Paragon of Sin

Chapter 634 - 629: Archaic Chosen Fight! Prove Yourself!

those three moves. Either Lin Ming rightfully earned his title, or he could settle for a stable life as a normal member of the sect.

”… ”

”… ”

”Begin! Careful! ” Timelord Duhan shouted, his first move was imposing! He manifested his Worldly Domain, his eyes erupting in spiritual light! The air became suffused with a density of spiritual strength, flooding the entire stadium.

The sheer power of which reached Lin Xianxei, causing her to project a ward to defend herself. The worries in her heart increased.

Timelord Duhan ’s Worldly Domain instantly unfurled to reach a diameter of 1.4 Kilometers! This was an effective range of 700 meters in every direction, completely and totally within his control! A true, genuine Worldly Domain! The world that it engulfed was theirs to control, theirs to follow their every will!

Like Tuo Bihan, who was a purist, Timelord Duhan ’s Worldly Domain was similarly a translucent sphere untainted by a strand of Intent. The doctrine of purists had survived the passage of time, finding its way into a very small minority of the Aeternal Sky Starfield ’s cultivators. While no genuine Ascended have ever been born from them, their belief was firm and carried its advantages.

Lin Ming felt the approaching Worldly Domain and felt his heart shake with an accompanying chill. He had faced a Realmlord before, but that Realmlord ’s Domain barely reached 200 meters in diameter, roughly 100 meters in every direction. But it was understandable, after all, this was a genuine Timelord!

He clenched his Origin Spear, with a swift series of kicks, he pushed back and retreated while interfacing with his Domain Seed. Just as he was about to unleash his own Worldly Domain, a wave of explosive rumbles echoed throughout his sea of consciousness, and his astral soul stalled and cried out in pain!

He spurted out a mouthful of blood. The Worldly Domain hadn ’t enveloped him yet but the spiritual spell of Timelord Duhan had reached him! This was the means of combat for genuine experts, and he was utterly overwhelmed by this multifaceted assault.

Timelord Duhan ’s spiritual force collapsed on him, bringing agony and pain to every ounce of his three states, mind, body, and spirit!

”Argh! ” He cried out in pain, stumbling and losing his footing. The Worldly Domain was just short of reaching him when his nine-colored dot at his glabella activated! It was a defensive treasure with its own will, and immediately acted to defend against the assault. A pulse of air erupted from his body and the foreign spiritual force was repelled!

Timelord Duhan noticed his Worldly Domain engulfed Lin Ming. He sighed, realizing Lin Ming wasn ’t very experienced in the battle of true experts. In a way, this meant he wasn ’t ready to become a Chosen. With a thought, he used his hand to reach out and clench. He was going to seal Lin Ming ’s body, mind, and spirit with his World Pressure, effectively severing his entire combat strength.

”It ’s over… ”

Lin Xianxei felt her heart in her throat. She wanted to speak, but only soft sounds of panic came out.

For a brief moment, thanks to Lin Xianxei ’s defensive treasure, Lin Ming regained control of himself. His grey eyes erupted with white light filled with Elemental Origin Intent. Just as the Worldly Domain engulfed him, his Domain Seed was thoroughly interfaced with!


A translucent Worldly Domain manifested!

Timelord Duhan felt a jolt in his consciousness. ”A purist ’s Domain?! ” His reaction was first of shock, then confusion, and then ferocious levels of disbelief! A Spatial Resonance Phase cultivator had a WORLDLY DOMAIN?!

When his Worldly Domain clashed with Lin Ming ’s, he felt the feedback from their fierce competition of ambient forces and energies, the clash of World Pressure. This was…this was…

He was utterly flummoxed that he hadn ’t reacted to continue his assault, giving Lin Ming time to erupt with his full strength, pushing his World Domain to its absolute limits, reaching 150 meters in diameter! While severely lacking in comparison to a real Realmlord, it was still a bonafide Worldly Domain!

Lin Ming used his greatest strength to speed backwards, leaving the effective range of Timelord Duhan ’s Worldly Domain. It was only then that Timelord Duhan reacted, his expression incredibly strange as he observed Lin Ming.

Lin Ming tightly clenched his Origin Spear, kept his posture upright and stable, and spat out a wad of blood from his lips. The light in his eyes was energized and fierce, not lacking a single ounce of confidence.

”First move. ”

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