Paragon of Sin

Chapter 721 - 716: Soldier Of War Remembrance


Wei Wuyin ’s auditory senses were instantly overwhelmed by the sounds of rushing water and surging winds, their combined volume were unexpected and outrageously loud to the point one could feel as if their body was caught within a fierce, enveloping, and torrential storm of rain and wind. It wasn ’t just the sound, Wei Wuyin felt his entire body experience intense turbulence as he entered the Void Gate.

This was an experience he ’d never felt before, even when he traversed the void before, it wasn ’t remotely as chaotic as this. Unfortunately, the speed of his movement caused his spiritual senses that were struggling to release itself outwards, attempting to grasp their surroundings, were being subjected to a titanic level of restriction. It was adhered to his body, so he was ignorant regarding his current circumstances. 

The spinning and twisting of his body was all he could feel, and he felt tempted to open his eyes. However, when he did, the rays of intense spiritual light leaked outwards and an unbearable pain stung his eyes. Hurriedly closing them, he could only struggle to regain control of his out-of-control body. 

”Sir! ” 

A loud shout filled with power breached the veil of chaos that Wei Wuyin heard, faintly allowing him to realize that his body was spiraling at an intense speed. He was rotating like a bouncy yo-yo, and that voice felt as if it was zooming past him—sometimes close, sometimes far. Despite all this, he remained absolutely calm. 

”SIR! ” The voice sounded out again, yet it was weaker than before. This time, Wei Wuyin recognized its direction instantly. Just as he was about to act to draw closer, the voice sounded out and Wei Wuyin felt a strange urgency swell within him. 

”SIR! SIR!!! ”

This concerned voice wasn ’t alone.



”…Oh my go- ” 


Wei Wuyin felt the hard ground meet his flesh and bone! The ground gave way to his refined body, sinking and cracking ceaselessly. The earth lifted and crashed downwards, other bits of earth hugged against his flesh as it buried him, and he could feel faint wetness on his back. 

’I fell? ’ Wei Wuyin felt his body feel a tinge of pain as he realized what had just happened. He had crashed into bits of solid earth, impacting the ground at terminal velocity. While Wei Wuyin might not seem heavy, he weighed a tremendous amount as he stored a vast quantity of energy within his body, particularly his flesh. 

Buried within the earth, Wei Wuyin tried to release his spiritual sense outwards. The first thing he noticed was a pile of crushed flesh and blood beneath him, causing his expression to change. It was only when he noted the blood belonged to a non-titan that his heart settled down. However, as he moved a little, his hand touched a crushed skull that leaked out cranial fluid. 

Moving that to the side, he tried to gather his bearings once again, but his expression continued its shift. He felt as if the weight on his spiritual sense had elevated to roughly ten thousand times greater than before. If by normal standards, it was close to a million times more difficult to move a single inch forward with his spiritual sense. It was extremely terrifying! 

’That woman soldier did say the Battlefield ’s restrictions were far more strict than where we were, but I didn ’t think it ’d be by this much! ’ Wei Wuyin felt genuinely pressed in his attempts to expand his sensory range. He had to muster a vast quantity of his spiritual strength and heavily increase his usage of spiritual energy, pushing out until it reached fifty meters. Then, and only then, did he realise that he was surrounded by bits of mangled bodies and crushed corpses. 

They were all non-titans! 

They were humans!!

Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual sense, however, could not escape his burial grounds. He was surrounded by crushed rocks and sundered earth, his bodily outline was perfectly shaped, and he seemingly crashed deep into the ground. The corpses and body parts weren ’t just due to his collapse, but the earth had swallowed these figures and they were crushed by the terrifyingly refined earth.

None of these humans had bodies even close to his durability or strength, so they were ripped to shreds after. When he pushed his sense further outward, his thoughts were awed. There was an abyss-like chasm that had formed, creating a long slit that spanned for over a hundred meters. 

