Paragon of Sin

Chapter 606: Eclipsing Conventions

In response to Ma Sujiang ’s question, Wu Yu ’s  thoughts were rapidly firing on all cylinders at multiple angles, yet he was still baffled by the question. 

How did she, the Assistant Manager of Golden Life Pavilion ’s Third Branch know about Wei Wuyin and how she guessed that he was sent by him? He realized there was a gap in his knowledge, but he didn ’t dare show it.

Despite his heartbeat accelerating, his outward expression and aura was unfathomably serene. It was as if the question was an expected one, rather than as if he was ignorant or entirely unbothered. As a former Monarch of trillions at one point, his ability of emotional control was impeccable.

He gave her a brief glance, a knowing glance that could be inferred in many ways. And Ma Sujiang kept her protective distance, only staring at him as if on-guard. They soon touched the outermost Sky Layer of Immortal Yin, bypassing the ring of grey mist. 

When they made one last thrusting descent, they pierced into the atmosphere of the world with ease. They were all cultivators that had either grasped the means of Mortal Limits or exceeded it, so entering the planet ’s atmosphere wasn ’t an issue. 

Jun Baiyin was slightly nervous, but with an Ascended from the Golden Life Pavilion acting as protection, she was comforted to a certain extent. She just didn ’t wish for a battle to unfold on the planet. Beings of their level could manifest planets with some effort, but utterly devastate them with even less effort. 

”Venerable, my Dark Yin Palace might be lacking in some ways, but when tending to guests, if we boast that we ’re number two, no other Gold-tier force would dare claim number one. Please, follow me. ”

Jun Baiyin finally spoke after they passed the last Sky Layer, entering the rich essence-filled environment. Wu Yu was internally startled by the sheer quality of this planet. He had only visited two planets in this starfield, New Everlore and a planet neighboring it called Tuscan. He had grasped the Realmlord from this nearby planet, gathered information, and made his way to Immortal Yin after learning of its characteristics and general location.

Shockingly, it was considered a paradise for men due to the rumored outrageous number of beauties, so even someone at the edge of the starfield was aware of them, if only by rumor. 

However, Jun Baiyin ’s words did little to attract Wu Yu ’s attention. If it wasn ’t Wei Wuyin ’s order, he might be a little tempted, but that Mortal Sovereign Alchemist at sub-fifty years with a cunning edge was not someone he wished to disappoint. He had set priorities. 

Number One: Find Na Xinyi. 

He never liked the concept of female-centric forces. They were often two things, farmhouses and treasure stores for the powerful men, or conniving constructs for espionage or illicit things of that nature. After all, regardless of what some refused to believe, women were outstanding spies and assassins. 

But also for other things. Cultivation was obscenely difficult yet the untouched Primal Yin of a female cultivator can not only contain the cultivation secrets that were extremely difficult to pass along to others but pure yin energies that can be actively cultivated to increase one ’s bodily strength, foundation, or certain cultivation methods. 

That being said, it did go both ways. The age old saying of the Everlore Starfield: ”To rise, one can ride the lap of a dragon, ” was not said without meaning. A woman could similarly extract these things from men, and more effectively as well, because a man was not a single time burst, but a continuous surge. 

His priority was to ensure that Na Xinyi, a gorgeous woman with a Yin Physique, wasn ’t abused if this location was a farmhouse or treasure store for men. 

Just as he was about to sweep his spiritual sense throughout the world without reservation, Ma Sujiang sent him a message that caused him to turn and face her, his eyes sharply narrowed. 

”If you ’re looking for his fiancé, you can rest assured. She ’s safe. ” Ma Sujiang ’s words were very telling, but more startling than anything.

Wu Yu glanced at Jun Baiyin,  with a casual wave of his hand, he ordered: ”Leave us. ” His tone was authoritative like a grand monarch of a great nation, sending off a servant. Clearly, he didn ’t give Jin Baiyin any face.

