Paragon of Sin

Chapter 610: San Yongli

”Well, this will be interesting, ” Exalted Yu commented. He wasn ’t actually present, using an incarnation art to manifest himself here, but his spiritual senses reached his true body. Avidly aware of everything occurring, he felt excited at what would unfold. 

This was especially after noticing the arrival of that oppressive figure. While he wore a hood that concealed his facial expressions, his attire spoke volumes. The nine-colored design with perfect proportions and symmetry was accompanied by a large, white embroidered character at his heart. 

It said: Guardian. 

There was only one individual in the entire Elementus Domain, in the entire True Element Sect, allowed to wear that character, to wear that design. The Guardian of the Elements, Han Yahui! 

Even Exalted Yu felt an unfathomable pressure just observing this figure! And he wasn ’t even really here. Feeling his real body quiver slightly, he decided to just act as an observer for now. 

The Tang Clan that seemed to be moving domineeringly forward halted instantly after that figure appeared, clearly the screeching of space relieved their urgency. This figure was someone even the Tang Clan was cautious of! 

Lin Xianxei ’s bit her lower lip in stress, her beating heart was unable to calm down. She expected this to occur, but she couldn ’t fathom the end result. She feared for Lin Ming, yet if Lin Ming didn ’t come with her, he would have certainly been branded as a fugitive, and his identity as a Chosen wouldn ’t protect him. He absolutely couldn ’t forgo that identity! 

Just Venerable Spiritwalker wasn ’t a figure Lin Min could face, let alone the Tang Clan or the Guardian of Elements, Han Yuhei! 

Han Yuhei ’s eyes glinted from beneath the hood. His spiritually overwhelming eyes focused on Lin Xianxei ’s body for a long moment, instigating a minute long silence, before he moved slightly. Lin Xianxei nearly jumped out of her skin when Han Yuhei appeared beside her. She hadn ’t even sensed the slightest hint of his arrival. It was as if a deadly tsunami appeared out of nowhere, yet all she could do was be frozen in fear.

Lin Ming tightly clenched his fists. Who was this guy? Why was Lin Xianxei so terrified? 

Han Yuhei ’s steps were completely soundless, as if floating. He reached out and took Bai Yuxi from Lin Xianxei ’s arms. As he did, his oppressive presence dwindled into a gentle gust. The soft body of Bai Yuxi was taken, and Lin Xianxei offered no resistance. 

Han Yuhei carried her softly in his arms in a bridal carry, her neck nestled between his shoulder and neck. Bai Yuxi ’s pale complexion instantly grew healthier, rosy and flushed with blood. Even her soft, pitiable breathing grew strong. She moved on her own, getting closer to Han Yuhei ’s body.

Han Yuhei ’s features were still hidden, but his gaze lifted, turning towards Lin Ming. 

At that moment, Lin Ming felt his entire body descend into the depths of an unknown world. All his secrets, all his thoughts, and even his emotions and past was as if it was completely seen through by that gaze. Exposed, he didn ’t back down. He felt as if his entire soul was being searched, stripped completely bare.

His grey eyes radiated a fiercely retaliatory light, utterly fearless. With a throat-filled roar, Lin Ming ’s astral force erupted in fury! He was not one to bow before anyone, to be examined freely, to be humiliated in such a manner! He had his own pride!

Yet shortly after his eruption, a strange force abolished his powers and he felt himself floating from the deck. In that moment, all of the things he relied on to be strong were seemingly gone. For that moment, he felt like a mortal without a single bit of cultivation.

He felt powerless.

Completely and utterly powerless. 


He fell down on one knee without knowing, his eyes widened with unthinkable levels of shock! 

Han Yuhei didn ’t speak to Lin Ming. He merely moved his gaze away towards Lin Xianxei. Her entire body stilled as well, but she clearly didn ’t feel the same probing oppression as Lin Ming. 

”Where ’s the other? ” Han Yuhei spoke out, his voice was forceful, filled with boundless pride, and unwavering power. There was a charm of absolute authority within, forcing most to feel compelled to answer truthfully. Lin Xianxei felt her legs become jelly. 

This was what she dreaded. She had to use a full minute to regather herself, replying respectfully, her head slightly bowed: ”The Second Chosen, Wei Wuyin, was absent from the World-Shifting Net. According to the Golden Gate Pavilion ’s Grand Seer, he ’s not in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. ”

Han Yuhei ’s eyes momentarily flickered, the light emitting from it still disguised his features. After a long moment, he asked: ”She lost portions of her cultivation, damaged her soul. Willingly? ” While he didn ’t look towards Lin Ming, there was a dark, fatal grip that seized his heart. A single thought, and Lin Ming knew that his death was certain.

