Paragon of Sin

Chapter 639 - 634: Grand Demonstration A Feeling

ed Mortal Limits had arrived. She had thought it was an attack, even going as far as ordering defensive measures, but they had instead brought along numerous materials and respectfully talked to her as if she was an equal.

The person in charge was unnaturally nice. Then, they explained the concept of the demonstration and auction, informing her that they needed to establish these obelisks so the entire population could observe it at once. She was skeptical at first, but after listening to Wu Yu ’s assurances, she accepted it.

When Wu Yu had told her that it was likely Wei Wuyin ’s influence that was doing this, she was thoroughly astonished. Wei Wuyin wasn ’t even here, and there ’s been no word of him, yet he was having those beyond the Mortal Limits labor for him? To be so polite to a little Astral Core Realm cultivator like herself? Who was situated at the outer edge of the starfield, forgotten by most?

She thought Wei Wuyin was amazing when she delved into the spatial ring he left her, finding all sorts of agricultural and environmental alchemical products. How far-sighted must one be? There wasn ’t a single thing needed besides effort, and they were already capable of growing high-level crops with fertile fields.

The growth of which was expedited. What should ’ve taken a century had been reduced to a few months. How terrifying was this?! Just anticipating it was terrifying enough, but being able to provide this?

She just couldn ’t stop marveling at his means and capabilities. To add, he wasn ’t overbearing and demanding as others. She couldn ’t imagine what other men would ’ve demanded of her to help her with any of this.

Wu Baozhai mentally communicated with Wu Yu: ”Those eight obelisks and those golden solar star objects above them must be costly. ”

”You have no idea, ” Wu Yu chuckled in reply. He had investigated the Golden Life Pavilion thoroughly after meeting Ma Sujiang, including their past achievements. He was well-aware that even mystic-tier forces would have an audience of millions, but they had established it so they could have an audience of trillions.

There was probably no force that would spend so much, yet they received this all for free? If he hadn ’t figured out that it was due to Wei Wuyin, he would fail as a brain-possessing existence.

When the high-pitched sound was emitted, everyone received a feminine voice through their spiritual senses, every cultivator on the planet, to send out their spiritual sense and the obelisk will act to connect with it. They just have to project it outwards slightly.

Some Qi Condensation Cultivators could barely extend their spiritual senses a few meters, so this was very accommodating. As they did, trillions of cyan-colored light erupted and entered the glabella of each individual. They instantly displayed the image of a platform, and it was as if they were really there! They could even feel the temperature of the room through their spiritual sense.

”How amazing! ” Wu Baozhai was surprised by this feature.

”I wonder what is about to happen, ” Wu Yu spoke out.

”What do you mean? ” Wu Baozhai asked, not sure of what Wu Yu meant. She thought that this could be a trap? But then she thought about it for a brief second and dismissed it. Just the few cultivators they sent to establish the obelisks could casually destroy this planet a thousand times over. Why waste the effort?

Wu Yu amusingly explained, ”I just have a feeling that this is about to make a certain someone absurdly famous, and shake this entire world at its core. ” He had seen Na Xinyi, so he was aware of the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill. If this wasn ’t about that, he would sell his two legs.

”… ” Wu Baozhai wasn ’t aware of what Wu Yu knew, but she felt a tightening of her chest at his words. She couldn ’t help but recall that figure that had been almost nothing before. Just like her, a small Qi Condensation cultivator with no backing entering into an entire new world. Then, in a few years, just a few years, he was a household name that shook the entire starfield and its inhabitants to agree, unanimously, that it ’ll be renamed after him.

Even the will of the San Clan was ignored, and they dared not speak a single word against it.

It ’s been barely a year, he wasn ’t even in the starfield, but was it about to happen again?

The ravenous anticipation in her heart started to surge.


There were trillions of eyes observing the platform through their extended, interconnected spiritual senses. From those at the Qi Condensation to those at the Mystic Ascendant Realm, they were all present.

A figure walked onto the platform, feeling the countless gazes upon their existence, watching every breath they took and moves they made. Yet the figure was entirely unaffected, being highly composed.

The figure had lightly applied make-up that accentuated her natural beauty, just enough to make others aware of her. She had her dark-grey hair tied into an exquisite bun, and it no longer hid her bottom that was hugged by a tight-fitting black and gold cheongsam.

Ma Sujiang bowed slightly, ”I welcome all observers from across the Sixteen Domains to this product demonstration. I, Ma Sujiang, shall be your host.. Please forgive me if I ’m inadequate. ”

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