”AHHHHHH! ” A horrified scream sounded within his senses as the body of a human fell into the chasm, crashing into the earth and bouncing against the jagged walls, splatting the earth in their blood and painting it red. Yet the earth was so hard that when they fell in and touched the bottom, their body released a sickening sound on impact, like a bag of sand hitting metal. 

It sent shivers down one ’s spine.

And the life signs of this individual came to an abrupt end.

Wei Wuyin slightly frowned. He realized that his void dragon scales had manifested instinctively, recalling his strange feeling from earlier. It had acted as a protective layer for his body, so he wasn ’t injured. 

Using his scaled hands and nails turned dragon claws, he dug out of his current state until he entered the chasm. There were still some fragmented rocks that fell down after being dislodged from up above. When he finally escaped his buried state, only then did he realise how deep he was. It wasn ’t just a few dozen meters deep, but he was roughly two kilometers buried in the earth. It was only when he shot his senses directly upwards did he gauge that distance. 

His expression darkened considerably, as if night had fallen on his face. How fast did he drop?! And why did he drop from such an absurd height?! Reeling in his spiritual sense, he kept it fifty meters in every direction. 

”If I didn ’t have such a tough body, wouldn ’t I have become a pancake? ” When he thought about dying in such an embarrassing manner, he sighed as his scales receded. If one wasn ’t prepared, one could die in horrible ways. 


Wei Wuyin looked up and saw a body descending at absurd speeds, about to crash against the bottom of the chasm! When he heard the crying voice of despair, his heart raced. It was the female titan!

He hurriedly expended more spiritual energy, expanding his senses to envelop five hundred meters in every direction. When he saw the four meter tall body flailing as it fell, descending at an incredible speed, he hurriedly acted. When he moved, he instantly realized that the gravity of this Battlefield was just as absurd as the restriction on spiritual sense! 

No wonder they couldn ’t fly! 

This was almost a million times the gravity of a normal planet?! How outrageous was this! This reminded him of his Gravity Source Astral Tribulation, while not close to his maximal gravity output from his Black Hole, it was still terrifying to say the least. Yet he didn ’t hesitate to draw upon his strongest physical power and exploded towards the direction, racing forward until he was directly beneath that incoming body, and expelling out a surge of wind force from his mouth! 

He directly impacted her falling body with a gushing wind force that sought to slow down her raging descent. She, too, was descending at terminal velocity! If she landed at her current speed, she would undoubtedly meet a brutal and devastatingly swift death! 


The rushing wind served its purpose, slowing her down instantly, and Wei Wuyin hurriedly jumped and caught her large body in a strangely held bridal carry. Her tall height, lengthy form, and heavy armor made it a little awkward for Wei Wuyin. Even Da Shan wasn ’t this difficult! 

When he landed back on the ground with a heavy thud, the female titan was nestled safely in his arms. 

”Yi! ” The female titan yelped. ”You ’re…you ’re alive?! ” The sheer amount of abject shock in her voice was undisguised. 

However, Wei Wuyin wasn ’t focused on her at the moment, but his wind force that he exuded out into the world. His brows furrowed to the point they were nearly vertical. He noticed that his astral force was subjected to a very strange restrictive power in the air, causing it to considerably weaken. 

The state of it was extremely terrifying, and he felt as if his astral force barely exerted a single percentage of its original power. While this was still incredibly powerful, it was mind-boggling how restrained that was.

Suddenly, his mind was brought back to the scenes he had witnessed when he was selected by the Mark of War. The scene of entire beings fighting, killing each other in brutal, mortal-like ways and dying pathetically as a result. He had originally thought that this carnage was the result of genuine non-cultivator mortals at war, but now experiencing the restrictive environment of this world, he felt only those at the ninth stage of the Astral Core Realm, Starlord-level figures, would have the means to even inhabit these hazardous conditions.

If those who hadn ’t refined their physiques with their Star Cores were here or had abnormally strong bodies, they would be crushed into pulp by the extreme gravitational forcr in the matter of milliseconds. 

