Paragon of Sin

Chapter 658 - 653: Grasping Fortune

ousand miles away, alongside a few Mystic Star and Astral Core Realm experts. His spiritual strength could ’ve easily reached such limits if stretched outwards, but his location would ’ve been revealed to them all almost instantly. He had just avoided being discovered, likely silenced with extreme prejudice due to his vigilance and caution.

The issue with this type of karmic fortune was the lethal risks involved. It was foolhardy to release your spiritual sense with wild abandon in a territory you know nothing of. His mindfulness kept him from a chase. 

After several minutes of observation, his Celestial Eyes observed a floating rock tha gave off a strange aura. It seemed to be a fragment of a planet, broken off by an attack. He felt faint traces of fire force within.

Wei Wuyin patted Bai Lin. ”Move there. Don ’t ignite yourself. ” 

Seeing how solemn Wei Wuyin was, Bai Lin took on the same attitude. She softly flapped her wings with little force, slowly making her way to that direction without creating any outrageous disturbance in space. She smoothly sailed through the Dark Void with minimal movement. After knowing that the Tiangou existed, she was well-aware that beings and existences beyond her imagination existed. 

They soared for twenty minute and only traveled a few miles until they arrived at a chunk of rock. Wei Wuyin neared it, his eyes piercing the rock and analyzing its entirety. He discovered that the fire force was indeed present, and it belonged to a Temporal Eye Phase cultivator, someone at the Eighth Stage of the Astral Core Realm. 

It was fresh.

Perhaps a few months old? 

The chunk was roughly the size of a small boulder, fragmented and broken off by force. Whoever hit this object did so with tremendous force, and it wasn ’t the target, just a casualty. Its small size could ’ve been easily missed with all this floating debris and vast space. 

The two landed on the fragmented rock. Bai Lin plunged her claws into it for a grip as she leaned closer for Wei Wuyin to touch. With a faint rub, Wei Wuyin frowned. 

”This rock has something in it. But it feels strange yet familiar. Have I sensed this before? ” His frown deepened as he contemplated. His Celestial Eyes only saw fire-attributed astral force and the natural minerals for its composition. It seemed to have faint deposits and traces of gases. 

Bai Lin pecked the rock softly, breaking off a piece with her beak and biting it. She licked it, curious. Her actions were quite interesting, and Wei Wuyin was about to inform her to be cautious, but her eyes flared softly and she gulped the piece whole. 

”… ” 

After a few seconds, she pecked again and consumed another portion. But this time, she spat it out in disgust. 

Wei Wuyin was confused. ”Undercooked? ” He jokingly said, but Bai Lin answered with something that made his heart quiver.

”It wasn ’t the same! Disgusting. Just plain rock. The other piece was delicious. ” Bai Lin said with a hint of anger. She felt as if she was tricked by this rock, so she dug her claws in deeper and started to break off pieces in her frustration. 

Wei Wuyin chuckled for a bit, but then his expression changed. It wasn ’t the same? He inspected the rocks and found that all the rocks were the same, in composition and everything. How could it not be the same? 


”Wait! Stop, ” Wei Wuyin urged. He hurriedly moved to gather the broken pieces and inspected them. ”I ’ve sensed this before, and a few times too. The veils? ” He immediately realized where he recognized this strange, elusive familiarity. Every female outsider he observed had it. They concealed their looks! 

Tools? Mystic tools!

Even his Celestial Eyes couldn ’t sense through it. And if he followed this thinking and Bai Lin ’s statement, then this was an ore deposit that he couldn ’t sense. There were portions that were normal and portions that weren ’t. The fragmented rock must ’ve flown out during the mining process, likely the early process of explosive blasting.

This was basic mining practices used in the mortal world to extract ore and discover orebodies. But if cultivators were to replicate it, then this would be able to send entire pieces of rock through the Dark Void. This was especially so if gravity wasn ’t very strong. 

”This rock? Does it contain pieces of mystic-grade ore? Is this my fortune? With this, I can leave and sell this off for an unfathomably high amount, can ’t I? ” Wei Wuyin considered. This was likely his fortune. If he had just left or went to recover his astral force before leaving, ignoring this error, or just lacked the means to discover the rock, then he would ’ve been left with nothing.

The Heavenly Daos, huh? 

However, just this little?

If this was a small piece blown off casually, then there must be a mine somewhere. Right?! 

But if it was being mined, then there must be miners. If they could mine out this ore, there might be Mystic Ascendant Realm cultivators present to oversee the process. However, a mine often contained a huge amount of resources within. If mystic-graded materials were valuable, then what if he could obtain the entire mine?!

Greed was always ill-advised to have, but ambition was not. He could only make some plans. Because he…was not going to give up such a great treasure without trying. 

After running through some simulations, testing out his thoughts and means, his eyes lit with palpable excitement.

”Bai Lin, lets find our mine. ”

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