Paragon of Sin

Chapter 684 - 679: Unburying Hope

eless ’? Can ’t figure out how to escape, huh? Need my help? Haha. ” She laughed, as if a mortal would have means to escape here. A High-Lord would find it difficult to even find this place, and its fortified to the teeth. 

Wei Wuyin directly ignored her. 

However, Yue Songli wasn ’t finished. ”You ’re really working your little brain there, huh? Well, don ’t hurt it. This place is guarded by at least four genuine Ascended at all times. And the protective array is strong enough to defend against High-Lord seniors, and briefly resist an Earthly Saint. It ’s futile. Futile, F-U-T-I-L-E, I say. ” 

Wei Wuyin continued to ignore her. He waved his right index finger in the air, silently mouthing out some words with furrowed brows. 

Yue Songli harrumphed, ”Fool. There is no escape. Do you not under- ” 

”You were a lot cuter when you were silent. Why don ’t you try to do that again? ” Wei Wuyin indifferently interjected, giving her a brief glare. He returned back to his mumbling and waving, tracing the air.

Yue Songli was taken aback. Cute? Silent? This little…

”What are you doing? ” After another minute, Yue Songli grew curious. For the last two minutes, Wei Wuyin has been doing something that her eyes and senses couldn ’t see. Could it be a profound secret that he possessed? Why else has he been so calm lately? 

Wei Wuyin stopped. With a sidelong glance, he said: ”What does it matter to you? I ’m not your hope, so escape is impossible. I ’m just counting the seconds till my death. ” Afterwards, he resumed.

”… ” She was stifled by his words. Her earlier words and her current curiosity truly clashed. She wanted to harrumph, but she held back. Her fingers clenched into two firm fists, and after a moment of trembling, she mustered the courage to say: ”You said earlier that I ’m not the one you ’re looking for? Who are you looking for? Did you get captured on purpose? ” 

While she hadn ’t noticed, that light buried in the depths of her heart was slowly reviving. 

Wei Wuyin stopped again, but this time, he put his finger down and formed an excited grin. 

Seeing this, Yue Songli ’s heart throbbed intensely. ”What is it? What did you find? A way out? ” Her words were low, as if whispering so others couldn ’t hear. The light in her eyes wasn ’t just curiosity, but that hope that had been hidden away. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that Wei Wuyin wasn ’t just here to be killed. He must have some play, right? Someone that handsome can ’t just die, right?

Wei Wuyin turned to her, his smile incredibly bright: ”So you ’re not worthless after all. I ’ve decided then: When you ’re free, I ’ll court you properly. ”

”…What? ” Yue Songli was confused. Court? Properly?

”I mean, I ’m not going to get you to agree to be my woman in your current circumstance. I once did that before, forced by the situation and survival. It didn ’t feel right then, so I won ’t do it again in this life, ” Wei Wuyin answered. The image of a grey-eyed beauty flashed in his memory. 

”That ’s not…what? ” Yue Songli ’s confusion increased. 

Wei Wuyin added, ”As for those things I was doing? It wasn ’t much, just a show to see if you still had hope in your heart. It seems the woman who painted these isn ’t lost. That ’s enough for me. ” 

”… ” Yue Songli started to understand now. Was he doing all this to see if she would ask questions, to see if she still had the desire to escape? The willpower to risk it once again if presented with the opportunity? She settled down. She felt as if she was being schemed against in every exchange. 

Wei Wuyin laughed, ”See. Cuter. Drop-dead gorgeous, in fact. ” After that, he turned away and looked at the door that sealed them. Yue Songli blushed slightly. She had never been seen through and softly manipulated in such a thorough way. Her heart was pounding. Especially after digesting all of his words. Court her properly when she ’s free? This meant he was certain of escaping! 

As for being his woman? He was a mere mortal. Even if one has an astounding foundation, enough to sweep the ages, reaching the Mystic Ascendant Realm wasn ’t about resources or backing, but talent and comprehension. Too many cultivators failed, even outstanding Chosen of certain elite forces. Even children of Earthly Saints. It was not an easy feat.

If she knew Wei Wuyin ’s mind wasn ’t even on the Mystic Ascendant Realm, but thinking that he might die during his Realm World Astral Tribulation due to his Astral Souls shenanigans, she might become mute with disbelief. 

”…Fine. But how do you plan to escape? ” Yue Songli decided to learn a little about his thoughts. If it was completely ridiculous, then she wouldn ’t settle her eggs in his baskets. Her current treatment might be forfeited, and her life might tank if things went sideways.

Wei Wuyin kept his gaze to the door. ”Plan? I had a plan, but what you said made me realize I can ’t just stay as a prisoner. I was sent here to have my yang energies extracted, my corpse would then be disposed of. I can ’t feign my death, and if I did, I don ’t know if they ’ll just use fire force to incinerate my corpse, not toss me aside to be dealt with later. ”

”… ” Yue Songli frowned. 

”So, ” Wei Wuyin continued, ”I ’ll go with plan A. ” 

”Plan A? Isn ’t that the first plan? ” Yue Songli immediately replied, the strangeness in his statement baffled her.

”Plan A? Yes, it ’s the first plan. The plan is very simple really, which is why it ’s the first. ” Wei Wuyin nodded.

”And that is? ”

Wei Wuyin took a step towards the door, the shackles that bound him trembled. With a clink, they fell from his limbs and he pressed his right hand upon the door. From his fingertips, spiritual light flowed. The fluctuation was exactly the same as the spiritual fluctuation from the middle-aged man who threw him in. 

”The key! ” Yue Songli exclaimed in disbelief. 


The double-doors started to open, revealing the light of the outside world. Wei Wuyin revealed a faint smile, turning to look at the beautiful countenance of Yue Songli, ”As I said before, simple: Kill until I find him. ”

”Bai Lin, now ’s the time. UNLEASH HELL! ”

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