Paragon of Sin

Chapter 639 - 634: Grand Demonstration A Feeling

The trio of Lin Ming, Lin Xianxei, and Timelord Duhan, whose full name was Liu Duhan, had flown for several minutes through the skies at high-speed to finally arrive at the demonstration gathering.

Lin Ming was absolutely shook by what he saw. There were numerous Skyships hovering in the air. There were so many that the entire horizon was filled with Skyships from every direction, of varying sizes, of various colors. They absolutely littered the scene.

They were all pointed towards a single area, and he saw a sky-piercing four-sided object that had a narrowly tapering design with a crystal-clear pyramidion at the top. The obelisk itself was dark-blue in color, with strange runic markings etched on it in an orderly fashion from top to bottom, only absent from the crystal-clear pyramid at the top.

Those runes were of various colors and they weren ’t as animated and bright as most runes, being stationary and dim. Lin Ming was awed with wonder. Was this the Spiritual Projection Obelisk?

Lin Xianxei saw the wonder within Lin Ming ’s eyes and explained: ”The Spiritual Projection Obelisk is an exquisitely designed tool at the Mystic-level. It can project one ’s spiritual sense a vast distance, and give one a realistic sense of the scene that the Revealment Disk at the other end displays. It ’ll be as if you were there, personally. And it does this for every cultivator with a spiritual sense, even Qi Condensation Realm cultivators can project their senses millions of miles away without any discomfort or stress. ”

”! ” Lin Ming ’s mind erupted in astonishment at the description. That obelisk can perform such a feat? But there had to be limits, right?

Lin Xianxei seemed to read his mind, smilingly added: ”There ’s no set limit on the Obelisk ’s end, but there is on the Revealment Disk side. Those who control the disk can limit the number of senses that can pass through each individual obelisk. Do you see that? ” Lin Xianxei pointed at the sky above the obelisk.

Lin Ming lifted his eyes to see three golden orbs that were shimmering with golden light. They looked like miniature Solar Stars.

”Those are the tickets. They ’re called Golden Life Tickets, and they grant the Spiritual Projection Obelisk with certain permissions. With three tickets, that means only nine million cultivators here will be able to sense the events on the other end of the Revealment Disk. Any excess will cause a rejection of the spiritual sense, and brutally at that. Some even die from the backlash. ” Lin Xianxei explained their purpose and the severity of breaking it.

Lin Ming was stunned. Die? How vicious! He didn ’t know how to react to that, but he understood the logic behind it.

No wonder the coliseum was empty.

”Alright. You two can find the Sect Leader. I ’ll be going to meet with a few friends. ” Liu Duhan announced, shooting off after towards a specific Skyship. While he felt that Lin Ming had a great future, he didn ’t have the right to give them permission to send their spiritual sense into the obelisk. But he had a spot reserved.

So he merely said his goodbyes and left. If they were fated to meet again, they will.

Lin Ming waved him off. There was a faint sense of melancholy in his heart at seeing his figure vanish amongst the Skyships, but that was life. While Liu Duhan had been the turning point of his status, their paths might not converge anymore. In the future, he could be a Saint and Liu Duhan might still be a Timelord.

Who knows…

Lin Xianxei swept her spiritual sense across the Skyships until she found the Lin Clan ’s Skyship. With a bright smile, she urged Lin Ming to follow her. She was still jubilant from Lin Ming ’s success. As for this event, it stoked her curiosity more than anything. The Golden Life Pavilion was not known for their lackluster theatrics. Whatever this was, it might very well redefine the conventions of cultivation!

Lin Ming was sent into a trance from Lin Xianxei ’s smile. While he always felt that Lin Xianxei ’s current scarlet-haired appearance wasn ’t her true appearance, it was still incredibly beautiful and had its own charm. It was only after she shouted his way did he shake from his stupor, briefly smiling before following her.

They weaved carefully through the Skyships, finding a white-colored starfield that seemed to have been carved from stone. It was smooth as polished jade, and gave off an imposing aura. But when he observes it for longer, that imposing aura seemed to be weak, barely there. It was as if it was just his imagination.

