Paragon of Sin

Chapter 627 - 622: Changes


Completely and utterly baffled.

Lin Ming didn ’t know how to react to this. According to the present circumstances, not only did the True Element Sect lose to these special existences that fed on their territories like parasites, the Lin Clan was forced to become the leader of the sect to maintain an oath with them and their connection with the Imperial Clan.

The entire circumstance was outrageous. After a second of ponderous thought, his expression changed considerably.

Lin Xianxei always had an uncanny awareness of Lin Ming ’s thoughts, she explained: ”At the time, Master was only at the Second Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, and had used the True Element Sect in hopes of obtaining a greater starting foundation. He didn ’t fight in the war, very few did in fact. The total power of the True Element Sect at that time would have pushed for a pyrrhic victory at least, but that was almost seven thousand years ago.

”Still, they won. We, our Lin Clan, was forced to sit at the seat of leadership as a protective barrier against the Imperial Clan ’s rule, sucked dry by these parasitic old things, and being unable to act. The idiocy of our ancestors was quite outrageous. Short-term thinking, garbage! ” As Lin Xianxei spoke, her language grew coarse and her expression twisted slightly.

Clearly, she hated those ancestors of hers quite fiercely. They were foolish enough to swear a Mystical Oath on their entire bloodline lineage, how foolish was that for just some allied assurances?

”Why not just leave? ” Lin Ming couldn ’t quite understand it. Couldn ’t they just abandon their title and responsibilities, just leave the starfield? At worst its starting anew. They must have powerful experts, those who ’ve exceeded Mortal Limits.

But Lin Xianxei ’s eyes became unfathomably gloomy at his question, ”We can ’t. ” It took her several minutes of deep, relaxing breathing before she continued: ”Our loss forced us into an additional agreement. Unless one of three things happen, we can ’t leave. Master told me himself, the circumstances were either clan eradication or this. ”

The only use the Lin Clan had for these special existences was their pre-existing agreement to starve off the Imperial Clan ’s claim for their independence. If the Lin Clan sought to escape, their usefulness would cease and the vengeful wrath of those special existences, those parasites, would ’ve turned onto them. They couldn ’t survive, because they ’ll also be abandoning everyone not of the Lin Clan.

Who would support them when they ’re leaving them out to dry? This was why the act of merging, surrendering leadership was perfect, because it would ’ve allowed them to bypass the oath and retain their other oath with the Imperial Clan. It was a matter of semantics.

The special existences ’ oath needed the Lin Clan as the leader, as long as they were the legitimized leader, they have the authority to decide territorial rights, so the Domain was theirs to do as they wished. Constrained by the oath, they could only concede.

The Imperial Clan ’s Mythical Oath only needed the Lin Clan to be a present, leading member of the sect, any sect, and any leading position. The semantics led to a unique loophole where they could concede ownership to Divine King Han Xei yet retain the protections from the Imperial Clan ’s rule due to their support of their ascension as long as they had a leading position, such as Vice-Sect Leader or something equivalent to a Grand Elder.

This was designed to maintain the Lin Clan ’s importance to any force, an unfathomable sign of goodwill from the Imperial Clan.

”I still don ’t understand, what specifically do they not want the Imperial Clan to do and what ’s the three things? ” Lin Ming asked curiously. The situation was far more complicated than he imagined.

Lin Xianxei nodded, expecting these two questions: ”The Mythical Oath concerned the right to a certain range of territory, and the Imperial Clan ’s bloodline nor their forces were allowed to invade or lay claim to any resources within this territory as long as the Lin Clan did not betray them or strike first.

”The Elementus Domain became a natural barrier against them. The events of history certainly weren ’t as simple as I ’ve described, so I have no idea why the Imperial Clan would agree to this or offer it, but they did during their ascension.

”As for the three things, the reason why Master was suitable as the leader was because he had the support of the up and coming King of Everlore, whose alchemic talent was absolutely phenomenal. Even the Mortal Sovereign Alchemists of that time felt his talent and skills were unprecedented. After all, he brought an entire list of self-created, world- changing alchemical products and legacies to the entire Stellar Region.

”From the moment the King of Everlore stepped foot in here, he was as brilliant as the brightest star in the Dark Void. And after a few centuries, he was respected and well renowned amongst everyone..

”This was long before the Everlore Association even formed. But it was during his earlier years, and he intervened. He talked with the special existences and formed an agreement with them, devising the system of Chosen. I don ’t know how he did or why they agreed, but they did. Of those three things, one of which was that if a Worldly Saint, a Fifth Stage Mystic Ascendant, was born in the True Element Sect, outside of the Lin Clan, they would automatically replace the Lin Clan ’s bloodline.

”If that happened, then those special existences would be forced to concede their territories, allowing the Lin Clan to safely step down. ” Lin Xianxei had a thick light of reverence flicker within her eyes as she said the words: Worldly Saint. It carried a unique charm that could cause one to lose themselves.

Lin Ming ’s heart shook. The King of Everlore established this type of deal? Did this mean the strongest cultivator of the starfield was a Worldly Saint? He still didn ’t know, but his lips went dry as he licked them with anticipation.


There was something wrong with this.

Lin Xianxei continued, ”The second condition was if the Lin Clan ’s Saintess became Dao Companions with a Worldly Saint or an mystic-rank Alchemist. Similar conditions as before, but not exactly the same and almost impossible. The last is the most important though. There ’s a contest of Chosen, the brightest and most elite talents of the younger generation within the entire Stellar Region, those beneath the age of five hundred years old, specifically tailored by the King of Everlore. It has exceptional rewards, and if a Chosen of True Element Sect can claim the greatest prize, then they ’ll be given the title of Leader of the sect, and the Lin Clan will be relegated to a leading position. ”

”…! ” Lin Ming ’s thoughts went blank for a moment. Chosen? Chosen of the entire Stellar Region?!

