Paragon of Sin

Chapter 679 - 674: Recognized? Targeted?

In the unfathomably vast, ancient, and developed Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, there was a uniquely constructed starfield ruled by the Ninestar Sainthall, one of the greatest forces within the entire stellar region—the Ninestar Starfield. 

Unlike the Aeternal Sky Starfield, the hierarchy within the Ninestar Starfield was clear-cut, ruled by elite experts from top to bottom, divided specifically to cater to all levels of society and status. To begin, the Ninestar Starfield was divided into Nine Domains, each governed by one of the nine Sainthalls. 

The Domains are: the Soul-Rising Domain, Soul-Falling Domain, Soul-Creation Domain, Soul-Eruption Domain, Soul-Destruction Domain, Soul-Enlightening Domain, Soul-Rumble Domain, Soul-Martial Domain, and lastly, the strongest of the nine domains, the Soul-Saint Domain.

Each of these nine domains were ruled by the nine Sainthalls, led by their respective Earthly Saints. These Earthly Saints commanded their domains, regulated their territory, and established rules. However, while their leadership might have differences, their structure remained largely consistent. 

All nine Sainthalls were divided into eight other halls, ruled by experts of a designated level and combat prowess, electing only the most elite, experienced, intelligent, and capable. 

The nine divisions of halls, from greatest to least: Sainthall, Lordhall, Spirithall, Mystichall, Starhall, Timehall, Realmhall, Mortalhall, and Genesishall. While their naming sense was simple, indicative of their requirements and relative might, their unique structured society has led to unimaginable effects amongst the inhabitants.

All experts understood they served under and thrived on the resourced of the Ninestar Sainthall, all being something better with a ladder of unlimited potential to climb, and this instilled a sense of competitive spirit and strong nationalistic thoughts. The Ninestar Sainthall acted as a united council under a single banner without an established ruler with full authority.

The multileveled societal structure of authority and power provided a diverse manner of function, including the implementation of certain territorial laws and restrictions. In some domains, things outlawed might be freely allowed unless the Nine Sainthalls acted to pass down a universal law that all had to unanimously obey. This furthered the idea that with strength, even if weaker than the whole, you can establish yourself and let your ambition free.

While the system compartmentalizes certain dictations of society, it has led to ambition and a strong competitive will. Cultivators sought to climb the Ladder of Halls so-to-speak, the figurative power structure of their world, and one day reach the Sainthalls. Be it through schemes or force, and those above would rarely interfere unless directly affiliated. 

Despite this, strength still reigned supreme as battle prowess dictated one ’s position in life. There was, however, no restrictions on talent or age, focusing purely on attainments and not other matters. Therefore, the young and talented were often subordinates, while the older and aged were leaders with firmer cultivation bases and experience. 

Often unable to rise above their station and claim leadership of a Hall with those old gatekeepers, most geniuses reach the limits that their talent, backing, resources, and environments allow before focusing on improving their battle strength and fighting for leadership, not trying to get bogged down at lower halls. 


In the Ninestar Starfield, there was a multi-planetary territory ruled by the Soul Rising Sainthall called the Soul Rising Domain. Within were nine different state regions, each ruled by a Lordhall, and containing a series of planets and lunar satellites. Within these state regions were planets.

These planets numbered only nine, and each was strictly ruled by a Spirithall. There was a particular planet named Blueglow, which had an atmospheric layer that displayed a unique phenomena due to a gaseous substance present within called saxegen. This gaseous substance caused the planet to have a low luminous glow of a shade of blue. 

Blueglow was ruled by the Spiritwalker Hall, one of the nine Spirithalls under the Essencequake Hall, the Lordhall that ruled the state region. 

On this planet, there was a city. It was bustling, thriving, and heavily populated. There were cultivators throughout, and at the center was a tower that reached four hundred meters in height. Atop it were glowing characters that read: Darksword Hall. The Darksword Hall was a Starhall. They were merely one of the nine cities under the prefectural rulers of Blueglow, the Skytaint Hall, one of the nine Mystichalls. 

Within the southern side of the city, located at its gated entrance was a man and a beast. Riding stably upon the beast ’s back, the man wore a black-colored, form-fitting martial outfit with a light-grey trim and sash. The beast ’s beautiful appearance attracted numerous gazes from the nearby cultivators. They made sounds of wonder, their eyes brightening as they saw it take step after step with its long legs. 

