Paragon of Sin

Chapter 595: Sixteen Greatest Forces

rtal Sovereign Alchemist, you NEED to have an Alchemic Astral Soul. That or a ’true ’ Mystic Ascendant Realm cultivation. ”

Lin Ming ’s eyes lit. ”Are there Mortal Sovereign Alchemists in the Aeternal Sky Starfield? ” The King of Everlore had been the only one in the history of the Everlore Starfield to have reached that level. He defined eras for thousands of years! 

Lin Xianxei ’s expression became solemn, and she nodded heavily, wistfully gazing at the Mystic Radiance Belt. ”There are. Thirty-four, in fact. ”


”That ’s… ” Lin Ming couldn ’t help but feel like there was something strange with Lin Xianxei ’s answer. Instead of provoking awe, it provoked curiosity. Why so many? How so many? The sheer unbelievable aspect of it caused him to not have any extreme reaction. 

”However, don ’t get your expectations high or fall into delusions of acquiring their help on your path of cultivation without tremendous fortune. Mortal Sovereign Alchemists are highly regarded figures, and insufferably arrogant. The title ’Mortal Sovereign ’ fits them perfectly. All thirty-four Mortal Sovereign Alchemists belong to one of the sixteen greatest established forces. They all have a minimum of one, with the Everlore Association having a total of twelve. ”

”The Eight Noble Clans, Three World Sects, Two Golden Pavilions, and Two Mystic Associations? ” Lin Ming asked.

Lin Xianxei looked surprised by Lin Ming ’s knowledge of the subject. She could only attribute it to Bai Yuxi. ”The eight Noble Clans consist of the Tang Clan, Ming Clan, He Clan, Liu Clan, Chen Clan, Bing Clan, Yu Clan, and Jian Clan. They each are like rulers of their own dynasties, controlling planets, numerous World Realms, and hundreds of billions of lifeforms.

”The Three World Sects are our very own True Element Sect, the tyrannical Boundless Martial Sect, and the incredibly elusive Void Voyage Sect. In truth, the Void Voyage Sect doesn ’t own any planets or space in our Aeternal Sky Starfield, but they have World Realms embedded in the folds of space. World Realms that are said to be constantly moving about everywhere. But the fact they ’re considered a World Sect should be a strong indicator of their reputation and strength.

”The Two Golden Pavilions are the Golden Life Pavilion, the most business oriented force, and the most widespread. They have bases and dealings in almost every domain with most forces, excluding the Imperial Sky Domain and Nine Worlds Domain, which belong to the Imperial Clan and Golden Gate Pavilion respectively.

”As for the Golden Gate Pavilion, they are extremely mysterious, but they focus on information gathering, establishing rankings, and organizing events, but dabble in goods. They ’re one of the most feared forces, simply because their intelligence network is utterly terrifying. The Imperial Clan, at one point, even wanted to remove them after they released a Ranking List that detailed information about their secretly cultivated geniuses. They failed, of course. ”

Lin Ming mused. Nine Worlds Domain? Reminded him of something, yet he couldn ’t quite recall. 

”Lastly, the two Mystic Associations. They are the renowned Everlore Association and the Godforge Association! The former needs no explanation, and the latter specializes in the Dao of Forging. They create nearly 90% of all Mystic-level tools in the starfield. Such as Bai Yuxi ’s veil… ”

While Lin Ming was aware of this information thanks to Tang Xingyun, he frowned slightly.

However, Lin Xianxei abruptly jolted upright without warning!

Lin Ming started, taking a step back. ”What ’s wrong? ”

Lin Xianxei brightly smiled and her sudden movements caused her proud and ample twin peaks to bounce, and if it wasn ’t for her current disguise, perhaps the entire Solar Star would pale in comparison to this alluring sight. ”I know how we can find where beasts and beastmen were taken! ”

After saying that with boisterous excitement, she took the helm of the ship and activated its movement formations. With a steady shift, it started to fly through the Dark Void.

Lin Ming ’s heart continuously shook. Wherever the beasts went, it likely indicated where Wei Wuyin was! If they could find Wei Wuyin, wouldn ’t they solve all these pesky issues?! After all, he had the Elementus Cache! 

As they moved, following closely behind them was the large-sized Voidship with ’Spiritwalker ’ on its hull.

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