Paragon of Sin

Chapter 642 - 637: Grand Demonstration Light & Mist

a minty spring, stimulating the physical bodies of most men. This was because it originated from the platform. The Twilight Alchemic Sovereign, Mu Yura, had said those words.

”Perfect. ”

Ma Leihan threw in his own opinion. He had seen many ninth-grade pills before, but he had never seen one as perfectly formed like this. The alchemic light and mist it exuded was exceptional. He had never seen such an extraordinary pill before. It truly was worthy of being a peak-tier, ninth-grade pill.

There wasn ’t a single leakage. Even if the pill was left out in the open for a thousand years, it would still be in perfect condition. The structure was absolutely symmetrical, formed without a slight imbalance. The alchemic light and mist revealed no impurities, and repelled any impurities from reaching it. A natural defensive coating.

Whoever creates this…

Whoever created this pill…

Mu Yura stepped forward, arriving directly before the pill as her heterochromic eyes inspected the floating pill that rotated with its own power. Her shapely body quivered slightly after being touched by the mist and light.

Her eyes brightened as she breathed in, bits of mist and light entered her veil, clearly going into her nostrils. Those eyes of hers grew intoxicated and unfocused.

Ma Leihan faintly smiled. He had already inspected the product before, so he didn ’t need to do this. However, he knew what the Twilight Alchemic Sovereign was feeling at this moment.

The purity of the alchemical energies used to create this pill had an exceptionally mind-elevating factor. He had seen alchemic mist and light before, but this pill was outrageous.

During the Light Conjuring Astral Tribulation, Wei Wuyin had used the Refraction World-Light Elixir of the transcendent-quality to gain insight into unique Primary Light that his Spirits of Cultivation naturally exuded. It perfectly reflected their existences.

Eden ’s Primary Light was the Seven Source Light. It reflected the seven principles of alchemy and the seven emotions relating to sentience. As for the mist, it originated from the Utmost Purity Mist that came from the cauldron. This type of mist could only be produced by the consecutive successful concoction of seventh-grade products and higher, and if an Impure-quality product is generated, its adversely affected.

Wei Wuyin had completed countless seventh-grade and higher products, including ninth-grade products using the same cauldron. He hadn ’t concocted an impure-quality product in a long, long time. If a product neared that level, he had the mental acuity and decisiveness to destroy it and restart before it completed. This was only achievable due to Eden ’s powers and his Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity.

It created an absolutely terrifying Utmost Purity Mist.

The Twilight Alchemic Sovereign ’s body kept shivering for a full minute, and Ma Sujiang just allowed her to assess. However, her expression darkened when the Alchemic Sovereign took another breath, then another.

Ma Leihan ’s expression became slightly unsightly. Ma Zheng had only allowed him to take in one breath, and even though he begged for more, he was outright refused. The Utmost Purity Mist and Primary Light that established the alchemic mist and light was highly beneficial to alchemists and cultivators.

It can elevate the quality of one ’s mental energies and gain alchemical insights from the Utmost Purity Mist, which is a product of endless successful products. Mental energies were the most difficult type of the four foundational energies to improve, so this was outrageously beneficial to cultivators. Every breath was like a low-tier eighth-grade mental enhancing product.

Even if the product was re-created, unless the same cauldron and alchemist concocted this pill, it wouldn ’t be remotely the same.

”Alchemic Sovereign Mu Yura! ” Ma Sujiang said in a patient yet deep tone, trying to remind her to assess properly. But when she took another breath, completely ignoring everything else, Ma Sujiang ’s eyes flickered with potent darkness. She felt an urge to slap this woman.

She was directly stealing the benefits from their disciple, a prospective Chosen. After all, the mist and light weren ’t unlimited.

”We ’re still in the demonstration, ” Ma Sujiang reminded. She hoped the constant shivering would bring Mu Yura to an awakening, but the response she got was infuriating!

”So? ” Mu Yura took another breath. She had already exhausted a third of the alchemic light and mist. The insights and elevation she gained from this was absolutely astonishing. Every breath was like a drug that brought one to an orgasm, utterly intoxicating. After all, refining an eighth-grade alchemical product might take a week or so for her, but every breath was instant with far more benefits.


Ma Sujiang closed the box, sealing the pill. She spoke with her composure intact, yet through gritted teeth, ”Alchemic Sovereign Mu Yura, please give your assessment. ”

Mu Yura ’s eyes narrowed as she gave Ma Sujiang a dissatisfied look. She had an urge to steal the pill but held back. This wasn ’t her territory, and she was invited as a guest. She pouted her lips behind her veil and softly harrumphed.

She didn ’t believe someone under fifty could concoct this. Perhaps only the King of Everlore or one of the three Alchemic Saints could produce this effect, at least in her mind.

”This is a genuine peak-tier, ninth-grade alchemical product. ” After saying this, she stepped away and gave the center stage back to Ma Sujiang. She directly ignored Ma Leihan ’s unsightly gaze.

Ma Leihan had to take several breaths to calm down. To see someone obtain benefits from his own clan run demonstration, greater than him, left him feeling all sorts of ways. He went up and verified as well, but he wasn ’t allowed to take a breath. This made him absolutely enraged, and his emotions stirred.

”Thank you, Alchemic Sovereign Mu Yura and Alchemic Sovereign Ma Leihan. ” Ma Sujiang understood Ma Leihan ’s feelings, but she couldn ’t allow him to take five breaths. While the pill ’s effect wouldn ’t become diluted due to this being merely excess, it would be stealing from a prospective Chosen.

The box had been reopened for Ma Leihan ’s cursory inspection, so she merely brought it out and called Ma Luling to come closer. Ma Luling ’s eyes were reflecting the silver radiance of the pill. She realized it was absolutely captivating up close.

”Refine the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill. ”

The grand demonstration was about to begin!

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