Lin Xianxei ’s expression relaxed, ”Yes. The Everlore Starfield in the Desolate Dragnet Stellar Region counted. ”

Lin Ming frowned, ”Even if the King of Everlore was amazing, he was just a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, right? Why was he afforded such respect? Aren ’t there dozens of Mortal Sovereign Alchemists? Likely older, more experienced, or of a higher level? ”

He didn ’t fathom how the King of Everlore could dictate this. While alchemists were important in his mind, they weren ’t true experts. There were Earthly Saints! There was no way a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, those who concocted products for mortals, could have much value to long-lived Ascended.

Lin Xianxei heavily sighed in her heart. She really didn ’t know how to approach Lin Ming ’s thinking towards alchemists. He had the fierce belief that personal strength and talent was more important than external resources. After all, products can only bring you so far. And in some ways, he wasn ’t wrong, but he certainly wasn ’t right.

”There were. There were dozens of Mortal Sovereign Alchemists during that time, you ’re right. But the King of Everlore didn ’t halt his steps at just becoming a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist. About five thousand years ago, just before he disappeared, he took over the former Mystic tier force, the Godpill Association, and renamed it the Everlore Association.

”Furthermore, he announced to the world his true alchemic level. The King of Everlore wasn ’t just a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, he exceeded that and became the very first mystic-rank Alchemist in our Stellar Region ’s history, a Saint Alchemist! ”

Lin Ming ’s mind whirled in disbelief. The King of Everlore became the first mystic-rank Alchemist?! No wonder…no wonder…

Lin Xianxei nodded after feeling content with Lin Ming ’s response, ”The rewards he left behind contains genuine Mystic-rank Alchemical Products. There is even said to be a pill, the Everlore Mortal Ascension Pill, that can give one a guaranteed success rate at becoming a true Ascended! But that ’s not all, the King of Everlore was rumored to have left behind an item that carried the secrets of producing a Worldly Saint!! ”

Lin Ming felt his heartbeat halt for a moment. Was the King of Everlore at this level? Was his ability truly so frightening?!

Lin Xianxei continued: ”This was why the entire Stellar Region is following the Chosen system he conceived, and creates terrifying geniuses in hopes of obtaining those rewards, competing against each other. Why the title of Chosen is so precious and revered. They have the opportunity to fight for materials and products that would make the Elementus Cache seem decrepit and depressing. ”

She didn ’t mention Wei Wuyin ’s Element Heart Intent being highly valued due to its potential in this contest. After all, the contest wasn ’t just about combat strength.

Aa for his False Worldly Domain, that might produce similar feelings, but it wasn ’t nearly as intense. Regardless, the True Element Sect ’s days surely wouldn ’t be smooth with both of their existences known by all the other forces.

After a long period of ten or so minutes, Lin Ming finally calmed down. He wasn ’t so idiotic to think reaching the Earthly Saint was just talent-oriented, and while he didn ’t believe Alchemists held the keys to the peak, he knew they provided means to establish a stronger foundation to traverse it quicker.

”So, he disappeared? ” Lin Ming finally digested everything, including the significance of Chosen and why they ’re so highly regarded. The forces all wanted the final reward from the King of Everlore! But he noted Lin Xianxei ’s brief statement.

”Shortly after the King of Everlore reached the mystic-rank, he disappeared. No one knows where he went, but most of those who followed him, such as the three Everlasting Clans of the Everlore Association—the Yi Clan, the Er Clan, and the San Clan, and Master remained behind. ” Lin Xianxei explained with a wisp of despondent tone.

”Is he the only Mystic-rank Alchemist? ” Lin Ming was curious about the limits of the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, both in terms of the Alchemic Dao and cultivation.

Lin Xianxei shook her head, ”He was the first, not the last. He paved the way for others by leaving his legacy behind. But there ’s only three known throughout the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. The first, the Sky Zenith Alchemic Saint, is a part of the Imperial Clan. It ’s said that she ’s the King of Everlore ’s disciple, but no one can confirm that.

”The second, the Ennea Hall Alchemic Saint, leads the Ninestar Sainthall, a force beyond the Aeternal Sky Starfield. Venerable Spiritwalker belongs to this force. And lastly, the Evergod Pill Alchemic Saint, who belongs to the Everlore Association, and former leader of the Godpill Association, before the King of Everlore renamed it. ”

”Prior to his appearance, there was not a single mystic-rank alchemist during our entire history, but the moment the King of Everlore arrived, not only did more Mystic-rank Alchemists get born, but Mystic Ascendants became far, far abundant as a result. He left an unerasable mark on our history, and gave our Lin Clan a chance at freedom. ” Lin Xianxei words flowed naturally, completely revealing her truest feelings towards the King of Everlore.

”… ” The two remained silent as they immersed in this feeling. While the Voidship soared across the Dark Void, another followed closely behind, tailing them openly. They were Tang Xingyun ’s clan, one of the Eight Nobles, the Tang Clan.

”What about Master? ” Lin Ming ignored the voidship, asking a question he felt that Lin Xianxei had avoided thus far.

Lin Xianxei ’s expression slightly changed, and then she opened her mouth to answer. ”He ’s in secluded cultivation… ”

”…We ’re here, ” Lin Xianxei abruptly announced as she turned towards the Dark Void, clearly deliberately changing the subject. There was a gorgeously nine-colored planet enlarging in her vision.. After six months, they ’ve finally reached the True Element Sect.

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