When they arrived at its side, they could see several hundred figures gather together on the deck, discussing things. They formed groups of similarly-aged members, with the elders and disciples being noticeably separated.

At the second-level of the deck, there were individuals with powerful auras, and they ranged from men and women, and their auras brought their existences to focus. They were certainly all at the Realmlord level or higher, with a few Starlords amongst them.

The most notable figure was a tall female dressed in white robes and golden embroidery, with a slit cut in her robes to allow her long, gorgeous leg and thigh to be seen. She was a blonde-haired beauty, looking incredibly young, resembling a young woman who was only eighteen or nineteen at most. Her youthful looks were a sharp contrast to her elusive aura that carried an enchanting feeling.

It resembled those who ’ve exceeded Mortal Limits. She was an Ascended! As those around her spoke, many glanced her way to see her reactions off of instinct. It seemed she commanded great prestige amongst the group.

Her fair skin glistened in the light and her golden irises shone with an alluring radiance. She stopped her discussions as she turned to the two approaching the ship, and her expression revealed a faint smile that could lure the hearts of men at a single glance. With her long fingers, she gestured them over.

The act disabled the shielding of the Skyship and allowed them open passage.

Lin Ming was nervous as they flew into the opening. This was his first time meeting the upper-echelon of the Lin Clan, and they were Lin Xianxei ’s family, so he felt a need to impress. He straightened his back and flew steadily in hopes of establishing a good first impression.

When Lin Xianxei descended, he was shocked to see all the members of the Lin Clan turn to her respectfully. They bowed, remained silent, and paid their respects through this gesture. Lin Xianxei coolly nodded, arriving before the young woman that seemed even younger than her.

Those beside her moved out of the way deferentially in an orderly manner.

°Was this the status of a Saintess?° Lin Ming was shocked at this display and showing. They were treating Lin Xianxei as their leader, with the utmost respect imaginable. He expected to receive some jealous glares from the young generation, perhaps seeing someone trying to court her, but even the youngsters of the Lin Clan, those hot-blooded elites, were silent and bowing without a single form of disrespect or challenge in their auras.

Lin Xianxei ’s expression had simmered down from a smile to a neutral expression, she indifferently said: ”Mother. ”


Lin Ming stayed close to Lin Xianxei, so he was shocked to hear this. He couldn ’t help but look at this woman, a little shocked. Lin Xianxei was scarlet-haired and her looks were different, sharper and more narrow, a little less attractive than the young woman before him. This woman had golden blonde hair with softer, gentler, and gorgeous features.

The only resemblance he could find were in their body types. Excluding their different attires, their height and shape was very similar, if not the exact same. It was uncanny even.

Lin Xianxei ’s mother, Lin Xianxian, kept her smile as she looked at Lin Xianxei up and down. She amusedly asked: ”Still keeping your appearance disguised? You should just be true to yourself; you ’ll find a better Dao Companion that way. After all… ” She looked at Lin Ming with a faint grin, enchanting enough to ignite one ’s internal fire, ”Men are quite simple creatures. ”

Lin Xianxei harrumphed and retorted, ”Simple men are simple creatures. ”

”Oh? So you ’re saying he ’s not simple? ” She gave Lin Ming another glance. ”The Archaic Chosen? I must say: Congratulations on your audience-less victory. It must ’ve felt great to fight without any pressure. ”

Lin Ming furrowed his brows. He felt that Lin Xianxei ’s mother didn ’t really like him, but he didn ’t know why. They have never met before…

”Enough, ” Lin Xianxei said softly. She had to take a breath before she could continue, ”We need two viewing spots. ”

Lin Xianxian laughed lightly, ”Of course. ” She sent two spiritual lights their way, as if she prepared it beforehand. Then, with a slight pat of her forehead in surprise, she turned to Lin Ming and said, ”I ’m Lin Xianxian, Lin Xianxei ’s mother, and Sect Leader of the True Element Sect. You can call me Mother-In-Law, if you want. ” With a carefree chuckle, she announced.

Lin Ming ’s entire being froze.

”It ’s beginning! ” An elder announced.

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