”You ’re not going to conceal yourself? ” Bai Lin asked with a grinning tone. She had heard the words of Wu Yu. While she was busy eating the Terra-Mystic Ore, she was paying rapt attention to the situation. Wei Wuyin was a sensation, as always, so she teased him. 

Wei Wuyin chuckled heartily, ”And why, my gorgeous phoenix, must I do that for? ” 

Bai Lin proudly stretched her neck out, shifting her gaze to the numerous gaped mouths and wide eyes. Her appearance was quite unique, as in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, developed beasts used as mounts or battle were a rare sight. They were substituted and made obsolete by skyships and voidships, protective formations and talismans. Furthermore, the expenditure to unlock their bloodlines was quite difficult.

This problem was quite prevalent even in the Myriad Monarch Sect, just the declining cultivation society ’s standards and underdeveloped technology had allowed beasts to become premium tools to be fostered and used. However, in all forms of society, even in locations like the Bloodforge Continent, there was a trend of the strongest mounts developed by the strongest cultivators were notably weaker than the cultivators themselves.

Only in underdeveloped areas of that society could beasts of certain types propel and shine, displaying remarkable battle prowess and usage. 

The question that caused this inevitable circumstance was: ”Why waste resources on these beasts when you can use them on yourself? ” Followed by: ”If the beast can do it, so can I. ” It was that simple, as even Realmlords could traverse the Dark Void for a brief period, and even bring others along, so beasts were truly rendered irrelevant after a certain level. As for materials and resources they didn ’t need, they could trade it for things they did.

It was impractical. 

Wei Wuyin didn ’t disagree. After all, beasts weren ’t meant to be mounts developed by masters, but free spirited existences that freely grew without limitations, raised by the environment. The dragons of the Desolate Dragnet Stellar Region reached levels that rivaled Mystic Ascendants without interference, but cultivators without additional support from alchemy and man-made Solar Stars couldn ’t even exceed the Fourth Stage of the Astral Core Realm.

The difference was abundantly clear. While neither was inferior to the other, beasts thrived in the wild kingdoms of their own design. When suppressed and domesticated, they suffered unless at the hands of a skilled, caring alchemist. 

The Alchemic Dao had no racial bias. 

Bai Lin felt amused by the stares and whispers, ”What if you ’re recognized? ” While her words seemed to carry concern, there was none in her voice.

Wei Wuyin coolly streaked his fingers through his dark hair, removing some strands that briefly concealed his unearthly visage that could throb the beating heart. ”Few even know how I look. Even if I ’m found out, I have you, no? ” Lightly patting Bai Lin ’s back, he grinned. 

He had talked with Wu Yu about this. For some reason, his appearance was kept a secret. There was no major publicized reveal. Perhaps it was to respect his privacy or to avoid offending him, but no major force has taken that line of action yet to find him. However, that just meant the general populace was unaware of his existence, not those major powers. 

Wei Wuyin randomly wondered as he recalled Tuo Bihan ’s words long ago, ’I wonder if my silver eyes has given ideas of a relationship with the King of Everlore. ’ While he knew his silver irises weren ’t too unique, with some demon-hybrids mixed with elves, humans, or beastmen had it, including those who cultivated certain ocular arts, even Tuo Bihan had believed he had a connection with that figure due to his alchemic talent.

As the two arrived at the gate, there were two guards in light-armored uniforms with the symbol of a black sword on their chest armor, beneath that was the characters: Star & Hall. 

Wei Wuyin had learned of the societal structure of this starfield on the way, so he wasn ’t ignorant of their status or his location. When those guards at the Fifth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Light Reflection Phase, noticed Wei Wuyin ’s approach, they were dazzled. 

Bai Lin ’s aura proudly lifted her head, showing off her good side. Look more, peasants. Bask in my radiance! Wait, what ’s this? What are you looking at?

However, the two guards ’ eyes weren ’t fixated on Bai Lin ’s exquisite form. Their gazes were frozen on the one who rode her. It was Wei Wuyin! 

”…You-you ’re! ” One of the guards stumbled, pointed at Wei Wuyin with shock and disbelief. 

Wei Wuyin ’s expression grew dark. Was he found out?

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