Paragon of Sin

Chapter 59: Myriad Yore Continent

So here we are. A total 58 Chapters later, we ’ve essentially reached the completion of an arc and the start of a new one.

When I started this novel, I wanted to start with something darker, gritter, and a novel that highlighted the cruelty of the cultivation world with a touch of realism. As some of you may know, Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies, my other novel, had the theme of a single person ’s journey to explore the universe and discover its mysteries, both within oneself and the various multiverses. Even today, it still remains the same.

So, when devising this novel ’s plot, I wanted it to be divided and clearly different from CEDS. I wanted it to be fresh with a lot more development in the world ’s state of affairs and growth of side characters with an unique twist. I think I accomplished that. I hope I did.

In this novel, in the future, you ’ll see a lot of involvement of other characters, and even their growth would be unconventional and different from the norm you ’re typically used to reading.

The introduction of Karmic Luck having value and the unseen godly heavenly daos influencing the world was an elementary idea practiced by essentially every novel aka plot armor. I wanted to highlight this in a more tangible term, even divide it. And so, the idea popped into my head! I haven ’t fleshed out on it yet, but it will come!

For the future, I want to explore more on this and others who are Blessed by this unseen godly Heavenly Daos, how they and Wei Wuyin interact with each other while bringing out more characters! Most importantly, my end goal for the next volume is to explore the world a little more. Soooo…it may be a little longer!

I ’m seething with excitement! See you guys in the comments! Or better yet, in the discord!

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