Paragon of Sin

Chapter 746 - 741: Soldier Of War List Of The War Spirit

t was far more impressive. He had over 50,000 War Souls, but some of the things on the Commander ’s list were outrageous. 

For example, they offered a genuine Seed of War! Supposedly, its over twenty times more effective than an artificial Seed of War and can guarantee success of a War Soul cultivation transition, even if they were Ascended Beings. This was outright allowing someone to redefine their cultivation path!

However, his paltry 50,000 was absolutely pathetic with the Commander ’s list. Despite offering eighty-one items as well, having absolutely spectacular items, and a few repeats of the Soldier ’s list, those that attracted Wei Wuyin ’s attention had reached beyond 100,000 War Souls or further. There was even one that required 5,000,000 War Souls!!!

It had no name, and its description was just a single sentence: 

[Item]: —

[Exchange Rate]: 5,000,000 War Souls.

[Availability]: Soldier & Commander.

[Description]: Heavenly War Spirit.

There were methods titled (Low-Heaven). He didn ’t know what they were because the War Spirit spoke in Mysticism, the Language of the Mystic Dao. He could only make out a few things, such as the title and some words. 

He was immediately vexed. 

Since becoming an Alchemist with an Alchemic Soul, when had he ever been starved for wealth? Only now did he realize how poor he was in the grand scheme of things. While these things weren ’t capable of being exchanged for essence stones, it felt the same. 

Still, there were a few items that intrigued him. For example, the Divinity Spheres. They were refinement treasures for physiques and could lead to a successful Ascension, and they had a wide variety of them, including the nine elements, Battle-type Divinity Spheres, Slaughter-type Divinity Spheres, and Life-type Divinity Spheres. 

Most of the eighty-one spots were taken by these Divinity Spheres. Considering the majority of Soldiers of Wars were Star Core Phase cultivators, this was quite appropriate. That being said, he had absolutely no idea what 4th, 5th, 8th, or World Rune meant. Were they like Mortal States? Were they forms of Mystic Intent? What did it indicate? Furthermore, were these like the six Mystic Runes he had in his World Sea? Or was he wrong about their existence?!

Once again, cultivation baffles. Once again, he was reminded of why cultivation was difficult. Despite talking to Wu Yu and Wang Yutian, a genuine Worldly Saint, neither of them mentioned a goddamn thing about these runes or even an Astral Idol.

He wasn ’t exactly certain if Wu Yu had even reached that level. He did ascend with the King of Everlore ’s help, but their resources were all mortal-graded, and he was distracted in his issues with lifespan and his own ascension. In all likelihood, Wu Yu or the rest might have never fully refined their physiques to the maximum limit of the Mortal Dao.

Actually, if he thought more about it, Wu Yu failed his Third Ascension to the Demi-Mortal Lord Phase, so his physique was definitely inadequate. Considering he was tooting himself as the strongest Ascended amongst the four, this was indicative of all their issues. He couldn ’t help but sigh in his heart. Wu Yu might seem strong, but he might be a fly to the truly nurtured and cultivated beings of the Azure-Prime Galactic Zone.

His expression abruptly changed. He wondered when the King of Everlore abruptly left, leaving for a greater world, and even left his entire entourage behind, was it because they were far beneath his desired standard? Perhaps they were of very little help when he entered the Azure-Prime Galactic Region. Perhaps they knew and deliberately didn ’t follow. Perhaps…

It would be difficult to obtain an answer to this question unless he talked to them personally. They might not have known, abandoned due to their flaws that the King of Everlore didn ’t wish to solve, or couldn ’t solve. 

This list had spurred on far too many questions. He had leapt past his limits, being exposed to aspects of cultivation far exceeding his current ability, yet he only kept having more and more questions. This entire Nexus Battlefield was a VERY large question. 

He deeply sighed again, feeling tiny. Extremely tiny. He felt his Astral Souls pulsate with comforting intent, knowing his pains. Just two decades ago, they were ignorant of many things in cultivation and then were viciously pushed into the greater world, facing the Heavenly Daos, becoming an Inheritor of Sin, and trying to survive Calamities of Hell. Most cultivators of his age or cultivation base weren ’t remotely exposed to such trials and tribulations. 

”The most frustrating thing? ” Wei Wuyin spiritually communicated with them all. But they already knew what he wanted to say, because they were all looking for it too. Something, anything, just a clue he was closer to the Realm of Sages and what it is. A cultivation stage? A cultivation realm? A unique title granted by something? 

Wallowing in the bleakness of that reality, he heard the voice of the little girl once again.

”Soldier of War, have you decided? ”

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