He had never felt such fear before! Was this an Ascended?! Was this Lord Guardian a normal Ascended?!

Lin Xianxei was prepared for this, ”She proposed it. ” She retrieved a crystal that recorded Bai Yuxi ’s own statement, handing it to Han Yuhei. Without the slightest movement, the crystal vanished and reappeared before Han Yuhei. Then, it almost instantly shattered into glorious bits.

The glittering specks of crystal were beautiful, yet it made Lin Xianxei feel utterly helpless. If Han Yuhei wanted to act against them, she might be able to remain unscathed, but Lin Ming certainly wouldn ’t.

Han Yuhei vanished, and Lin Ming felt his heart lighten. He was spared! 

Exalted Yu was quietly observing when Han Yuhei arrived on-board without any indication. The various protections of the Spiritwalker Voidship were utterly useless before such a character, but he didn ’t panic. He wasn ’t even here. 

”That bitch still dares to make requests? ” Han Yuhei ’s voice was violently fierce, the entire Voidship rumbled, creaks and cracks emerged everywhere. 

Exalted Yu ’s expression was completely unaffected, but his incarnation dispersed a little, losing its legs. He merely gave a bright smile, ”An oath was established. Here, ” he was here for a task, and that was to retrieve the Elementus Cache or items of similar value. A crystal appeared in his palm and floated towards Han Yuhei. 

Han Yuhei stared at Exalted Yu ’s figure for a long while, only shifting to the crystal after a while. After a moment, he released a soft snort, ”Utterly impossible. ”

Exalted Yu was unsurprised by this reaction, ”Those were products concocted by the King of Everlore himself. This list has been vetted and verified by the Everlore Association. If you believe they ’re incorrect in their assessment, please seek out the San Clan for reappraising, but this price is ten percent less than what they suggested. ”

”… ” Han Yuhei remained silent. The breathing of the crew all halted simultaneously, absolutely fearful. If this man raged, they would all die.

”One favor, ” Han Yuhei countered. 

Exalted Yu ’s entire expression brightened considerably at those words. With a brilliant smile, he nodded. ”Venerable Spiritwalker agrees. She ’ll contact you within a few years, please be ready. ”

With that, his incarnation couldn ’t sustain itself any longer and vanished. 

Han Yuhei ’s aura seethed a little, the Voidship ’s formations started to shatter, suffering damage. With a soft snort, he vanished with Bai Yuxi. He knew that he was schemed against, and Bai Yuxi was the target of this, but what could he do? The financial situation of the True Element Sect couldn ’t afford this.

There were several minutes of silence, and the Spiritwalker Voidship was decommissioned. It ’ll likely take them months to perform repairs. Fortunately, the life support and shielding remained alive, but motor functions, fueling ports, and steering formations were completely damaged. They couldn ’t move even if they wanted to.

Lin Xianxei and Lin Ming soon recovered their composure. Lin Ming took a long, steady breath, staring at the far off distance into the depths of the Elementus Domain. He couldn ’t help but ask, ”Who the hell was that? ” 

Lin Xianxei softly replied, ”Bai Yuxi ’s grandfather, the Guardian of the Elements. He protects the entire Elementus Domain, the strongest expert of our True Element Sect. ”



”How strong is he? ” Lin Ming didn ’t expect Bai Yuxi ’s background to be so terrifying. Why was she serving as an Overseer for a Chosen Trial? 

”…He ’s an Earthly Saint. Don ’t set your eyes too far, focus on your own path. A single step at a time. ” Lin Xianxei cautiously warned.

Lin Ming felt his heart throb. An Earthly Saint? How powerful were they?! Wait…

”What about Master? ” If Han Yuhei was the strongest expert of the Elementus Domain, then what about the Divine King Han Xei? After all, he was a Chosen of Divine King Han Xei ’s faction, and Senior Sister Lin promised that becoming a Chosen enabled him to be his disciple. Together, they would be junior and senior disciples under the same master.

Lin Xianxei ’s expression slightly changed, but before she could answer, spiritual waves battered their Voidship! It violently rocked in the Dark Void like a boat smashing against raging tidal waves!

”The Tang Clan has come to collect! ” 

The troubles kept mounting.

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