Paragon of Sin

Chapter 649 - 644: Golden Auction Outrageous Bids!

o confidence, and confidence leads to smoother insights and cultivation. The most underlying issue was the lifespan issue, the sacrifice of eight hundred years to attempt to ascend! This limited most cultivators, even geniuses, to a seven hundred years of cultivation time limit before they must reach the Ninth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Star Core Phase, and assail the Mystic Ascendant Realm.

The vast majority of cultivators fail their ascension due to this fact, pushing it the limit yet still being insufficient. How many false Ascended, those at the Mystic Star Phase, would have succeeded if given an extra two or three hundred years to comprehend the ways of mysticism?!

No one knew how many pills would be available when the public stock was released. Furthermore, how long each pill will require to concoct with the joint effort of skilled alchemists. It was highly unlikely for the Golden Life Pavilion to outsource unless the other is bound by drastically restricting oaths. This could be a year, a decade, or several.

In a hundred or so years, many of these so-called Chosens will be replaced by those brought up using the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill. After all, a Worldly Domain wasn ’t just a combat tool, its Domain Seed can help with comprehension of phases, and also grants World Pressure and conversion abilities can help with refining difficult resources.

It was not so simple.

An hour passed in silence. During which, Chen Yili and Bing Tian remained in conflict. The intensity of their spiritual collisions were still running rampant. The weaker forces were cowed. Fortunately, only the ignorant and nascent were foolish enough to buy actual bidding rights.

They lost the initial bidding cost just like that. The current prices even exceeded some of their total wealth. It was quite embarrassing.

Those truly in the running were contemplating whether to bid. The sacrificial bidding rule urged them to be cautious. They were unsure if they had a chance, but they understood the importance. Most of these forces could eclipse the Eight Noble Clans in terms of total wealth. The issue wasn ’t total wealth, but the unknown.

What was their maximum bid potential?

Was it already reached? Is this why Chen Yili remained frustrated and confrontational towards Bing Tian? Did she reach her limit?! Did Bing Tian spit on her maximum bid? Looking at her fierce gaze, many believed so.

Then, was Bing Tian also at her limit? Is that why she bid over a dozen more mystic stones than necessary?!

Ma Sujiang broke the silence with a warning: ”There is an hour left before the current bid is finalized. ”

”… ” The tense atmosphere grew. A two-hour time limit. It might seem long, but this wasn ’t just some simple auction. There were far too many factors to consider! Damn it!

A male elder grew irritated. He wasn ’t a native of the Aeternal Sky Starfield, but an independent cultivator that nurtured his own talented disciples using his strength and personal wealth. He, too, was a Demi-Mortal Lord. Furthermore, his strength was incredibly high for his cultivation level.

When he stood up, a gushing pressure descended and obliterated the spiritual pressure from Chen Yili and Bing Tian. The entire seating area calmed. He wasn ’t handsome, being relatively heavy-set, but he had an amicable smile that made him seem kind and relaxing. Unlike the fierce tigress Chen Yili or the icy goddess Bing Tian that was terrifying, he seemed more approachable.

He patted his belly and lightheartedly chuckled after feeling the pointed gazes of the two women. ”Please spare the juniors, ” he said with a smile, but the glint in his eyes was clearly alluding to his eventual bid. The crowd turned, waiting for his bid. The juniors were grateful, including the weaker seniors. These two were absolutely terrifying. The last hour felt like an icy tempest of hell.

’Huang Xiaoming. ’

Ma Sujiang noted this foreign cultivator, who had once fought two Demi-Mortal Lords and defeated them. His reputation was not small. However, she wasn ’t disturbed. She merely smiled and waited.

Huang Xiaoming looked at Ma Sujiang, with a rub of his chest and a bright smile, he said: ”I bid a drop of Mystic Origin Liquid. ”

A series of gasps, shocked and disturbed, resounded! Even Chen Yili and Bing Tian ’s eyes dilated. They almost visibly reeled at this bid, feeling intense, unadulterated shock!

They weren ’t the only high-level figures who reacted in this way. Almost every High-Lord and Venerable reacted! They all turned to Huang Xiaoming with startled expressions. Was he for real? Was he freaking serious?!

Mystic Origin Liquid wasn ’t something minor just because it was a single drop. It was an exquisite mystic-level material formed in very special circumstances, within an area filled in mystic essence year-round, and enriched with highly refined mana. It can be produced deliberately, but it would take ten thousand years minimum just to do so, the average lifespan of a genuine Ascended!

However, its phenomenal aspect wasn ’t its difficulty to produce, but its effects. The first effect renowned amongst most was its ability to be refined to enhance a cultivator ’s comprehension of the ways of mysticism, of Mystic Intent. This greatly increased the chances of a cultivator to ascend. Given to a Chosen, talented and youthful, it was said they ’ll increase their chance to ascend by ten percent!


Most Chosen had barely greater than a single percentage. It was profoundly difficult.

Yet that wasn ’t even its most valuable effect. Those called Venerables, those at the Second Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, those ’true ’ Ascended, can use it to refine during their attempt into the Demi-Mortal Lord Phase. If failure is met, they could burn this Mystic Origin Liquid to dispel their advancement, giving them a second chance!

If Wu Yu had this during his attempt, he wouldn ’t have lost his body and almost his life!

Ma Sujiang trembled as she looked at Huang Xiaolong with a ludicrous gaze as if Huang Xiaolong was absolutely crazy. He had broken her neutral and calm expression, baffled by his bid!

”Ahem! ” It was a forceful cough, and it exploded in Ma Sujiang ’s mind. Her heart thumped fiercely in response. She looked towards the area her father was, Ma Zheng, who gave her a dark look. She was reminded of her duties, but she didn ’t apologize, merely regained her state of calm.

”The value of the Mystic Origin Liquid is valued at one hundred and fifty-two mystic stones, based on market average. The bid is now one hundred and fifty-two mystic stones. ”

Ma Zheng nodded slightly.

”… ”

”… ”

”… ”

This alone eliminated most of the forces present, including a few of the Eight Noble Clans as their maximum bid had been reached. How unfortunate…

Ousted by a foreigner….

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