Bihan ’s existence as one of the strongest humans in the entire starfield, an Emperor Alchemist, and Purist was renown.

When he became a Realmlord, it only elevated her respect towards this legendary figure. After all, Tuo Bihan had a reputation that dated back to the conflict between the four hegemonic sects. He was no insignificant figure. Even though she was the cherished lover of Wei Wuyin, it didn ’t give her endless arrogance and lose her sense of propriety.

”Grand Sage Tuo, ” she bowed and greeted. 

Tuo Bihan gently smiled, ”Give me your hand. ” 

Da Shan performed the same as Su Mei and Na Xinyi, expecting the spiritual light that contained Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual letter. 

”Ah! It ’s a little unfortunate that I ’m not here to give this to you personally. I ’m certain it ’d have been more enjoyable, for the both of us. But we ’ll have to settle with this, and not a week ’s session. How unfortunate. ”

Da Shan instantly blushed at Wei Wuyin ’s teasing. There was an inside joke regarding a ’week ’s session ’. When they first met, she said that she could stand there for a week and Wei Wuyin ’s useless human strength couldn ’t move her. 

She got moved instantly.

Then, she blew up in embarrassment and challenged him to a fight, her battle intent invigorated. After her defeat, she challenged him again in a week ’s time. After a week, she lost even worse. With each passing week, she lost.

Then, in a passionate fight, they exchanged high-speed blows in close proximity and they suddenly kissed. One thing led to another, with the continuous fights and close contact, they indulged in each other ’s bodies. She had tapped out in a dozen or so minutes, having never experienced it before. 

Once again in embarrassment, she said that she ’ll one day last an entire week, draining him dry and dominating him. Yet still, she was never able to last despite her outstanding strength, enhanced stamina, and durable body. Since then, she always tried yet never succeeded. So his intent was clear with those words. 

It wasn ’t her fault though. How can a human have something like that?! Even with her demonic physique, she was always so deeply ravaged until she was left completely breathless! It was like electricity jolting out pleasure with each moment. It simply wasn ’t fair.

”I ’ll be back soon for us to try again, until then, I ’ve left a few resources and materials for you to cultivate and fight to your heart ’s content. Don ’t suck them all up in one day, alright? ”

Wei Wuyin kept teasing her, and she blushed even more. Unlike normal, her blush was a mixture of light violet and pink, giving her an enchanting image. Tuo Bihan was shocked at her reaction, but he didn ’t say anything, merely coughing after the spiritual light ran its course.

Da Shan broke out of her thoughts, bowing in thanks before leaving, not even inspecting the ring. She was too focused on memories of the past. Da Shan swore she ’ll claim dominance one day.


Xiang Ling was next. Similar to Da Shan, she fiercely blushed, but her eyes revealed earnest joy. The fact that Wei Wuyin hadn ’t forgotten her, hadn ’t abandoned her, after seizing what he wanted from her body had already instigated unmovable feelings.

To add, there was even a part regarding Long Tingyu. She had always considered Long Tingyu like her adopted daughter, so being provided resources for her gave her feelings like they were both parents raising a child, and Wei Wuyin was the dutiful father that ensured his family wouldn ’t go hungry.

Her heart couldn ’t help but pound, and thoughts of bearing his child kept appearing in her thoughts. How grand would that be?


Wen Mingna was a strange one to Tuo Bihan. She seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, with almost no connection to Wei Wuyin outside of being from the same continent. Yet she was here, and gave him a very unfathomable yet comfortable feeling.

When she received the letter, Wen Mingna ’s expression was incredibly serious, far unlike the others. It seemed she was given a grave assignment or at least a message to consider. She said a light thanks before walking off, her mind clearly focused on something else.


Lin Ziyan arrived with excitement and anticipation, but when she read her message, her expression slowly sunk until there was an ominous air about her. It gave Tuo Bihan the feeling that whatever Wei Wuyin told her left her disappointed, not mad, but also fearful. 

Before long, a resolve, similar to that within Na Xinyi ’s eyes, flashed within Lin Ziyan ocean-blue eyes, but the source of it seemed to be slightly different. She murmured the words: ”Sacred Elven Queen.. ” And moved away, not even saying thanks. Her thoughts were thoroughly occupied.