Wei Wuyin kept his spiritual sense extended, remaining in the chasm without moving. He finally spoke to the female titan that was still in shock, ”What happened to me? ”

The female titan ’s expression changed, feeling somewhat awkward that she was being carried by someone half her height. While Wei Wuyin ’s arms were rather powerful, there was a bit of discomfort with gravity pressing against her heavy body. Yet when she heard Wei Wuyin ’s question, her eyes lit as she said: ”You fel- ”


The sound of flesh and bone slamming against hardened earth abruptly resounded, startling the female titan into a frightful jolt. Her vigilance rose as she turned her head to see a large figure that was dead, its head half-split at the forehead by a sharp weapon. Her expression drastically changed as she recognized it was a member of their Company.

Seeing the figure ’s right eye loosely hanging from their sockets, blood and brain fluids dripping downwards, and their body still twitching shortly after death horrified her. Yet she clenched her fist and said in a steel-like manner: ”Let me go! ”

Wei Wuyin ’s frown lessened in intensity. He released her and allowed her to stand on her own two feet. Wei Wuyin wasn ’t able to grasp the surroundings, his visual ability was gone and even his spiritual sense was foggy here, so he could only notice the female titan glancing upwards. 

”We have to go back up! ” She said as she reached the walls, not waiting as she used her metal gloves to grab the jagged and protruding parts of the chasm. She heavily breathed out as she grunted upwards. The earth was still stable in some areas, so she was starting her long climb. Despite her near-death experience, she was rushing back to support her allies. Her determination was downright fearsome and admirable.

Wei Wuyin was taken aback by this development. However, he realized she couldn ’t fly. He fell silent for a long moment, observing the female titan make her way upwards with gusto and grit. However, she was extremely slow. 

’This is so frustrating, ’ Wei Wuyin felt weaker than he had prior to taking the transcendent Soul Deity Invoker Elixir. At least he didn ’t have to restrain the spiritual strength of three of his Astral Souls then or seal his Celestial Eyes. Since he arrived on this battlefield, he had only exerted a single Astral Soul ’s worth of Spiritual Strength, yet it still exceeded a certain limit of his.

Wei Wuyin hadn ’t expected the transcendent elixir would push them to such absurd levels of power. Furthermore, he was operating in this unique environment ignorant of its rules and the enemies present.

’Screw it. ’

Wei Wuyin ’s thoughts ceased all unnecessary considerations. Typically, he would keep his cards hidden in his sleeve, but he decided against doing so unless it was absolutely needed. He stepped forward by a single step, his body ’s bloodline energies stimulated by his will. Drawing upon his True Dragon Bloodline, he directly entered his Draconic Form!

With hexagonal scales colored grey, his body ’s musculature tightened yet seemed far more powerful and prominent than before. With a shrug of his shoulders, his Infinite Void Wings sprung forth for roughly ten meters in length, far smaller than before, but their tangibility was far greater.

With his True Draconic Form invoked, he tapped into Kratos and King ’s Spiritual Strength entirely, causing his spiritual sense to vastly expand, encapsulating an entire kilometer in every direction. Even the clarity of his senses were heightened.

The female titan felt the overwhelming surge of spiritual strength envelop her, and her grip missed its intended destination, causing her to nearly fall to her death. She hurriedly held onto a rocky protrusion with a single hand as she glanced at the bottom of the chasm.

”Spiritualist! ”

However, what she saw wasn ’t a Spiritual Being, but Wei Wuyin ’s exquisitely shaped True Draconic Form! Her eyes widened with disbelief and uncertainty. Was this…

Wei Wuyin soared upwards until he arrived before her, reaching out with his eyes still closed. Those wings of his barely move yet they allowed him to easily hover in this intense gravity. His expression was exhibiting the utmost calm as he stated, ”We ’re returning. ” 

He didn ’t give the female titan a chance to speak, the collar of her body armor was grabbed by him and he flew upwards!

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