Paragon of Sin

Chapter 674 - 669: Wu Yus Return

In a location that was lightless, lifeless, and harbored untold, undiscovered mysteries, a grey-scaled man and a golden-eyed beast were pursuing the means to break upon the limits together. They hounded out an unfathomably invaluable discovery with their jointed means.

Wei Wuyin sat crossed legged before the Nine Elements Eclipse Cauldron, which he promptly decided to rename as the All-Elemental Eclipse Cauldron, better embodying its current state. Its white sleek shell was pristine, smooth, and carried with it the aura of ultimate elemental combination. 

The Utmost Purity Mist ’s domain was fully manifested. Within the cauldron was a golden-scarlet radiance and a faint flickering of a flame, bringing light to the lightless. It exuded a distinctly remarkable aura of life, bringing life to the lifeless. 

Bai Lin had finished her second Nirvanic Rebirth, entering into a new realm, and inching closer to the genesis of her bloodline, the Fire Phoenix. Her form had two distinct changes, but besides those, there was very little difference. Firstly, she was larger. If before she was just eleven meters, now she was twenty-two meters, and her other proportions such as wingspan had doubled exactly. Secondly, her golden-scarlet flames were more golden than before. 

As for her aura, it was notably more mysterious. There was an exquisitely raging power coursing through her feathers, heart, and bloodline. She had grown far stronger than before. Even Wei Wuyin wasn ’t able to determine her exact strength, finding her more inscrutable than before. 

She was currently standing over Wei Wuyin ’s sitting form, her golden-colored eyes stared at the cauldron. At times, she would periodically open her beak and release gentle embers towards the cauldron. Wei Wuyin would act quickly, using his personally refined mana to carefully grab hold of these embers and infusing them into his elemental origin fires present within the cauldron. 

A sudden burst of light would occur that brightly lit the surroundings. The two worked in perfect unity with Bai Lin providing the fuel while Wei Wuyin provided the utmost finesse of his alchemical skills. They were of one mind. 

After Bai Lin ’s successful transformation, confirming Wei Wuyin ’s thoughts that Bai Lin ’s nirvanic rebirths were relative to the amount of built up energies she ’s accrued rather than a static requirement, he had hurriedly brought her over to execute his theorized solution to the complicated and mysterious equation of the transcendent-quality. 

Inspired by the near-chemical reaction of his refined mana and his past experience, he was invigorated by a certain belief. The contents within mystic-graded material, be it the elusively invisible mystic intent or mystic essence, was the key. For a product to reach transcendent in quality, it must have the thorough infusion of an aspect beyond mortal limits.

His thoughts weren ’t so simply put. If he was correct at it being so simple, then every alchemist at the Mystic Ascendant Realm should be creating transcendent products at every successful concoction of a Mortal-tier product, but that clearly wasn ’t the case; thus, it had to be more complicated.

That complication stemmed from his abnormality, the Zenith Origin State and the refined mana within. He had earlier theorized that the Zenith Origin State was an evolutionary stage of an Mortal State Spirit of Cultivation, of a Mystic Soul. He had broken that limit thanks to his four Astral Souls outrageous behavior in pushing the tribulations to their limits. His astral souls were capable of naturally producing Origin Essence, infused thoroughly within his own personally refined mana. 

It was this quality that allowed his astral soul ’s refined mana to interact, attract, and attach those mystic qualities. This, by a miracle, had created the World-Light Refraction Elixir during the All-Alchemic Clash. 

The issue was that he couldn ’t sense or interact with these qualities. Blind as he was towards it, he couldn ’t replicate the feat. However, even after using the Alchemic Stars to break this inability, he still couldn ’t break down or control the mystic qualities within those materials.

But…Bai Lin could.

Her unique existence as a Genesis Beast and ability to devour mystic-graded materials, processing it into usable energies had brought forth another avenue of possibility. After learning that her Nirvanic Flames were partly responsible for such dissolution of those mystic qualities, he joined together with Bai Lin to refine the Terra-Mystic Ore into only those mystic qualities, and using his Zenith Origin State ’s refined mana to attract it.

Using this process during concoction, while seemingly simple, was incredibly difficult and required multiple special abilities including Wei Wuyin ’s alchemical energies that rivaled Mystic Ascendants in terms of raw quality thanks to his Alchemic Astral Soul—Eden. 

It ’s been three days since they began a steady concoction and they were both intently staring at the cauldron. To them, only this cauldron existed and the contents inside. 


A strange sound resounded from the cauldron, and the light within Wei Wuyin and Bai Lin ’s eyes simultaneously blazed with a burning radiance. Wei Wuyin executed a few hand-seals, completing the last process of the alchemical process. With a smack, the cauldron opened and a single pill violently shot out.

Wei Wuyin acted swiftly, using his hand to grasp at it. It halted within his palm. 

”Kree! ” Bai Lin cried excitedly. ”Is it finished? Did it work? ” 

Wei Wuyin ’s nerves were incredibly taut. If this was a success, then his path of transcendent production was completed. Going forward, he would be able to reliably concoct products of this type. He would excel in his practice of the Alchemic Dao as a mere mortal. Even if he eventually became a Mystic Ascendant Realm alchemist, this method would have an extreme impact on his understanding of the Alchemic Dao.

In fact, he might be able to breach past the limits of mortal concoction, concocting Mystic-grade products as a Mortal! Because the missing means that Eden felt that gated its entry into such levels would be shrunken, neared, and in reach. 

Wei Wuyin opened his palm. A pill that was like a black star revealed itself. It floated quietly above his palm. It was the low-tier, ninth-grade Everlore Ascension Pill! That ’s right! His first experiment wasn ’t a lower-graded pill, but the Everlore Ascension Pill! The very same pill that started the still-thriving legend of a King of Everlore!

He was confident in concocting this product as a peak-quality pill even with his eyes closed, his senses distorted, and his thoughts distracted. The miniaturized black solar star-like object that was the Everlore Ascension Pill had a strange belt around it.

Wei Wuyin ’s pupils constricted! ”This looks like that solar ring I saw… ” Undoubtedly more focused than ever before, Wei Wuyin recalled that belt that surrounded that gigantic Solar Star when he was brought away by the Soul Pulse Rings during his Soul Idol Astral Tribulation.

It was remarkably similar!

In fact, it was almost an exact copy. The only difference he felt at first sight was the color. The belt matched the pill. It released a cool radiance that felt otherworldly, beyond the concept of the Mortal Dao.

”Transcendent Radiance Belt, ” Eden echoed out in his mind with a commanding voice. It seemed to originate from the deepest parts of its being.

When it was finished, Wei Wuyin ’s eyes widened as he felt a very familiar feeling incoming.


Scintillating light of seven colors bursted out violently alongside the quaking of the surrounding space! 

A stellar manifestation was once again occurring, despite Wei Wuyin ’s sealing formation being established!

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