And her slightly twisted expression revealed her feelings, yet she was still gorgeous with it. Anger simmered in her blue eyes, threatening to become a vocal entity, as she clenched her delicate fingers into a fist. This was her planet, her sect ’s headquarters, and she was being dismissed? All her polite intentions rejected? When had she ever been treated like this? By a man, no less!

Ma Sujiang sent her a message, ”Leave for now. Don ’t lose your life over a moment of anger. ” Reminding her that she was simply not Wu Yu ’s match. As a Mystic Star Phase cultivator, Jun Baiyin wasn ’t even considered a true Ascended by the majority of the cultivation society of the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. There was a reason for this, and she didn ’t want Jun Baiyin to be reminded of it today. 

Jun Baiyin might be angry, but she wasn ’t ignorant of the difference. With a steady inhale and exhale, she replaced her expression with an enchanting smile, as if seeking to accommodate your every desire, and said: ”If you need anything, Venerable. ”

After that, she twisted her figure to reveal her outstanding, drool-inducing curves and vanished. When she left, Wu Yu turned his attention to Ma Sujiang.

Ma Sujiang lifted her palm and clenched, the air rippled slightly around them. This was a Mystic Spell, a Spiritual Spell intermixed with Mystic Intent, and could conceal their presence and conversation. Not just from curious observers, but those who have extraordinary sight.

Wu Yu noted this, inspecting the invisible ripples and noted how even the ambient mana was frozen still. ”A defense against Seers? ” He commented curiously. 

”Not just them, but Oracles as well. You don ’t seem to have innate protections set-up against them, so I ’ve helped. ” Ma Sujiang answered, slowly lifting her sleeves to reveal a silver three-inch tattoo on her right forearm that surged internally with sky-blue, auroric light. It was in the shape of a mystic character, a language that only those who ’ve Ascended can read.

Wu Yu stared at it for a moment. After a while, he pulled his right arm ’s sleeve, and clenched his right hand into a fist. A thrumming sound echoed out and his arm lit with multicolored light. A three-inch tattoo appeared. It wasn ’t silver, but white, and inside it were multicolored stars that moved about in an animated fashion.

Ma Sujiang stared at the tattoo silently, but her eyes were rippling with intense waves of emotions. It was clear that Wu Yu ’s actions had caused her heart to experience unfathomable levels of shock.

”Is this enough? ” Wu Yu asked. The tattoo of his gave off an oppressive air, yet its aura was very similar to Ma Sujiang ’s. 

Ma Sujiang took a while to react to his question, nodding briskly in reply, and removing the Mystic Spell that covered them, replaced by a standard sound-isolation spiritual spell. 

Wu Yu didn ’t speak, because his questions were apparent. He simply waited for Ma Sujiang to organize her thoughts. 

She began, ”You were sent by Wei Wuyin, and you ’re here to protect his fiancé, correct? ” 

Wu Yu didn ’t deny it, directly nodding. 

”It seems the prevailing theory about him having a unique background was correct. To send an Ascended at your level for a mere mortal woman, outstanding. ” Ma Sujiang commented, giving Wu Yu a visual once-over. No matter how she saw it, Wu Yu ’s body was incredible. It was remarkably similar to Mystic Ascendants at the Third Stage, the Demi-Mortal Lord Realm. It was as if his Mystic Intent was half-way integrated into his flesh and blood. 

He didn ’t even hide this fact. If there was a stage between second and third, Wu Yu would perfectly fit that stage.

Wu Yu was internally intrigued by Ma Sujiang ’s words. He was aware that his current body, reborn by the Ever-Rebirth Pill, had made him feel stronger than he was a few thousand years ago, but he wasn ’t certain about the difference or effects of the Ever-Rebirth Pill. After all, he was banking on Long Chen to rebuild his body. The Ever-Rebirth Pill was just a far-off hope at the time.

The Ever-Rebirth Pill functioned in a way where a cultivator ’s last recorded physical state by their Natal Soul, Astral Soul, or Mystic Soul was used as the basis for their resurrection. And since Wu Yu lost his physical body during his attempt to enter the Third Stage, the Demi-Mortal Lord Phase, where cultivators infused their Mystic Intent into their entire physical form, he was essentially reborn in that peculiar state.