Within the letter, Wei Wuyin had said one sentence that brought Lin Ziyan to a serious state: ”The Sacred Eleven Queen might be there. ” It was enough to change her thoughts, not erasing her joy and excitement, but allowing her to refocus her desires and goals.

Firstly, she had to ensure her clan wasn ’t discovered and subjected to more experimentation. Secondly, she had to hide the fact that Wei Wuyin might be the key to unlocking their bloodline or that Wei Wuyin had four Astral Souls, independent and functioning. Lastly, she needed to gain strength and perform proper planning so that one day, she could get revenge!


Xiao Bing and Hong Ru arrived together, and they were given one ring that required both of them to touch the ring to gain the message. When it was finished, the two glanced at each other with odd emotions, Hong Ru heavily blushed, but Xiao Bing was fully excited by the prospect. Those normally chilly eyes actually revealed excitement!


”He left something for me? ” Qin Rui, the former Extreme Origin Mountain ’s Grand Imperial Sage, was still reeling a little from the revelation despite seeing the others return with varied expressions. 

Tuo Bihan warmly smiled and nodded. If there was an individual that was closest to him in this world, it would be Qin Rui. While she was stubborn, headstrong, and fierce sometimes, she was kind, gentle, and considerate as well. 

”Hand, ” he said.

Qin Rui gave out her hand, still feeling like this didn ’t make sense. After the Auric Sea, she directly acted against Wei Wuyin. Even that Mei Mei person that seemed to have a history with Wei Wuyin wasn ’t included. She felt bitter about her decision before, and knew that it severed her chance at advancing in her cultivation.

She was old, nearly seven hundred years old, and her foundation was more or less settled without heaven-defying, talent-redefining alchemical products, materials, or methods. Her talent was severely lacking, and she had a 100% chance of dying in the Realm World Astral Tribulation.

While she knew her chances were slim, after learning the minimum requirements from Tuo Bihan, she knew that there was utterly no chance. She failed in almost every category. From Soul Idol Rings to Intent, there was nothing she could do.

All her pride forged in her youth had been completely shattered. She had written Wei Wuyin ’s name in hopes of trying her hand out at earning his forgiveness, or joining his faction, but seeing the outstandingly beautiful women present, even Na Xinyi who ’s yin aura exceeded her own, she didn ’t know what she could offer or do. 

Yet he left her a ring, specifically left her one!

When she received the spiritual light, shockingly, the letter didn ’t enter her mind, but shot into Tuo Bihan ’s. Startled, she looked at him as his aged expression changed with various emotions.

Then, he faintly sighed in elation with a bright smile. 

”He said that hasn ’t forgotten the fierceness of your pride, and he won ’t ever be able to, ” Tuo Bihan ’s words were said with some joy.

”… ” Qin Rui went silent. Her heart shivered as she understood. With a light nod, she took the ring and said, ”I understand. ” She walked off, but on her face was an astonishingly beautiful smile and a pip in her step. 

Others might think Wei Wuyin meant he held her previous actions accountable, but he was praising her, quite clearly in fact, and told her his true thoughts through the mouthpiece of Tuo Bihan. She hadn ’t noticed, but the rollercoaster of emotions, the observing Wei Wuyin ’s rise, and all current feelings had already marked her heart with Wei Wuyin ’s image. 

Tuo Bihan couldn ’t help but find Wei Wuyin ’s ways mysterious. This young woman ’s heart who had a past that left her unopened to relationships had been pried open with a few actions and a few words. While those like Ji Changkong had tried for centuries in failure. 

He lightly shook his head. Was this tactics of advanced courting? 

When everyone was now given their ring, he quietly said: ”Shadow. ”

A man cloaked in void black stepped into his vision, thoroughly giving him a horrendous fright. He paled as he hadn ’t even sensed his presence or noticed his existence. What type of person was this? It was as if he was a shadow, easily ignored!

Ying held out his hand that was covered in black bandages that seemed to have speckles of dark crimson, almost like drops of blood, on the palm side.

Tuo Bihan took out the ring and gave it to him, performing the spell. After the message, Ying soundlessly walked off into the crowd and seemingly vanished. No one even noticed he was there…

”Is he an assassin? What type of people do you have working for you, little boss? ”

With that, there were only seven rings left.

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