Paragon of Sin

Chapter 690 - 685: An Evil Blessed?

n aback by the question. She found herself so shook that she was unable to respond. She even stuttered out some words, baffled by it all. When was the last time someone asked her this? The issue was…she didn ’t know. 

Looking at her palms, she felt the invisible shackles that bound her tightly slowly loosen. When she looked at the vast Dark Void, the beautiful stars in the distance, and the artificial air from a new environment, she felt her entire body shiver at the dawn of realization. 

”I ’m…free? I ’m free! ” After centuries of imprisonment, forced to strip impressive men of their yang energies for others, used as a surgical knife for their needs, she was given back her autonomy! HER FREEDOM! 

Her twin mounds trembled from her excitement and let loose nose-bleeding movements. The tight-fitting, revealing black dress was far too stimulating. Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but wonder what she ate to be so impressive. Regardless, her genetics were blessed. 

She hadn ’t realized it, and before Wei Wuyin asked her if she was okay, she was crying. When she asked him if he was okay, her tears were ceaselessly falling.

She was in tears yet unaware of it. The phenomenon shook Wei Wuyin, which was why he feigned his recovered state, and asked her this question. Her subconscious had noticed, but her conscious mind hadn ’t yet reached that conclusion. He had to push her to that conclusion. A simple question to have her reflect on herself was enough.

He gave her time to process it.

’It ’s unfortunate that Bai Lin wasn ’t able to deal with all of them. ’ His Celestial Eyes allowed him to observe the fight, well, more of a burning slaughter. He had witnessed one of the Ascended escaping before his signal was released. His timing was impeccable.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes narrowed.

It was a little too impeccable.

A little too coincidental.

”… ” Wei Wuyin ’s thoughts were clear, and he was ninety percent certain that the timing and reason was far too accurate, and very difficult to deduce. Either that individual ’s intelligence was absurdly high, his survival instincts were extremely sensitive, or the most likely: the Heavenly Daos influence.

An Evil Blessed? 

His narrowed eyes became sharper, glinting with a cold light. But, he soon calmed down. His thoughts were almost driven in the wrong direction, and his understanding of what Evil Cultivators had almost subtly changed. While the events and atrocities happening within that black sphere was horrific, the concept of Evil Cultivators only meant the way they cultivated, at the expense of other cultivators.

But planets had life, so did plants. The way of alchemy enabled breeding, nurturing, and extracting of herbs for one ’s own usage, then twisting and ending that life for their own goals. Everything had a potential for life, even a drop of water or a rock, this was clear by the existence of demons born from the Soul Impartation of the Heavens. Since this could happen, every destroyed pebble or water sipped was a potential life snuffed. 

Evil Cultivators were given this designation due to using cultivators as resources, like cannibals who ate their own species for survival in a cruel world. If he went down the road of believing it was truly evil, then he would walk down the path of a hypocrite, picking and choosing what he wanted to believe without understanding anything.

He refused to live with deliberate ignorance. He refused to not understand what cultivation truly meant. While he could live by his own principles and morals by not practicing Evil Methods due to his own disinclination towards them, he couldn ’t dismiss it so strictly for others. It was outright disrespectful to what it meant to cultivate.

The Heavenly Daos was unfair.

But they were also fair.

They treated everyone from the onset as equal, and only those who either broke or kept to their 3000 commandments were punished or rewarded. This was the cause and effect bestowed by the authority of the Heavenly Daos. 

Evil Cultivation Methods had little to do with it. They were just heretical methods judged on the basis of current society. Perhaps in some civilizations in this vast world, Evil Methods might be orthodox, and using plant life to extract essences and energies might be heretical.

Wei Wuyin ’s ability to see the truth of cultivation allowed him to see Ying, his Shadow, and the evil he believed was within his soul, as well as pull him out of his shrouded haze. 

”A Blessed that cultivates Evil Methods… ” Wei Wuyin muttered out, intrigued by this individual.


As Yue Songli basked in her newfound freedom, a clarion cry sounded through the Dark Void. A white and gold feathered bird soared towards the voidship. Clamped at the tip of its beak was a small golden-colored bead. 

Wei Wuyin warmly smiled, ”You enjoyed yourself? ” 

”I did! ” Bai Lin smiled with her eyes, and added: ”But I wanted to kill them all. Despicable. ” Her killing intent leaked in her mental transmissions. An Ascended had escaped, but not a single cultivator within the Shadow Egg had escaped incineration. She had just slaughtered millions of Evil Cultivators, but just one escaping left her dissatisfied.

When Bai Lin entered the Voidship ’s atmospheric layer and landed, Wei Wuyin shook his head. He didn ’t disagree. Those who kill should be aware that they could be killed. He was always ready for his time to come. He would have no regrets, and every step in his life was to ensure that would remain the case. Walking over to Bai Lin, he curiously looked at the small golden bead.

”What ’s that? ” He reached out, not to grab the bead, but to give Bai Lin a soft rub, but when their bodies came into contact…


Time froze!

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