The peak-quality Ever-Rebirth Pill was absolutely heaven-defying. Not only did it complete the entire resurrection process that usually had specifically stringent requirements, but it simultaneously stabilized Wu Yu in his most optimal state. After all, this physical state should ’ve degraded until he firmly went back to the Second Stage to match his cultivation base. A normal low-quality Ever-Rebirth Pill would ’ve done exactly that.

Ma Sujiang was far more experienced with the Demi-Mortal Lord Phase, so she noticed this irregular development instantly. She didn ’t think an ordinary Mortal Sovereign Alchemist could complete this, and she would be right. The Ever-Rebirth Pill was almost a pseudo-Mystic Pill, and unless one was absolutely outstanding as a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, concocting a peak-quality Ever-Rebirth Pill was a dream for all except Saint Alchemists.

Unfortunately, Wu Yu couldn ’t directly ask why she made her comment. He remained silent, calmly observing her, as he kept the outward visage of being aware of this ’unique ’ background and waiting for her to finish her amazement. 

Ma Sujiang sighed in her heart, envying Wu Yu ’s body, but she continued nevertheless: ”Our Golden Life Pavilion has not brought any harm to the beasts or his concubine. They are, in fact, being treated well. ” Ma Sujiang wanted Wu Yu to firmly understand and relay to Wei Wuyin that they didn ’t have any ill-intentions. Also, noting that they were aware of his concubine ’s presence. She didn ’t know how Wei Wuyin received the letter, and didn ’t want the Golden Life Pavilion to offend an unknown force when they acted with good intentions.

Wu Yu now understood that this Golden Life Pavilion was the one that acted against all those with beast bloodlines, taking them away prior to the starfield ’s mass evacuation. Furthermore, they had done their research on Wei Wuyin. Not many knew about Na Xinyi ’s status as his fiancé, but if one looked into it, they would find rumors about the agreement he made on the Myriad Yore Continent, but nothing concrete.

It wasn ’t concealed, but it wasn ’t out there. Only a few could confirm it.

”Why are you here? ” Wu Yu asked, his tone a little tough.

Ma Sujiang wryly smiled, clearly Wu Yu ’s orders must be explicit to protect her at all cost and from everyone—even them. ”For the same reason as you: to ensure that Na Xinyi ’s treatment is fair and protected. We have no desire for our starfield to be implicated because of the Dark Yin Palace ’s shady practices. You have no need to fear, we ’ve given her an adequate background that ’ll be respected. ”

But Wu Yu gave a thin smile, clearly her words weren ’t enough to placate his worries. But this made him feel vigilant, because it was all but confirmed that the Dark Yin Palace had shady dealings. This was why he disliked female-centric forces to begin with.

Ma Sujiang added: ”Of course, you can set-up your own protections. But I don ’t think your job is to overtly protect her. If so, you could ’ve just demanded her and taken her away, no? Or even more directly breached the planet and snatched her. But rest assured, with her currently established identity, Exalted Purewhite will exclude her from any dealings yet not give her any special treatment. ”

Wu Yu lowered his smile. These people have proven themselves to be extremely intelligent, and made a lot of preemptive moves to establish good relations. They suited being in business. 

”You wished for my Young Lord to be in your debt? ” He said ’Young Lord ’ to lay credence to their assumptions. While in a way, he was fine with being the subordinate of a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist. Despite being a Grand Monarch, that proud title was inconsequential to reaching higher limits in one ’s cultivation. 

Ma Sujiang faintly smiled, ”In our debt? No. We wouldn ’t dare. Just to understand our stance and ability, nothing more. ”

Wu Yu frowned slightly, finally understanding a little of what Ma Sujiang and the Golden Life Pavilion wanted. They were quite ingenious, but just as he was about to further question their intent, Ma Sujiang ’s expression flickered. She glanced at the direction Jun Baiyin left in.

Wu Yu also felt something, looking in that direction as well. A fluctuation similar to the creation of an entire world was erupting from that direction!

The two vanished.

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